Dressed for: Jewels

Already Pretty outfit featuring cropped purple cardigan, magenta maxi dress, Foley + Corinna Mid-city tote, espadrilles

Cropped cardigan, thrifted – similar shape, similar color
Maxi dress, courtesy Karen Kane
Espadrilles, gift – similar
Bracelets, Bibelot – similar look
Dragonfly necklace, Karin Jacobson
Earrings, Urban Outfitters (no longer available) – similar
Bag, Mid City Tote courtesy Foley + Corinna

If I need to create an outfit that is colorful, flattering, and fun, I almost always turn to jewel tones. Neutrals are eternally chic, but these rich tones make me feel elegant and pulled-together in a more vibrant, eye-catching way.

Are you a fan of jewel tones? Which ones work for your style and coloring?

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  • shebolt

    Is that a bra-strap friendly maxi dress I spy? They are so hard to find.

    I love jewel tones. Emerald green works best for me, but wear them all. I love how you paired multiple colors here. I’m usually too timid to do anything but a single pop of color against neutral.

    • Sal

      It IS bra-strap friendly! A bit low cut for me so I have to tape the neckline, but the straps are nice and wide.

  • u look great

  • April

    Beautiful! And a wonderful outfit for summery but slightly cooler days. I LOVE the colors!

  • Elise

    I love jewel tones. I have dark hair and fair skin and I think they are ideal for this combo. I especially like dark teal or turquoise.

  • Anna

    I live in jewel tones–rich red, cobalt blue, deep emerald green, some purple. I’m fussy about prints and have only a few printed garments, so jewel colors are how I dress to feel festive. (The prints are in jewel colors, too….)

  • chicks

    I adore jewel tones. They never go out of style for me. Deep greens, teals, and purples are my faves.

  • Love the deep vee and color of this dress, and the shoes you linked to look very cool. Never heard of that brand, but I do like.

  • I’ve learned to mix some of my similar solid pieces from following your blog. Where I live, it seems no one does it much? I always get comments when I put say teal and navy together, or a pink and a cranberry. Fun and easy, without all the matchy-matchiness!

  • Bex

    Love this look! I have really been digging mixed pinks & reds here lately. As for jewel tones – shades of emerald green work wonders for my reddish hair.

  • Linda L

    Oh, yes – cobalt and teal are my favorite colors to wear but I get tons of compliments when I wear magenta too. I also have dark hair and eyes and fairly light skin so these deep, saturated colors really work on me.