Sassy Sandals for Spring

Finally, FINALLY it’s getting warm enough for open-toed footwear. Ha haaaaa! Bless the glorious, warming sunshine, and the changes in wardrobe that it brings. In honor of this seasonal shift, I thought I’d round up a few pairs of sandals that have caught my eye over the past months, as I’ve waited patiently for the weather to catch up with my sartorial longings:

Minnetonka Haley$66

What a fun take on an espadrille! The braided leather straps play off of the rope wedges so beautifully, and that wedge looks very walkable. And a pretty fair price for a cute pair of trendy sandals, methinks.

Kork-Ease Deborah$155

It’s not truly spring until I’m lusting after another pair of Kork-Ease sandals. This is the second year that the Deborah style has been offered, and this leafy green is just killing me. Knowing this brand as I do, I’m sure this style will be comfy and walkable.

Dr. Scholl’s Candid – $55.99

Another brand I know and trust. With that 1″ platform, these babies will walk like 3″ heels, and that cushioned footbed will help them to feel even comfier. Such a great mix of ladylike and tough.

ALDO Brendle – $60

Such a marvelously minimalist little sandal. This style could be dressed up for an evening out, go to work with a business casual ensemble, or spice up jeans and a tee on the weekend. I adore this orange, but it comes in stark black, warm cognac, and a funky colorblocked version, too.

olsenHaus Tokyo Wedge – $185.50

Speaking of color blocking, check out this incredibly funky pair of wedges. How fun would these be with a simple shorts-and-tee ensemble? And they’re VEGAN!

Other recent posts featuring specific sandal styles:

Have you got your heart set on any sandals this season? What are you looking for in a summer shoe? Versatility? Comfort? Arch support? Feel free to share links and brand recommendations in the comments!

The header photo shows my Joe’s Jeans Brenda II Wedges

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  • MM

    Could you maybe do an insomniac pick for summer sandals WITHOUT ankle straps? Although these are all very cute, I can’t wear ankle straps and was disappointed to not see more variety.

    • Sal

      Well, in my experience, the majority of sandal styles include some sort of buckled strap to keep them on the foot. I’ll look, but what exactly does work? Flip flops and other slide-on styles? Can you not have anything at all around your ankle? Would this work:

      • LQ

        Speaking entirely for myself and not MM: a strap round the back of the ankle to hold the sandal on is fine, even desirable. But a strap across the FRONT of the ankle — especially one wrapping right around the ankle in a ring, as in your last two picks — can look enstumpening. And also it can be kind of hobbling/pull weirdly when you walk. Something like the ALDO Brendle, even though it’s flat, I honestly don’t think I could walk ten paces in. Every step, that ankle strap would be tugging at my leg and my foot would be making a break backwards for freedom. Not to mention that I’d probably look a foot shorter — which I’m willing to do in principle, actually, but I’d have to really love and/or be utterly comfortable in the item that did it.

        I have had very, very good luck with sandals built like the Kork-Ease Deborah (Miz Mooz makes some good variants); the ankle strap means they aren’t exactly leg-lengthening, visually, but the extra height they confer makes up for it IMO. And the stay the hell on the foot.

  • Patty

    I treated myself to some Born Pemberly wedge sandals (I found them at 6pm: They’re much taller than what I usually go for, but I thought they’d be fun for a night out, and they’re pretty comfy!

  • Herbee

    I searched for the perfect platform sandals the entire month of April (my son would walk in the room, look at my screen and say “Sandals…..again?”)
    I finally found them on Amazon- Zodiac brand Cruise Platform Sandal. They’re everything I wanted- high, but with a walkable platform, cupped heel, criss-crossy straps and a 70’s vibe…sa-weet!

  • Katharine

    I bought the Gee Wa Wa Flora ( on sale, and haven’t worn it yet. Partly because the colour I ordered is “olive” and it’s actually “brown” (a tough match for my wardrobe at the moment, but they were nonreturnable) and partly because the tiny heel and rocker front makes me nervous about instability.

    I really want a sandal… that I haven’t seen. I want it to have a majorly flat platform (like this or this but not to cost $600 (like this and to be hard-edged and stark, rather than orthopedic.

