Already Prettypoll: Pants vs. Skirts

Oh, I know. Can’t a gal love both? And of course, the answer is YES, but I’ve found that most women are partial to one camp or the other. It’s a cats/dogs, Coke/Pepsi kind of division from what I can tell.

After years of publicly declared pant-based hatred, I’ve finally found a few pairs and styles that don’t make me want to light my own hair on fire. But I’m still a skirt girl to the end.

If you could only wear either pants OR skirts from now until the end of time, which would you pick? Why? What about pants or skirts works for your figure, style, or lifestyle?

  • http://www.TheMariposaChronicles/.com Vintage Lucero

    Skirts ~ DEFINITELY skirts! There is a 100% comfort factor here! And when it comes to cold weather, that’s what tights are for! ~

  • Jennifer

    Hmmmm… I’m a skirt/dress gal at work to be sure. But right now I’m only working 2-4 days a month and staying home with my very mobile 8-month-old, so life without jeans seems impossible. I think would still vote skirts though. Maybe skirts with bloomers.

  • Plop

    I love dresses and pants, but never wear skirts (It’s too difficult to find good ones for me and match them with tops).

    So : Pants !

    • spacegeek

      I’m with you–I don’t like skirts as much as *dresses*! I’m short-waisted, as well as full-busomed, and the skirt-top combo seems to make me feel shorter and kinda dumpy, whereas I get a longer, unbroken line with a dress.
      And pants give me a long line on the bottom, that I balance out with longer or peplum/belted tops.

      So dresses/pants are my favs. If I only have the skirt/pant choice, like Plop, I too choose Pants! :-)

  • Stephanie

    Skirts! I love skirts. I guess just because I like being different…no one else at work likes skirts like I do. I guess if everyone else liked skirts, I’d like pants honestly LOL

  • Angela

    Pants, all the way. I only wear skirts/dresses in the summer and then only once a week, at most.

    I don’t like panty hose or tights or high heels so summer I can go tight-less and flats

  • Vicky


    So I don’t have to shave every day or worry about slips. I also find that with pants it’s a lot easier for me to get adorable tops to dress up or dress down, but with skirts I don’t seem to have the same amount of luck.

    I’m also extremely tomboyish and until very, very recently, I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything other than pants!

    • Sarah

      OMG, I cracked up when I read this! How did I forget leg shaving as a reason I never wear skirts? That’s the number one reason!

  • Megan

    Skirts. 100% skirts.

    • elin

      I’m with you. Skirts. Skirts. Skirts!

  • Cristina

    Trousers all the way!
    I rarely wear skirts/dresses as it is, only for special occasions. I never felt terribly comfortable in them (perhaps all those years of wearing skirts as a child and being told to sit properly and close my legs), and I much prefer the freedom of sitting that trousers offer me.

  • Jennifer

    If I had to choose one, it would be pants. I love the idea of a skirt, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore one. The last memory of a skirt is from 1998, I think? I’ve worn dresses, but skirts always end up being too tricky for me. It’s a shame, because I do like the idea of them. I’m one of those people who can’t go near a pencil skirt, which seriously dwindles my skirt options these days.

    • Edith

      This! I love the IDEA of skirts, but in reality I wear pants all the time and skirts only when I want to look extra nice. I don’t like it when my legs are cold and I just feel like I can run and climb and do whatever I need to in pants.

  • JB

    Skirt girl, all the way! I’m 5’5″ so I’m just a leeetle too tall for a lot of petite pants but way too short for most regular-length pants, and I’m just too busy to deal with alterations. Since the advent of skinnies I’ve been able to wear some jeans with the extra length tucked into boots, but in most cases skirts are just easier. And, in my opinion, more fun!

  • Cheryl

    Most definitely skirts and dresses because it’s so difficult to get a pair of pants that fit well. I finally figured out last year that 2 layers on my legs plus knee-high boots make it possible to wear a skirt or a dress through our freezing winters in upstate NY.

