Dressed for: Subtle Dots

Already Pretty outfit featuring black polka dot dress, red necklace, black pattern tights, red suede Tsubo Dufay

Dress, Tiana B via Ideelione on eBay – more polka dot dresses
Skirt, thrifted – similar
Tights, Target
Pumps – Tsubo Dufay courtesy Tsubo
Studded wrap bracelet, Streets Ahead via Ideeli – similar
Necklace, thrifted – similar look
Earrings, HSokol

The polka dots on this dress are actually clear. Since they’re shiny, they’re visible, but they’re wonderfully subtle. Now, I love polka dots both subtle and bold, but I thought this was such a quirky take on standard dots. What WILL they think of next?

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  • http://fashionforgiants.blogspot.com Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    Great dress! I love the subtle dots and love it layered over that skirt. Also, I covet those heels. Very much.

  • Kate

    Wow, that dress feels so 90’s to me. Such a strange feeling to have my own fashion past coming back around. Makes me feel so old.

  • Lena

    Love this outfit, especially on you! I’m curious where you were headed… you usually mention what the occasion is. I hope it was somewhere fun and festive, because you look perfectly dressed for it!

  • GinaMarie

    ADORE it! I love how you layered the skirt under it as well!

  • Laura

    I have those tights! I got really excited to see you wearing them; they are my favorites.

  • http://missemmamm.com Mary

    Super cute dress and I love those shoes with it.

  • Stacy

    That out is absolutely gorgeous! Love the accents with the shoes and the necklace!

  • http://unmitigated.typepad.com unmitigated me

    I love this ensemble with an inappropriate level of passion. Gorgeous! Those shoes! The layers! Just fabulous.

  • http://unmitigated.typepad.com unmitigated me

    This belongs in your own Lovely Links!

  • http://www.stephanieportfolio.wordpress.com Stephanie

    I have to say, my favorite part of the outfit is the stockings!!! 😀 I’ve been rockin’ a pair of similar ‘hose here recently…they just feels so fun and subtly flirty.

  • http://gravitybedamned.blogspot.com Vicky

    I just wanted to drop a note to you.

    I have been reading this blog for several months now, as I’m majorly overweight and struggle with my body image. I used to wear jeans and big baggy t-shirts exclusively.

    Since discovering you, while I still am not 100% satisfied with my body (and hey, I’m on the path to fixing that anyway), I have learned that it’s not so bad to be big. Since you post such cute outfits, and often link to plus-sized women featuring cute outfits, I’m a lot less… afraid to go outside the box.

    And I just wanted to say thanks. And that you’re awesome.

    And today’s outfit is stunning.

    • http://www.alreadypretty.com Sal

      Vicky, I’m honored to hear this. Thank YOU for reaching out, and for making my day!

  • http://tutusandtinyhats.wordpress.com Laura (dusty_rose)

    That’s such a cool dress! I love how it looks with the pops of red.

  • Anneesha

    Thanks for the visual reminder to pair up skirts under a too-short dress!

  • http://www.aminglingoftastes.com Julie

    that dress is adorable over the skirt! Great outfit.

  • Brandi

    This combination is awesome! It’s fun and flattering! Love it!

  • Karen

    I think this is my favorite outfit on you ever! It is supremely flattering !

  • Christine

    Probably the cutest outfit I’ve seen you wear. Looks young, but not inappropriately so. You look great in bold, dark hues! Keep these “the 30s are the new 20s” looks coming!

  • Margo

    Why the skirt? Looks like your slip is slipping.

    • Christine

      Disagree! I love the varying textures and layers. Besides, the dress would probably be too short without the skirt. Good thinking, Sal!

  • http://dustwindbun.blogspot.com dustwindbun

    Hey Sal, since you’re the Mayor of MatchyTown, I thought you might be interested to know that Sears has some leggings with that same polka-dot pattern. Of course that would be way too many dots at once, but if you find them versatile… I can’t find them online but they were in my local store – brand is Metaphor if anyone’s interested.