Already Prettypoll: Never Say Never

Current trends that I just don’t get:

  • Lucite-heel shoes
  • Drop waists
  • Sandal-boot hybrids
  • Pastel overload

Past trends that I swore I’d never wear and now do:

  • Skinny jeans
  • Animal prints
  • Drop-crotch pants
  • Neon

It never ceases to amaze me. A garment, style, or trend comes on the scene and I absolutely LAUGH at its preposterousness.  And after enough relentless exposure, my eye becomes accustomed to it. And after that, eventually, I come around and actually want to wear it myself. I may hate sandal-boots now, but I know better than to say, “Never.”

What trend or item did you swear you’d never, ever in a million years wear … but then find yourself buying and sporting later on?

  • Sandra O’Callaghan

    Couldn’t agree more on the sandal-boot in particular – what’s that about!!! Probably THE most unflattering thing to come into ‘fashion’, using the word loosely here :)

  • nestra

    skinny jeans

  • Cynthia

    Orange. My mom always told me that girls of my coloration can’t wear orange, but it turns out we can and it’s one of my favorite colors, especially those reddish-tangerine oranges that are so popular right now.

  • Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    So, so true Sal. As WendyB says, “Never is the next new thing.” I am still managing to avoid drop-crotch pants, but don’t try to take my skinny jeans from me! (and I have been eyeballing a pair of Poetic License lucite-heel shoes too )

  • Leslie

    Growing up in a strict, legalistic, fundamental, religious home & atmosphere, I swore I’d never wear anything remotely resembling culottes again. But, a few years ago when the gaucho craze came back, I gave in & wore a (cute) pair. And, having worn a brown & beige school uniform, I was never going to wear that again either. But brown is a great color for me so I’ve gotten over that too.

  • cherrie

    And then in a few years people end up saying how horrible the style was. Nosw that really gets me because I think that if your eye gets adjusted to it you should be able to see some beauty in it.

    • Jude

      So true; I remember when those skinny jeans, (mom jeans), went out of fashion years ago and fashion “experts” saying they were a horrible trend and gave women the shape of an ice-cream cone. Years later they are back and revamped: cut lower, stretchy, and no longer have that acid wash. They still offer up the ice-cream cone shape, (hips are bigger than ankles), and yet they are acceptable. I was resistant, having been told the silhouette was horrible, but like many I found that they are great with boots and now have a couple of pairs and find myself resisting the boot cut lately.

  • Lynn

    I, too, was anti-skinny jeans for years, and then I bought two pairs of awesome knee-high boots under which regular width jeans wouldn’t fit. I now have four pairs of skinny jeans and I adore them :)

    • Sarah N.

      Exactly!!! Sometimes it is other fashion choices which steer us in the direction that we had previously hated. My two pairs of Frye boots demanded skinny jeans to show them off, and voila. :)

  • Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Ah Sal this one’s easy for me: LEGGINGS. I can remember saying out loud about 10 years ago that leggings were the most hideous thing I ever wore when I was younger (I’m talking early 90s). I said that they would never, ever come back… oh how wrong I was!! Thank goodness it’s not acceptable to wear them as trousers though, unlike then (and yes, I wear them too).

    I also wear pastels, florals and skinny jeans which I thought was a horrible idea when they said they were coming back. And one more: buttoning shirts right up to the top button – when did that happen? I would have been laughed at a few years ago wearing a shirt that way!!

    Great post – short and sweet but one that really gets you thinking!

    Catherine x

  • Beckee

    I said I would never wear animal prints. As a child, I was horrified at a great aunt’s leopard print shoes. Now I love leopard print! I have a skirt, shirt, and cardigan in various leopard print patterns!

  • elizabeth ann

    I wonder sometimes, though, if our initial “never ever” impulse is the correct one. I remember when capri pants (cropped pants, clamdiggers, whatever you want to call them) came back in style. I remember swearing up and down that I would never wear them. I remember eventually caving when I became so accustomed to seeing them that it stopped seeming strange or even trendy. I also remember the day I admitted to myself that I had never once had on a flattering pair of capris, and that I hated the way I looked in them. I’ve now purged them out of my closet with the exception of a pair of cropped yoga pants I only wear to exercise and a black pair I haven’t worn in years but feel bad getting rid of (they were a gift). I’ve gone through the same cycle with other trends and items as well.