  • Patrice

    Skirts with one pair of jeans to bop around in. I have a small waist, full hips, short legs, so it’s much harder for me to find a pair of pants that fit and flatter than it is to find a skirt. There are fewer fit-points with a skirt — it’s mostly an issue of the waist, length, and silhouette (for me, A-line, full, or occasionally pencil are most flattering). With pants, it’s the waist, the hips, the leg length, the roominess in the thighs, the crotch fit, the drape, the silhouette, etc…

  • Ellen

    Skirts…..definitely in the winter because they’re so stinking cute with tights and boots……and in the summer I live in dresses because they’re way cooler in heat and humidity than capris and shorts…….

  • Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Skirts all the way! And jeans of course, but no trousers/work pants. They just don’t fit/flatter me as well as a skirt.

  • Anna

    Oh, what a choice! I love skirts and wear them often, but pants are so practical and can be styled so many different ways these days. Right now I am living in my new dark-wash jeans with different tops, scarves, baubles, etc. But my skirts are waiting for me, ready for me to swing back on the pendulum.

  • Vive

    Skirts, without a doubt. And if I really had my druthers, dresses. (All this assuming I could throw on pants for yoga class.) Every since I had abdominal surgery three years ago, pants have been tough for me. I don’t like pressure across my middle. As a result, my closet has shifted from jeans and pants to skirts and dresses. Now I wouldn’t go back.

  • Stephanie

    If dresses are still on the table then pants but I’d probably rock a lot of dresses in the summer. I just get tired of the tights and leggings aspect of skirts in winter.

  • Ros


    Except in winter (because cold = ick, and tights are not particularly comfy, and not wearing any would require leg-shaving. In WINTER.).

  • Aimee C

    Pants, definitely. I feel like skirts require so much “extra.” Spanx, tights, etc. Pants are lower maintenance for me.

  • AB

    Pants, even though I live in a hot climate. I’m just not as much a fan of skirts and dresses. I find pants much more comfortable.

  • Sarah

    Definitely pants…skirts are far more comfortable but I find pants a lot easier to work with. With skirts I have to worry about hosiery and heel height. With pants I just throw on flats are go.

  • Andrea

    The only pants that I like how I look in are jeans. I generally prefer skirts or dresses but wear jeans on the weekends.

  • Viktoria

    Skirts. Comfort, versatility, flattery. I saw a bearded man in a proper kilt last weekend (not dressed up, just going about his normal business), he got it, too. If it´s horribly cold, it works to wear thermo zip-off pants under the skirt.

  • Overdressed is Underrated

    Skirts, absolutely! Especially pencil skirts. They make me look long(er) and lean(er) and with heels are an absolute knockout! And they can always be dressed up or down, and modified for the weather.

  • widdershins

    Pants, definitely. I carry all my excess weight in the tummy but have no hips, so skirts can sometimes fit funny, whereas pants showcase my lovely long legs. I have skirts and wear them, but if I had to choose one over the other – pants, hands down.

    • Jenn

      I am a similar shape and would choose skirts. I find it difficult to find pants that fit my belly, high flat hips, and flat bottom. Skirts tend to swoop over all of that, especially an a-line or circle skirt.

  • Stacy

    Skirts for work and pants for home life, so I am split! I wear skirts most of the time for work, since they are more comfortable sitting at a computer all day long. I also have pretty decent legs, so it accentuates my best body part.

    At home, though, I am often a pretty busy bee and need to be mobile. Pants are more comfortable when you are running around.

  • Eliza

    Skirts and dresses all the way for me! I hate wearing pants- in high school, my hatred was so well known that at the senior party, I recieved pants as a gag gift! I haven’t owned a pair of pants for years, and at this point I’m so used to skirts that they rarely slow me down, even when I’m doing an activity where pants would probobly be more appropriate.

  • Sarah

    The answer is simple- pants in the winter and skirts/dresses in the summer.