    It’s not an urgent need, though.

    • LQ

      God, if you find it, post about it somewhere, like maybe a giant billboard in Times Square.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me, but are there no sandal options in stores now that aren’t either completely flat, or sky-high? (not talking about the dowdy sensible walking-shoe brands with the rubbery faux-wedgeheel thing) … particularly looking for retro-60s chunky heel, maybe 2″? Help!

  • D

    Comfort and good quality are important to me when it comes to summer shoes, I usually wear them to death! Those green Kork-Ease sandals are killing me. So, so pretty.

  • Ahhh I am so excited for wedge weather! And I am DROOLING over those red espadrilles!

  • I’ve been hunting for sandals for months now, with no luck! Bought a few pairs & have to send them back (even less luck in stores). I’m reluctant to spend more than about $60 bec., well, sandals just don’t feel like investment shoes to me — the styles tend to be trendy, & there’s not enough “shoe” there for them to wear well & last for more than 2 seasons. Straps stretch or break, & the types of heels tend to be less easy (or more pricy) to have repaired. UGH.

    What I really want is a mid-heel (max 2″, pref. not platform, but wedge is fine) sandal w/an ankle strap, in black, not too strappy or closed up (my feet get hot! if I’m wearing a sandal, I want ventilation ;-)), that I can walk a mile or two in, & ideally that doesn’t look like an old-lady shoe.

    Haven’t found it yet. *sigh*

  • Erin

    I love your blog and was delighted to see a wire story about your fashion tool kit suggestions in our local paper (in Pennsylvania)! I would recognize those shoe shots anywhere. It’s great to see your work expand beyond the blog!

    • Sal

      Hurrah! Thanks, Erin – that story got picked up all over the place. 😉 Thanks for your kind words.

  • elizabeth ann

    I should out for olsenHaus! I recently got my first look at a couple of pairs of their shoes in person and they are amazing. If I hadn’t recognized the logo I definitely would have assumed they were leather. Unfortunately didn’t have time to try them on so I can’t speak to comfort, but if vegan and style are your two biggest shoe priorities olsenHaus is definitely the way to go. Unfortunately price and comfort trump style for me at the moment, but one day a pair of these beauties will be mine.

    • Sal

      Woo! Thanks for weighing in, Elizabeth Ann – I’ve loved this brand’s designs for ages, but haven’t seen a pair in person.

  • Tracy

    I’m in love with Dr. Scholl’s platform sandals. I have their Cabana model ( in both brown and black and am seriously considering the Candid in red and maybe all black too. If they offered something similar in white or nude I’d snap them up in a heartbeat for summer. They’re easily the most comfortable heels I’ve ever had and are my go-to shoes if I know I’m going to be doing a lot of walking but still want to look pretty!

  • Tara

    If you guys don’t already know about MoHops, you should! It’s like having a whole closet full of sandals, but you only have to have the space for one and a bunch of ribbons!

    I have the mid-height in cherry and LOVE them!

  • Lynn

    I wish there were some more delicate, not flat sandals for short, small-boned women. The thick straps and soles make me look as if I am all feet and out of proportion, and flats make me look stumpy. I love these looks, but not on me.

    • Erika A

      Hi Lynn, I actually really dislike platforms for the same reason (they make me look all feet) but because I have large feet not small. I have tended to find nice heeled or wedge sandals at places like Ann Taylor, Nordstroms, and other stores that sell “sportswear”. You have to wade through the ones that are more businessey, but there are usually some good options with straps that aren’t too thick and soles that have a heel but don’t look like evening shoes. This is the kind of shoe I mean:,default,pd.html?omn=cross-sell&omnsource=90684326

      Was that what you were thinking of?

  • Barbara S

    I bought myself Kork Ease Ava this March. I wanted those sandals ever since I was in high school (class of 1975) and now I have them! Now it just needs to be warm enough in MA to wear them.

  • Keilexandra

    Request for an insomniac pick: cute summer sandals available in size 5 or Euro 35, reasonably priced (<$100). Also, I'm trying to buy a gift for a relative with even smaller feet than me, so if you know of a brand or store that stocks size Euro 34 besides Nordstrom, I would love to hear about it!