    I wonder if my initial reaction of “no way” was a truer reflection of my own personal tastes and style, and the giving in was simply succumbing to the pressure I felt to fit it. I can’t recall a single trend I said “no way” but eventually tried hat I haven’t later regretted. I’ve decided to take my “no way” impulses more seriously in the future.

    [Current example: as chic as everyone else looks in Breton stripes I am not going to cave. I just hate the way I look in horizontal stripes. The fact that everyone else looks cute it them and that they are everywhere will not change the fact that I hate how I look in them. I am holding on to me “no way” impulse. Which is of course not to say that Breton stripe or capri pants are a bad idea for other people. Other people should wear what they want. I can definitely imagine someone seeing capri pants for the first time and thinking “yes! that is just what i need.” I don’t think fashion choices of this nature are about right or wrong, they are about what’s right or wrong for you.]

    • Carol N.

      I agree about the capris, cropped pants, etc. I have 2 pair and I sometimes wear them but I’m never happy when I see myself in the mirror.

  • Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    I remember being in NYC in the late 90s when I saw grown women–and clearly fashionable ones–wearing CAPRI pants, of all things. I was just a teen (and not a fashion-conscious one), but I thought they looked ridiculous and swore I’d never wear them if they made it to the heartland.

    Of course I was wearing them the next year! That was just the first of many times I reneged on my avowal to *never* wear a trend. You’re so right on this one!

  • Katharine

    I was very wary of skinny jeans, partly because I have a butt, and partly because the early iterations of the style simply wouldn’t go on over my thighs and calves in any way that remotely fit. (I vividly remember trying on about six or seven pairs in a fancy jeans store in Vancouver in 2006. It was awful.) However, I do really love them now — and yes, tall boots help. I adore neon, and it suits me, too.

    I would totally wear a pair of lucite-heeled shoes if I found a pair that were cool rather than stripper-esque. (There was a glorious pair of Allsaints wedges a couple of years ago, with visible nails inside the heels, but unfortunately they sold out of my size really fast.)

    Things I KNOW I will never wear, no matter how many times they come back and the world tries to convince me they’re “happening”: animal print, pastels, and sequins/glittery threads/fabrics for day. I never liked them, and I doubt that will change. Sandal-boots… well, I’m not in favour of the ones that have the big drape of ugly material around the ankle, or most of the peep-toe ones, but I quite like some of the boot/gladiator crosses — like those “culty” Ann Demeulemeester ones with the laces that were all over the blogs for a while, or these Fluevog ones. (

  • Elin

    The boot sandals…I swear they had to come about as a joke. But, I agree with you on how the eye and mind adjust to trends that once appeared hideous and then soon became…okay…and maybe even wearable? That process blows my mind.

    As a fan of 20’s fashion, I *love* the dropped waist look and love that it is back in fashion, but I still feel like an easter egg if I wear more than 1 item that is pastel.

  • Kelly

    I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I know there must be something, because I remembering thinking/feeling that I shouldn’t have said I would “never” wear it. Why can’t I remember what “it” is???

    I think one of the reasons we end up trying something is because if it becomes so mainstream, we see it everywhere and we almost have no choice. Take ruffles, for example. I remember shopping one time looking for a shirt and almost *everything* had some kind of ruffle on it, so I ended up buying a ruffled shirt, even though I wasn’t so crazy about it as a trend.

    • Kelly

      Well, after I posted that comment this morning I got dressed. And after I got dressed I realized I was wearing something that I had previously said “never” to: skinny jeans with ballet flats. I had always thought I’d wear them with boots or heeled sandals. But today it was too cool for sandals and too warm for boots, soooo…there ya have it.

  • Sarah N.