  • Linda L

    Skirts for me – they are more flattering to my body and make me feel feminine and (where I live anyway) stand out from the crowd.

  • Rebekka @ Becky’s Kaleidoscope

    Pants for sure, although I also love dresses.

    I find that skirts tend to “travel” on my body – twisting around, or climbing up or down my waist. Dresses stay in one place (usually), but being from and living in a colder climate (Denmark and Ireland respectively) pants are more practical, although I do wear dresses once or twice a week.

  • LinB

    Used to love skirts. Now, I find that my thickened middle (age and abdominal surgery make it unlikely that I’ll ever again have a waist) means that pants are necessary to make my legs look less stumpy. A skirt used to help disguise my long torso and long rise. Now a skirt just makes my legs look so short it seems that am standing in a hole. Long line of trousers makes my legs look normal, and overblouses disguise the too-long middle thing as well as the too-thick middle thing. Bonus: you have to shave your legs less often when you stick to pants.(Ew. But true.)

  • Heather in Oregon

    Skirts and dresses. I just find that I’m more comfortable and feel more like myself in skirts and dresses. While I do wear pants once or twice a week, for the most part I wear skirts for everything, even gardening. I love the skirts with bloomers idea because the single biggest reason I went the early years of my kids’ lives wearing almost nothing but jeans is that I had to be able to bend, chase, get mucky, etc. My kids are still fairly young but I discovered that I can still do most of that and just make sure what I’m wearing is washable. I also think that I tend to look better in skirts and dresses. Finding pants that fit me well is very difficult but so long as I don’t want a fitted dress off the rack, finding skirts and dresses is far easier.

  • Jaclyn

    As an athletic hourglass, they are most flattering to my figure. Because they’re flattering, I’m more confident in them, and because of that I’m more comfortable.
    I’ve been wearing pants a lot lately, but I would still give up every pair in my wardrobe to keep my skirts and dresses.

  • Rivkasaurus

    For religious reasons, I’ve worn only skirts my whole life. Which is great because I love skirts! I have so many fun ones, including a gray floral circle skirt, a red wool pencil skirt, a polka dot pleated skirt, and a high waisted yellow skirt with pockets in front. All are vintage! I usually pair them with beige fishnets in the summer and colorful solid or patterned tights in the winter. The only time it’s a hassle is when I’m biking, but I’m used to it by now. I usually just wear leggings with a knee length jersey skirt.

  • Hearthrose

    I haven’t worn pants in years! I wear shorts in the garden or to do housework (sometimes) but pants? Nope. I have a couple pair of yoga pants in the back of the drawer for emergency flu wear. (You know. Flu where you’re wearing your flannel nightie, your robe, three pair of socks, under the covers and still cold?)

    The last thing a body with an apron needs is pants. *Not* flattering. I mostly wear A line skirts/dresses. I’ve got my eye on a couple of pair of cute vintage pants/shorts patterns when I drop a bit more weight – but they’re very much the same loose, flowing line (the shorts actually look like a skirt).

    But I’m a SAHM so I don’t get cold, and I don’t have to ride any horses or jump any bridges… Well. I could do the last in most of my skirts, they have far more room at the hemline than I could ever need.

    Anyway. Skirts! :)

  • Grace

    SKIRTS. To the knee or a bit longer, A-line or fit-and-flare. With boots and tights, or just boots, or with mary janes. I wear jeans a lot but I look and feel more myself in skirts.

  • lecontraire

    I wish I could wear more skirts and dresses. My body type just does not work with the vast majority of them. I have no waist and although I have had better luck with the higher waisted pencil skirts as of late, finding a dress with a higher waist is difficult. Thanks to Sal and this blog, I am learning what works on my body and so don’t get the sweats of frustration in dressing rooms as much anymore. I love the skirt/boot look, but struggle with finding tights that don’t cut off my circulation mid-torso. Yay for my fall uniform of mid rise stretchy jeans with knee high boots!

