Strong, Sexy & Stylish Farewell

After long consideration and many attempts to create alternate plans, Laura, Karen, and I have realized that we’ve got to bring the Strong, Sexy & Stylish podcast to a close. For financial reasons, we’ll be pulling our hosting within the next few days, so if you’d like to nab some episodes please do so before December 1.

Thanks for all your support of this project!

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  • AB

    Oh no! I just started listening. Off to download ALL THE PODCASTS!

  • Angela

    I’m sorry you had to do that

  • I am sorry to hear that 🙁 Ya’ll did some amazing work that helped to educate many women and create space for them to explore their own style, sexiness, and strength. Thank you all for ya’lls help. You do more for our collective unconscious (Jung) than you realize. So awesome! Thank you!

  • Helen

    Oh, bummer! So disappointed. Thanks, though, for the great, smart episodes we did get to enjoy.

  • Kenzie

    This is so sad! This podcast helped me through a lot of personal growth I’ve done between my freshman and sophomore years of college 🙁

    Well I suppose I still have your blog (which obviously is a more effective medium for style-specific advice anyways) and Laura Rad on SiF (which I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for being lead to by Strong Sexy Stylish)