    Oh, yes, all the time. I think it’s also a matter of the fashion conforming to you. I swore I’d never wear gladiator sandals, and then I found a couple pairs that were simple and classic that I love. When fashion first emerges, it can be RIDICULOUS, but as it ages and trickles down to more traditional styles, it becomes a little more… wearable. Or sane. Leggings as pants? Yeah, I don’t think so. But leggings with a tunic/dress and cute boots? Okay, fine, I agree that’s completely adorable. We evolve, fashion evolves.

  • Genevieve

    I’m just horrified by the very idea of drop crotch pants. Is this akin to Hip-hop streetwear? What is it? Do I really want to know?

  • Dee

    Love this topic! I have often seen a “new” trend and thought how horrible, or unflattering, etc, and then in a few weeks, months or more I AM buying and wearing it!! LOL! As others have said we become accustomed to seeing it, and we, (at at least I), want to be “in style” . I have too many examples of this to go into. I do think sandal boots are silly, but I LOVE animal prints and have for many years! (have tons of animal print sweaters/jackets/tops mostly). I love capri/crop pants and think they look fairly good on me but my hubby says he hates them on anyone! One “trend” I remember thinking was sort of weird at first was wearing black tops with light colored pants, mostly black tops with white jeans. For so many years you really didnt see that combo with the light color on the bottom. I love that combination now, but unfortunately the season for white jeans is pretty short in the midwest. (I do follow those “rules”, but I know thats a subject for another day!)

  • D

    I’m gonna go with the crowd here and say skinny jeans. Oh, how I hated them back in the day. And now I sport a pair just about every weekend. After reading the previous comments, I’ll admit that I had no idea that capri pants were such a contentious item for so many people.

    And I don’t get pastel overload either. Eeech.

  • sara

    Eventually you come around and want to wear it – and then 6 months later it’s run its course and no one is wearing it anymore – amiright? Like bubble-skirted hems – I just took two out for my daughter and turned them into regular hems because she can’t stand them anymore.

  • Anne

    Not only did I say never, but I even boldly predicted the premature end of many trends. “Low rise pants will never catch on,” I remember saying, then I got pregnant and was happy to have pants that accommodated my growing belly. I remember saying that skinny jeans would never take off because who would want to dress like a stuffed sausage? Apparently none of us mind the sausage look, myself included.

    Now it seams that trends fly at us so quickly. It is interesting to see which ones stick and which fade quickly.

  • Aziraphale

    Sandal boots! I didn’t get it either — why would you want a boot if it’s warm enough for sandals? How silly! — but I ended up getting this pair at the Fluevog sample sale last May, because they fit like a glove and the price was right, and I was surprised by how cute they looked on my feet:

    Well, as it turns out, they are awesome. They look good with a short skirt and bare legs, they look good with skinny jeans tucked in, and they even look good under bootcuts. They’re the perfect thing for cool summer evenings and warm spring days. So you’re right, never say never.

    I really don’t think I could ever handle harem pants, though. I might have to say never to those. :-)

    • Halo

      That’s what I was coming here to say! I found that some open-worked booties have been great transitional shoes and can look cute with tights in early spring before it’s truly time for sandals.

  • LinB

    Overblouses. I swore I’d never wear overblouses. Then I achieved middle age and said “good-bye” to my waist.

  • Mel@VasiliasVintage

    I *swore* that I’d never break down and buy a pair of skinny jeans, either, because I wore them in the 80s, and never thought I looked good in them (I have thunder thighs, even back when I weighed 110 lbs.!) BUT, that being said, I bought my first pair last week, and found that pairing them with boots made all the difference in the world!

    I love dropped waists because I adore that 20s look, but don’t “get” the pastel overload, either! Looks cute on others, but on me I’d feel too “sweet.” Don’t get lucite heels, shooties, animal prints, love harem pants but w/o the dropped crotch. I’ve noticed on other blogs how to wear these trends, but I just don’t think it’s for me, but to each her (or his) own! :)

  • RM

    Skinny. Jeans. Now, of course, I HATE the idea of them going out of style because I LOVE them.

  • notemily

    I swore I’d never wear something as ridiculous as “jeggings” (I think it was partly the name that put me off them), but then I saw a really cute pair in a DSW and caved. I love them! I don’t wear them as pants, though. Strictly under butt-covering tunics and dresses. (I’m not talking about skinny jeans here, but about leggings with a denim look.)