  • Heather

    All pants, all the time. I’ve worn non-pants to work 3 times in the last 5 years and once was for Halloween. I feel they highlight my shape better.

  • sos

    I prefer dresses first and foremost coz they are comy and breezy in hot weather. Never lived in a cold climate.

    I prefer Jeans next cox they go with anything

    Skits are more difficult to find matching tops

  • Lizzy


    The widest part of my body is my upper thigh–well below my pelvic bone–and the difference of my waist size to my hip size (the pelvic bone part) is pretty big, so I have a really hard time finding pants that fit comfortably or that don’t make “elephant ears” with the pockets or that don’t cling to my thighs. Plus they always have to be hemmed.

    I pretty much do everything except ski in skirts, including commute by bike in winter in the midwest.

    • Sonja

      Concerning the “elephant ears” – I don’t like any visual volume added at my thighs and sew shut all side pockets of the pants I buy, exept in the case of jeans, where the pockets just don’t gape that way.

  • Lisa

    Pants. I do love me skirts, I fantasize about cute retro circle skirts, pencil skirts etc. all the time, but I have a hard time getting them to fit/flatter me. I plan to sew some myself in the future, but on a day-to-day basis I’l always be a pants girl.

  • eden

    I’m a skirt gal too. I’m packing for a 18 day trip to Mexico and I’m taking along 5 skirts, wearing 1 pair of jeans en route, and taking a pair of shorts. The skirts are so multipurpose. I can dress them up with a blouse for dinner out, or I can toss on a tee shirt and slip into sandals for touring Mayan ruins.

    I also find that skirts are much more forgiving of my 5-10 lb weight fluctuation, something that I cannot say for my work trousers.

  • Michelle

    I used to be all pants all the time. But living in Florida leaves one wanting much less contact with clothing. Plus, since having two kids, I’ve got more belly than most pants which fit me otherwise allow for. There are a lot more options for cute skirts with elastic waistbands than cute pants with elastic waistbands.

  • Helen

    Until that day comes when I am enough time to make my own or enough money to pay someone to make pants to fit me… it will be Skirts! (and dresses) all the way. Anything I can do in pants I’ve learned I can do in the right skirt/dress (this includes kung fu and gardening!)

  • Rebecca

    Pants! So much more comfortable. Sure, skirts _themselves_ have the comfort factor going for them, but it’s all the stuff I need to go with them. In cold weather it’s tights, which are….tight, and can’t stand up to sub-zero temps anyway. In hot weather it’s bike shorts or pettipants to prevent chub rub, but then that defeats the purpose of a breezy cool skirt, doesn’t it? And then there are shoes! Skirts only look good on me with a small subset of shoe types. I have enough trouble finding comfy shoes, I can’t afford to limit myself to ones that look good with skirts!

  • Bekka

    I refuse to choose! :-)
    In spring/summer, I wear skirts and dresses almost exclusively, but in fall/winter, it’s pants all the way. Northern climate, 1/2 hour walk home from work.

  • Ericka

    Skirts all the way! I could live every day in a fit and flare silhouette quite happily, even in freezing weather (yay for tights). I feel attractive, comfortable and me in skirts. Pants much less so; I am just not confident in them.

    Pants are so hard to find off the rack that work for me. I am really curvy with a small waist so finding ones that don’t need alteration are difficult and even then they aren’t nearly as flattering. I will wear (and have worn) a skirt/dress to do just about anything except bowling.

    The irony is I was a total pants anti skirt/dress child and young adult. Complete tomboy, my uniform was jeans, a tee and a windbreaker for the first 30 years of my life except when force into a dress for church of course by my mom (man I could really intentionally destroy a dress quickly as a young child as she found out sadly; I hated them so!).

  • Claire

    Skirts can certainly be fun, but pants are my sartorial soulmate. They definitely make me feel like “me”. The right pair is like a second skin.

    There are practical considerations too (comfort, easier to move around in, less shaving). In recent years, it’s been easier to style pants around the sturdy types of shoes I’ve had to wear because of health issues.

