Daily Outfit: 9/12/11

Tunic, LAMade (no longer available) – more LAMade
Leggings, Old Navy (not currently available) – similar
Flats, Tsubo Elath courtesy Tsubo
Earrings, repurposed vintage – similar
Bag, DiazBags

So. Not the most exciting outfit ever, but the story is pretty fun. We’re up in Ely right now in a tiny but lovely cabin that faces the water and is surrounded by tiny peeping birds, extremely bold red squirrels, slightly more timid chipmunks, and a family of extremely talkative loons. So, ya know, I’m basically in heaven. We’ve visited the International Wolf Center and North American Bear Center already, both of which are interesting and educational. And I’ve read about 500 pages worth of Harry Potter. (For about the billionth time. Vacation reading should be fun and mindless, am I right?)

But let’s talk clothes. First of all, I have changed my outfit an average of three times per day every day since our arrival. For some reason, I absolutely refused to believe that it’d get up to 85 degrees this far north and late in the season, so I packed for fall. The day we arrived, HM and I spent the first hour and a half hunting MADLY for shorts that fit. We were melting. And all days since, I awake to 40 degrees and bundle up, then have to strip down to those locally-purchased shorts and a tank lest I become Puddle o’ Sal. By the time the sun sets, it’s about 40 again. The outfit pictured here was #3 today, and as I write this I am wearing it, minus the flats, plus boots, a long hoodie, and HM’s down vest. I’ve never felt so ill-prepared on a trip in my life.

Additionally! I must brag for a moment. There’s a darling little consignment shop here that was one of our first stops, and what did I nab there? Why, a pink woven silk Smythe riding blazer – which retails for $700 – for $19. Fits perfectly, totally darling, and I’m still reeling at my luck.

Back to regularly scheduled outfits soon!

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  • I went to Ely when I was in the 4th grade with a friends family. I LOVED it there. I must go back sometime.

  • Patti

    Oh man, I love Ely. There’s a sweet thrift store called Blue Moon, out by a bait shop on the highway. Oddly I bought nothing on my last visit but I did buy a cool marked-way-down Columbia tunic at the bait shop that has been my go-to (wicking, SPF factor, impervious to dirt) for outdoor activities all summer. Small towns, gotta love ’em.

    We went to the wolf center early in the summer and were told to be sure to come back next year, because they’d be getting wolf pups. WOLF PUPS!

  • Carol N.

    Ah, vacation time! Enjoy your rest and relaxation and hope you find lots of neat things at the thrift stores.

  • Cel

    Yeah, the weather is like that here too right now. It’s a pain in the butt figuring out what to wear for the day when I need to be warm in the cool mornings when I walk to work, but I don’t want to melt on my way home when it’s the hottest part of the day.

  • I know, the weather is so nuts but now it looks to be settling down a bit… Have fun on your getaway!

  • Khristy

    Enjoy your vacation 🙂

  • What’s up with the bold squirrels? Some of those bastards are a little too aggressive for my liking these days.

  • Anne

    Sally, your vacation sounds wonderful (aside from the clothing dilemmas). I just returned from a 3day biking/camping trip throughout which I was woefully prepared for the weather. We had marine layer every morning and evening and I packed nothing but shorts and short-sleeved tops. It sounds like your problem in reverse.

  • Roxy77

    Sally….I would love to see a picture of your “new” Smythe blazer. 🙂

  • Oh boy, I was in your shoes over the weekend! My husband and I went to a cabin for a couple nights and it was cold at night yet around 80 during the day. I packed the following–khaki shorts, linen pants, skinny cords, various tanks, a button-down flannel shirt and a faux leather jacket, as well as flip flops, riding boots and combat boots. I switched through various incarnations of this wardrobe throughout the days and nights and still felt ill-prepared.

  • Susan

    Ah, fortunes of weather in the town in which I grew up. Only thing predictable, is that the weather is varied. Sorry!to hear of your plight. The woods don’t mind the same pair of shorts every day. The Secret Sisters is an amazing little gem! Enjoy the lake the full moon and the rest of your vacation.

  • GinaMarie

    Exciting or not, that tunic fits you like a dream, Sal! Glad you had an enjoyable vacation!

  • Sandie

    It is SO COOL that you went to the International Wolf Center and the North American Bear Center!


  • Awesome! I am headed up to Ely with my family this tomorrow morning. We’ve never been. Bears and Wolves are definitely on this list… plus as many thrifting adventures as I can fit in 😉 Thanks for the advice on what to bring – I just packed a suitcase full of flannel dresses, leggings and sweaters… might want to throw some shorts and tanks in the mix.

  • I love the Sisters Thrift Store in Ely. Loaded up on several vintage dresses for my daughter and a pair of shoes for me. Hope you had a nice time!