    Right now I am swearing I’ll never wear anything that’s impractical by its very nature–the boot-sandals are one, and cold-shoulder tops are another. This is the same way I felt about the super-cropped-sweater fad that was going on a few years ago: if you’re cold, put on a whole sweater, not one that’s just arms! Living in the Midwest I think exacerbates this–we have to buy stuff that holds up to a Wisconsin winter, as opposed to somewhere like southern CA where anything goes.

    On the other hand, fashion by its very nature suggests some measure of impracticality. If we only cared about what was practical, there wouldn’t really be a fashion industry. It’s definitely possible that I’ll come around to things that I think are ridiculous right now. It’s definitely happened before.

    • Aziraphale

      Hi Notemily — you’re quite right; there is often a bit of impracticality associated with fashion. For example, I adore how high-heeled shoes make my legs look, and I only wear comfortable ones, and yet we all know that it’s a lot easier to chase a bus (or a toddler) in flats! But some days I wear ’em anyway, because I’m willing to sacrifice practicality (to a certain degree) for the improved aesthetic that I associate with high heels. For me the trick is balancing the aesthetic with a reasonable degree of comfort/practicality. With my boot sandals (well, open-toe booties, actually; the heel is closed), I was surprised to find that they are not impractical in the way I thought they’d be. Where I live, we often have mid-temperatures that are perfect for such a shoe.

  • poodletail

    This is something I’d never thought about and it’s fascinating! At 57 years old I’ve said “Never!” countless times and have given in just as many. One trend that pops into my mind today is the denim-with-denim look. I hate it and now have likely doomed myself to wearing jeans with a denim shirt and floppy hat in the months ahead.

  • Barbara

    I used to say I’d never wear polyester. But I bought a couple nice poly jersey dresses for traveling last summer, and was won over by how nicely they drape, wash, and stay wrinkle-free. I now have a few other garments in my closet made of polyester jersey, and not just for traveling.

    Live and learn!

  • Trudy Blue

    For years I thought that platform sandals looked clunky (well, some still do) and like too much effort. And then I discovered how well they balance out my hips—and give me extra height without extra pain.
    It also took me a while to come around to the look of jeans tucked into boots. I was so devoted to the long line of bootcut pants over my boots that I couldn’t imagine why people would tuck their pants into anything but rainboots or snowboots. And then I fell in love with a fancy pair of zip-up Fryes and the whole world shifted…
    But I still think the sandal-boots look ridiculous.

  • Elise

    I swore I would never wear skinny jeans because I thought I was too curvy for them. That was until I tried on a pair and actually liked the way they looked and felt on. Plus, they are great to wear with boots. Who knew!?

  • Rebecca – we are large people

    For me, it was definitely skinny jeans! I’m super fat (and love my body and the word “fat”), and thought that skinny jeans would never work for me, but then I started liking them, and then I caved and bought some! Now they are the only jeans I wear.

  • Laurel

    This is a fun topic. As my figure flattery priorities have changed, I find myself wearing a lot more loose button-up shirts. I used to shy away from anything that didn’t highlight my waist, but now I’m more free with my silhouettes.

    The only other thing I can think of is capri/ankle length pants. I was convinced they were just stumpy and unflattering, until I found a couple pairs at Gap that I really liked! I still think they might not be my “best” proportion, but I like them anyway.

  • kjlangford

    Really, you don’t like drop waists? This makes me sad. ok, I’ll admit, they’re not for everyone, but for some reason this is a trend/silhouette I use fairly frequently. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s just the way my body is shaped so it works. But I’m with you, I have always scoffed at certain things, and a year later I’m buying it. The main one I can think of at the moment is a bubble hem. They initially reminded me of the bottoms of the old school sweatpants that gathered at the ankle- and those are so unflattering how could a bubble hem look nice? Impossible! But I do, now, have a couple of dresses that have one, though it’s still not something I’d do all the time.