    I’ve had a devil of a time dressing this summer; we moved to the AZ desert and it’s just too hot to wear pants a lot of the time. Hopefully we’ll move somewhere cooler soon. I love you so much pants. I’ve missed you. :-)

  • poodletail

    Pants for me. Dresses for a formal event but I even have some great cocktail party pants.

  • Ginger

    Skirts. Except during the summer, anywhere but at work – then it’s shorts. Skirts are more flattering to my hourglass-pear, easier and more comfortable to wear, warmer than pants (with layering) in the winter and cooler than pants (by FAR) in our four months of hot summer. Shorts are purely for comfort – they maintain modesty and are cooler than even the shortest skirts and let me work on projects on the floor without a hem getting in the way.

  • katie

    While style-wise I would say skirts/dresses are lighting my fire these days, if we’re talking “choose one for all of time from now until eternity,” it would probably be pants. Practicality, baby, wins every time…but I’d be really dissatisfied with that choice, so I’m glad I don’t have to make it. =)

  • D

    OMG skirts! Pants and I are not friends. It is so. hard. for me to find pants that fit my butt that aren’t miles too long. I used to almost exclusively wear pants in high school and college, but even then, I was just tolerating uncomfortable pants. No more!

  • Aziraphale

    I like both, but if I HAD to choose, it would be pants. When it comes down to it, my masculine sensibilities win out. I like to “girl it up” with a skirt maybe twice a week, but I am psychologically far more comfortable in pants. And it comes down to the psychological factor, because figure-wise, I look fine in either.

    Pants are maybe a little more physically comfortable, too (unless they are skin-tight jeans, which I wear from time to time because they look awesome, but are not practical for everyday life!). You can bend, run, and lift your leg up high in pants without worrying about flashing anyone or ripping the vent in your skirt. And with a skirt, in the winter, you have to futz around with the waistbands of your tights, slip AND skirt every time you go to the bathroom. With pants it’s simpler. :-)

  • Trystan (the CorpGoth)

    Skirts (or dresses)! Flattering & comfortable = total win! Add tights or leggings, & a skirt is perfectly practical for just about anything.

    Pants are so hard to fit, & even ones that seem to fit just aren’t as comfortable for a full day’s wear. Except leggings or yoga pants, & those just look sloppy.

  • FutureLint

    Ugh, it’s hard to choose – but I’d go with skirts! So comfy, so many patterns and shapes and lengths to choose from! And tights galore!

  • K-Line

    Great question. I think we need to add another category – jeans. If you take jeans out of the equation, I’m totally a skirt girl. But with jeans, I’m probably a pants girl. Also, given extremes of weather, I tend to wear skirts all summer and (as work permits) jeans all winter.

  • Beth C.

    Pants, for one simple reason: Chub rub. I love wearing skirts, but I get the worst rashes on my inner thighs, especially in the summer, so I usually end up wearing yoga shorts or Spanx or something under them if I’m not wearing tights, so even when I’m wearing skirts I’m still wearing pants. I will use Body Glide or something from time to time if I really don’t want to wear something else, but that is way too big a pain in the tukkus to do every day for the rest of forever.

  • Lynn

    Pants, definitely pants. I find them more comfortable and easier to style. I don’t have to worry about how I sit or move or shaving my legs, and I can wear all types of shoes. Tights are not an option for most of the year in Florida, and that’s the only way I want to wear skirts.

  • Rachel

    I can’t choose! I wear both about equally. I guess I would say skirts, but only by a small margin, and depending on the type of job I get. I want to work in a TV writer’s room and while that’s a fine setting for skirts, to get there many people start as a production assistant (your basic coffee/equipment bitch) and that is much more a pants environment.

    On the other hand I wear skirts in non-skirt wearing environments all the time. I’ll be up on a ladder hanging lights in the studio in a pencil skirt without even thinking about it until some jerk makes a comment (and those are never polite comments either).

