Sunday Shoes: Red Bronx Peep-toes

I’ll admit it: These were an impulse buy. I had some Ideeli credits burning a hole in my pocket, have been curious about the Bronx brand for some time, and was so smitten with that chunky heel that I clicked “buy” without giving it tons of thought. Luckily they are comfortable, sassy, and totally unlike any other pairs I own. I’m yet to post any outfits that feature these lovelies, but I will soon.

  • Natasha Fatah

    Beautiful, beautiful shoes!!


  • Terri

    These look so comfortable. Do they come in a color besides red?

  • Angela


  • Natasha (@onewomansstylee)

    I love these! They look really stylish and comfie.

  • Cali

    I just ordered these from a similar UK sale site. Glad to hear they’re comfy