  • Megan Mae

    Neon, pastels, ruffles, well skirts and dresses in general! Pretty much anything I claim I dislike I wind up wearing. I’m even worse about ragging on something in one post, and wearing just that in the next. I never say never to anything because the next thing I know I’ll pick something up at the thrift store going “It’s PERFECT”

  • Karen O

    My initial reaction: too ugly and too expensive. I can’t remember when I decided I liked them, but I accumulated quite a collection over the years. My children teased me mercilessly, because I did say “never” at one time.

    Now, my Birki’s sandals are my go-to summer foot wear and I have one pair of clogs for colder weather months. LOVE the support, color and comfort.

  • Sophia

    leggings and 3/4 pants

  • Nebraskim

    I finally decided about 18 months ago to try wearing a few skirts that were a couple inches over my knees. Liked it and invested in a quite a few pencil skirts of this style and took almost all of my midi and longer length skirts to the charity shops. And of course, midi and longer styles are trending back. As much as I like the look of skinny jeans, alas, this is not going to be something I’ll ever wear because I have huge calves (I cannot wear any boots that are higher than my ankle) and so skinny jeans will not fit over my calves. I also decided last fall to take a coral jeans jacket to the charity shop. Would kill to have it back. When ever I get the urge to purge, it seems that a trend is gonna return.

    • Sarah

      I, too, have huge calves and struggle to find skinny jeans that will fit. My solution? Straight-leg jeans. On me, they look like skinny jeans but I can actually get them on over my calves.

  • MMH

    Cropped pants–though I still don’t like them and wear them very rarely and then only for the most casual of weekend activities. If you’ve a long torso and not long legs, as I do, then crops emphasize the proportions. Which is why I plan never to wear drop crotch pants or low waists. At some point, you’ve just got to take into account the reality of your own figure.
    Fun read, as always, Sal.

  • Cleo

    Pink anything! Leggings! Skiny jeans! Leather* skirts! Fur*! Zebra stripes!
    And WORSE, combinations of these: jeggings! leather* leggings!

    Perhaps hot pink zebra-stripe leather jeggins in the near future???

    * only faux fur, of course, and more and more shifting to upcycled/ faux leather only (another former “never,” now that I think about it: I used to swear by real-leather only for shoes and belts… Now if I can get an alternative, I prefer it)

  • Helen

    I’ve always loved really saturated colours and thought pastels were too wishy-washy. But now I find myself thinking that wearing all pastels together actually works, especially if one of the pastels is a neon shade, and I pair them with a light neutral like tan or grey somwhere in the outfit.
    It makes me feel a bit like an ice-cream parlour personified, but in a quite pleasing way.

  • hellotampon

    Booties. When they first came out (2005-ish?, on celebrities) I thought they looked clunky, ugly, and unflattering. Eventually I decided they weren’t that bad but that I could never personally pull them off. Then a few months ago I found myself buying these:

    I think they look great with skinny jeans and with dresses. If they didn’t hurt my feet so much I’d wear them all the time.

  • Lydia

    I said I would never buy jeggings, but I have two Hue ones (thicker, and really stretchy denim, with lots of spandex), and I love them in the winter with boots. I am still hesitant to wear them with flats (I wore them this way when I travelled for comfort on the plane). To my eye, with boots they fit my proportions, while with flats they do not (they look less ice-cream cone on me with boots, and more in flats). I also thought I would never wear square sleeves, or a baggy sac dress, but on occasion I do, and they provide a different sillouette — not my best look, but ok, and comfy at times.

    Every couple of years however, I do try capris and crops, but have never really found a flattering pair — I think they are tough to pull off as visually they tend to chop up proportions, rather than create flow, but I am more open to trying if I can find a pair that narrows at the thinnest part of my leg line.

  • Angela

    It took me a few years to get on the bandwagon for skinny jeans and leggings.

    What I broke down on most recently is rose gold. When it came into popularity last year, I resisted, because I resented the notion of having to amass a jewelry collection in yet another shade. (I’m largely averse to mixing silver and gold, so just adding rose gold to the mix didn’t appeal to me.) That all changed last week when I found an unbelievably awesome pair of shoes… in rose gold. I had nothing to match them, but I had to have the shoes, so I broke down and got a necklace and some earrings. Now I think I’m hooked–that warm tone is really flattering!