    Actually, I think I’ll go with pants. But only if I can have all of Joan Watson’s clothes in Elementary. Yup, I think that’s what I’m going with.

  • Jess

    Paaaaants. I like the occasional dress, but I jump around a lot and sit in weird positions and most of my tops go way better with pants anyway.

    Also I’m a hiphop dancer which means four days out of my week I’m in sweatpants. Which I’m not complaining about, haha.

  • Laura (dusty_rose)

    Wow, I could never choose! I like how both look on me, and alternating them is more comfortable than always wearing one or the other.

    There are some activities I enjoy that I couldn’t do in skirts, such as yoga and hiking. But then there’s dancing, which is much more fun in a twirly skirt (with athletic shorts underneath to prevent chub rub, of course).

    Skirts are definitely easier to find, since pants rarely fit me. But I have a few basic pairs of pants that I wear regularly, and lately I’ve been lucky to find both dark purple corduroys (Torrid) and floral skinny jeans (H&M+) that fit my “apple” shape.

    In the summer, I wear athletic shorts under my skirts/dresses, and those are comfortable enough that I probably could wear them all season.They’re from Target, and are ridiculously comfortable whether worn alone or under a skirt (also, perfect for yoga).

    But in the winter, I have to wear leggings, which are only comfortable in small doses. (And I won’t even go near tights. HATE the way they feel.) Pants–even skinny ones–give my calves more room to breathe. Oh and also, pants have pockets! Which are especially useful in the winter when my nose runs constantly and keeping a tissue at hand is important.

    Sometimes I even wear dresses over jeans, both to avoid leggings and because I like the casual/dressy contrast. Jeans, a dress, pearls, rhinestones, a fascinator, and sneakers? Hell yes. I like how it looks, and I don’t care if other people think it’s unfashionable.

    I can’t imagine giving up either pants or skirts/dresses, so I’m glad this choice is only hypothetical! 😉

    • Zadi

      Totally with you on the dress-over-jeans thing, either because it’s darn cold and layers are good or just because it’s a fun contrast. Love that.

  • Megan Mae

    Cats and Coke if anyone is wondering… I’d probably opt for pants. I love skirts and dresses and wear them about equally, but my first love will always be a well cut trouser. I’m more comfortable in them. I do a lot more in a dress than I ever used to, but I still absolutely prefer a pair of pants to feel secure.

  • Olivia

    Pants. Comfortable no matter what the occasion or weather (capris work in hot temps), warm with needing tights, easy to care for, I don’t have to sit “lady-like”, and I think they look better on me. I am short and fat; long skirts swallow me, flowy skirts add too much volume, pencil or a-line make me look boxy, not to mention the whole thigh rub thing that is so hard to combat*. Pants are where it’s at. :)

    *I’ve tried all manner of boxer shorts for women and bike shorts. Still uncomfortable.

  • Amy

    Can I vote for skirts in warm weather and pants in cooler weather? No? Oh well, that’s my vote anyways.

  • Nicole

    PANTS. I can’t imagine life without them.

  • Emily S

    I choose pants. For me, skirts are worn only to church and/or things that I MUST dress up for. I’m definitely more of a tomboy, so I wouldn’t be happy having to wear only skirts.

  • Sonja

    So actually I think I look better in skirts, but they are a more recent addition to my wardrobe, and I’m still struggling with the feminine part of my identity, so if it had to be only one of them for the rest of my life, it would definitely be pants, I’ve been a jeans girl all my life.
    My love for pants goes so far that I even wear pants more days of the week than skirts, or at least do “one day a skirt, next day pants”, even if I’m more in a skirt/dress mood, just because I’m afraid to loose my identity. Oh my, I’m so screwed up. 😉

  • Moira

    Skirts, though that answer means “skirts and dresses.” I find them more versatile and flattering, as a general rule.

  • Cas

    Pants, pants and more pants!

