Recommended Reading: Faintly Masculine

Ariel describes her site like this:

Faintly masculine is a personal style blog for women who are inspired by menswear ; women who aren’t afraid to wear bow ties and wingtips while still embracing all their femininity. This blog is for the women who aren’t into the frills and fuss of women’s fashion and have embraced a more “boyish” way of dress.

I do love me some frills and fuss, I’ll admit, but Faintly Masculine is my absolute favorite source for androgynous dressing inspiration. Her stellar style manages to be polished yet casual, funky yet classic, and (of course) combines elements of traditionally feminine and masculine dress with unmatched skill.

Take a peek at Faintly Masculine. It’s a truly fantastic source of dressing, color pairing, and accessorization inspiration.

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  • Sue

    To be honest, apart from the top photo featuring a tie, I wouldn’t have thought of any of these outfits as being particularly masculine. I usually wear similar outfits! She looks lovely in all of them, doesn’t she?

    • Olivia

      That was my thought too. The only outfit of these that reads masculine is the tie. Perhaps it’s because a lot of women’s fashion has borrowed from the men’s side for so long. I know I gravitate towards masculine shoes and rarely wear dresses or skirts.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for featuring this blog, Sally…its really great. She has some true fashion sense..her very own style.

  • Trillium

    I’ve been following this blog for a little while, and I love her style, as it reflects mine a bit. I only wish she would post more often. Think she’s reading this? 😉

  • I love her style. Faintly Masculine occupies the same territory as Evolved Prep:).

  • Very cool!

  • Lauren

    GASP. THIS IS HOW I DRESS! Awesome! Thanks for the link.

  • Mary

    Great link! Thank you for always featuring such great fashion blogs. 🙂
    BTW, just bought the digital version of your book. I will be 30 in a few months and I’m trying to make the transition to a more grown up version of my (somewhat juniors leaning) style and your book has been incredibly helpful to me!

  • I love this young lady’s style, but her “faintly masculine” hair cut even more! I have followed her blog for a while, and her coif inspired my recent chop!

  • Another awesome add for my reader!

  • Lisa

    If this is ‘faintly’ masculine, then I dress manly indeed a lot of times!

    I like her blog a lot, I have been looking for someone who dresses like me for ages, to work through the challenges in your book! The outfits above just aren’t *that* masculine to me.

  • Jen

    Absolutely fantastic style! She incorporates color in a minimalist way that really appeals to me.