  • Val C-MN

    Birkenstocks for me as well…..years ago, I injured my ankle and could only wear sneakers or else very flat shoes for a while during healing….Since I worked part-time in retail, I needed a dressy pair of flat shoes that didn’t have any height to stress the ankle. I tried the patent black double-strap Birkenstocks…liked those and bought a triple-strap black patent pair, then a cute stars-and-stripes pair. Several of my co-workers also wore lots of Birkis. After 11 years in part-time retail, I own at least 20 pairs (from patents to perforated to suede with tassels/crystals to textured/patterned styles). Every evening when I come home from work, I put on a pair of Birkis to relax.

    Druzy jewelry is another one I changed my mind regarding. I now love blue druzy and platinum druzy styles.

  • Evelyn

    Skinny jeans. I grew up wearing tight jeans while all my friends had widelegs and flares, and I’ve been an all-bootcut gal since college. I finally caved this past December because I moved to a climate where boots are appropriate, and they just work so well together. Now I wear them with all kinds of footwear.

  • Karen

    This is silly, but tank tops. I never had the nerve to wear them because I have a large chest. Now I own tons of them in all colors. Great for layering, and a trend that is here to stay. Can honestly say I still can’t do the skinny jeans though…

  • Thursday

    I’m definitely NOT a trend dresser, and you’ll usually find me raging against the trend cycle because it makes it so much harder to find classic styles when the stores are full of skinny jeans, animal print and shapeless assymetric cardigans. I have never been tempted by any of those…It’s very difficult to sway me to something I have already decided doesn’t interest me. That being said, for years I hated leggings, but finally a few snuck into my wardrobe as a practical measure. But they are only worn with knee-high boots, and beneath dresses, never tunics or shorter tops. They are a harder-wearing, easy washing stand-in for tights only.

    Recently I have been very annoyed by all the open-toed boots around. If it’s a boot, it’s for cool weather, and I want a closed toe. Many a nice boot is ruined by this!

  • Heather

    I never liked gladiator sandals and more recently, the popularity of anything peplum.

  • Amber Hurd

    I thought I would never wear leggings because of my muscular legs and short stature but I have made them work and came up with some great outfits with them. I have a pair of lucite heels LOL but I admit I have not wore them yet.

  • Stacey

    I have to admit, I find lucite heels intriguing! I think I’d wear a pair.

    I’m not sure there’s a trend I said I’d never wear and then DID wear, but right now I keep saying I won’t ever wear printed palazzo pants….so get back to me in a few months or years to see if I’ve caved :)

  • Jenn

    Believe it or not, capris! Having grown up as a tall girl in the 80’s, I remember being teased about “high water” pants. It was hard for me to get used to the idea of capris because of that. But eventually I came around and now I love them because they’re cool like shorts but nice enough to wear to work. Win win.

  • MelD

    I think we’re influenced by our own shapes and possibilities. As a girl with hips, something like a drop-waist or low-rise jeans that is going to emphasise the width even more, no way. This season has me obsessively gazing at other women’s hips (of all ages) and feeling envious at their cute narrow butts – it’s ridiculous!! At the same time, I see these narrow-hipped young moms and wonder how they ever gave birth…
    Whether shapes or colours, things I could never get away with because I’d look silly, ridiculous or plain unflattering are the kind of thing I’m unlikely to wear. Although I did put my short, dumpy figure into 3/4 and capri lengths in the past, it never looked very good and this year, I can finally see it and will be wearing either long or short pants or skirts (though I might manage a capri legging that ends at the narrowest part of my leg below the knee with a tunic or short dress). Worst is wide, “too short” pants – at least the slim ones skim! Makes me very critical of others who go with fashions: so many young girls could look amazing if they would just not wear low-rise jeans with their hips hanging out! They’re not fat, just not wearing clothes for their figures.
    Colourwise, although the pastels and nudes and layers look wonderful on my tall, fair daughter, they would look terrible on short, dark, dumpy me, but I had to find that out by trying!! Incredible how much we are influenced by the images around us and what others wear, flattering or not…