    I live in jeans. For work I love a good pair of slacks. While over the last 5 years of my life I have opened up a bit to dresses and skirts, I still feel the most comfortable in pants.

  • Cynthia

    It’s kind of like this for me:

    Jeans > Skirts >>> non-jean pants

  • eGFR

    Skirts, skirts, skirts!! I adore skirts, much easier to wear a flattering style that is work appropriate when you are small all over except for hips. Now I’m less hips but still very easy to wear. Much more forgiving for size changes and weight up /down 10lb whereas I might change 2-3 sizes on pants. The best part, I don’t have to have different shoe heel heights based on the lenght of the skirt as much as I do for pants! Hate that! I also adore boots, so all winter long, it’s skirts, tights and boots. The best part of the skirt/boots combo that is no fabric is dragging in the snow/slush/mud/salt like there is with pants!! For summer casual I like skirts and skorts, but perhaps you can comment on skorts come springtime!

    • ML

      This! Especially the shoe thing. I always thought it was silly to have one pair of jeans to wear with heels, and another to wear with flats. I gave up wearing jeans and trousers over a year ago and haven’t looked back.

    • Laura (dusty_rose)

      I like the forgiving aspect of skirts too! Especially the flowy ones with elastic waists. I have one such skirt that I bought at my lowest weight when I was dieting in college, and it still fits me 75 pounds later. There are no pants in the world that could do that.

    • Laura (dusty_rose)

      Also, so much yes to the way skirts don’t drag in the snow/slush/mud/salt. For this reason, I often wear skirts on rainy or snowy days (although sometimes the latter are just too cold for skirt + leggings–if it gets cold enough, sometimes I even put leggings under my pants).

  • laniza

    Skirts all day! I feel my most sexiest and true self in a skirt.

  • Laura

    If I could find an endless supply of jeggings that don’t get holes in the thighs, it would be pants. But my thigh circumference and ridiculously short inseam make skirts the more suitable choice.

  • Amber of Butane Anvil

    Skirts! I love pants too, it’s just so much harder to find ones which flatter my body, despite skirts being slim pickings in stores. Skirts also tolerate weight fluctuations more easily.

  • Carolyn

    For warmth and not having to worry about flashing people, can’t beat pants.

  • Rebecca

    I don’t think I’ve heard anyone mention hating pants outside of style blog land. I’d have to choose pants, since they are so much more comfortable and practical. Only wearing skirts would get pretty hard during the winter!

  • Aging fashionista

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL THE COMMENTS! I prefer skirts/dresses (assume you meant both) because they fit more easily, are more flattering to my body, negate the pants length problem thing, are feminine (have to admit im still a girly girl) and cooler in summer. But I get crap for wearing them, as being too dressed up etc. Also of course not for,shoveling your driveway or weeding your garden, which are a part of life after all. We still need pants!

  • Molly

    Skirts! So comfy, so much easier to find those that fit me at thrift stores, so much more flattering on a woman with big thighs. When I get older and my skin gets less elastic, I know I’m not going to like the look of my legs as much, but I will wear longer skirts and/or tights when it becomes necessary. Also, love a skirt with a boot.

    I currently wear skirts for everything except the most casual of events, like running a quick errand or other things I don’t mind throwing on a pair of jeans for, even if I typically look better in skirts. I stay pretty warm even in skirts, because I come complete with plenty of natural padding on my thighs, with leather boots and warm tights picking up the rest of the slack. I tend to get cold on my hands and feet, not my legs, so as long as I have warm socks and footwear, I don’t miss a layer of denim unless I’m about to build a snowman.

  • Copy Czarina

    A one-piece fit-and-flare dress with three-quarter-length sleeves every single day, if I could. I’ve never felt comfortable in pants, even as a child. My body is very hard to fit (short, big-busted, with postmenopausal weight shift to the middle) and is just not meant for pants. But (a) dresses with sleeves are hard to find, and (b) I have arthritis and need comfortable (verging on orthopedic) shoes. So I now have three pairs of Not My Daughter’s Jeans–two in black, one in dark indigo–and wear them on weekends and Fridays. It’s a trade-off: Do I want to feel more attractive or do I want my feet to stop hurting?

  • ANGH

    For the last two years – definitely skirts and dresses, and since I live in Israel (Mediterranean hot climate), the winter is not an issue. It is more comfortable, more feminine, more flattering and where I live – unique, since most of women here live in their jeans :-)
    BTW: I prefer skirts to dresses. Skirts are more versatile…

  • Thursday

    I wear skirts about 98% of the time…pants are practical on some situations, but I love my skirts.

  • AnaJan

    I definitely look better in skirts / dresses and would wear them all the time. However, I would never give up on a good pair of jeans – such a practical garment to have! They look good with every pair of shoes I have and can make outfits look smart casual or sporty, depending on your need.

  • Maura

    Pants! You can’t go hiking in a skirt.

    • Halo

      Oh, yes you can. I have a great hiking skirt that I love. It works as is, with boyshorts under, or with thermal tights when it’s colder. Love.

  • Pearl

    I love skirts but pants are more practical most of the time for me. So I choose both. Skirts speak to my soul but not good for moving things up and down stairs.

  • shebolt

    Oh, please don’t make me choose! I wear skirts/dresses to work and for special events more than pants because I work hard on my shape and have fantastic legs!

    But, I will always always always choose pants for casual wear. When I wear skirts to work, the first thing I do when I get home is change into pants.

    So if I have to choose, I’d go with pants. And maybe I’d start working on my arms more than my legs. :)

  • f.

    I wear pants a lot, but there’s no way I could survive summer without skirt/tank top outfits. So sorry pants, you lose. I’d just stock up on warm tights for winter and choose skirts!

  • Zadi

    Definitely skirts. My husband would be dismayed if I never wore jeans again (he’s always accusing me of purposely out-dressing him), but I love skirts for their comfiness, swishiness, and versatility. And skirts are much better suited to a vintage look like I’m trying to cultivate. Historically speaking, pants are kind of a new thing for us ladyfolks.

    Okay, so part of the choice is due to being a dancer, and circle skirts are so darn fun when swing dancing. Also, being six feet tall and proportionately very leggy, it’s nearly impossible to find pants that fit properly. And, okay, I kind of get a kick out of dressing in a feminine fashion in my extremely male, technical workspace.

    I’d need more warm winter tights/stockings, but I could totally wear skirts for the rest of my life.

  • M-C

    Pants, always. OK, maybe summer dresses occasionally if it gets unbearable, but almost always at home. And absolutely always pants at work. I’ve crawled under desks to check a cable often enough..

  • Amy Guth

    Funny this came up, because I was just thinking about this topic the other day. It used to be that I lived in jeans. Then one day, I don’t know if the popualar and common fit of jeans changed or something shifted in/on me, but one day, jeans made me feel off and fidgety and not-quite-comfy. Pair that with my long-running hatred of feeling fabric bunching around my knee, and that adds up to: I’m on team a-line skirt. I have a ton in a ton of lengths, and I love to play with different boots/shoes/tights to make plain skirts work as different outfits, etc.

  • Hannah

    Late to the party, I know, but I found this question really hard.
    I LOVE the way I look and feel in jeans with flip-flops or boots (six months of one, six months of the other) but I realized about a year ago that I was too often wearing jeans which I thought were too tight for me to be wearing (from a religious standpoint, not an aesthetic one!)– so in an attempt to rehabilitate myself, I switched to skirts full-time, except for the gym and pajamas.

    It worked for a while, but now I’m started to feel a little inhibited and bored by the skirt-tights-sweater combo, and I’ve found myself reminiscing about jeans recently.

    Now I’m trying to re-think where I am in my life, and the picture that I want to portray to the rest of the world (especially given the assumption in the religious community that I live in: that “good religious girls” wear skirts– how important is it to me to visually fit into the community?)…. Not easy…..