Wardrobe Math

Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets.

~Mignon McLaughlin

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  • Truer words never spoken. I don’t know how it happens. But if I loved everything as much as the day I bought it, I’d be a smashing dresser. Or something.

  • We are an emotional lot!! Yesterday, three months before the wedding, my daughter decides she doesn’t like the wedding dress she loved when she purchased it. Unfortunately there is something on the receipt which is a problem…ALL SALES FINAL! I think it had more to do with the emotions of the moment than anything and that is why so many of us hate what we loved when we bought it. Standing in the closet we feel old, or fat, or tired or a friend talked us into buying something we didn’t want. This quote makes perfect since to me!!

  • Weird but sadly frequently true. I did a wardrobe with a friend yesterday who said there were only 2 items she loved. By the end, I had styled up 50 outfits and she loved lots of things again. Sometimes you just need a second opinion.

    • Nadia

      I wish I had a friend to style my wardrobe for me =)

  • So very true! And we only wear about 1/4 of what we own.

  • ugh. sometimes that does feel true. Must be why purging clothes in a closet clean-out feels so good! You’re getting rid of the negative emotions tied to those clothes.

  • I sew. A lot. And I’m good at it. Hence, I don’t buy the clothes as much as an average woman does, but the quote still stands and reflects my attitude towards the garments I made.
    I’ve joined the global challenge organized among the crafters who sew, knit, crochet or embroider, with a simple task: to wear self made garments during the month of March 2011. It forced me to re-think about the garments I had but never wore. I managed to style up so many new outfits in order to follow up my personal challenge – not to repeat an outfit during the month. And this little game really made me look into the closet and start loving again my wardrobe. I think other women (no matter whether they sew or not) should do it too!

    • Anna

      I sew a lot, too, though not as much as when I made all my clothing except for jeans and footwear. There is always a gap between the dreams induced by the fabric/pattern combo and how the garment actually turns out. Often (not usually, thank goodness) the result is much worse than the dream. Sometimes (not often enough, alas) the result is even better!

  • Oh Pam! Fingers crossed to sort out that one! Really a bugger! and congrats for your daughter’s wedding, anyway, dress or no dress, she’ll be doing it anyway – I hope – and that’s some celebration! :*

    It’s important to find a style, a coherent coordinate that’ll keep your wardrobe together no matter what ( like pairing simple tees with simple jeans or buying tees that go with both jeans and the classic cut pants you love so much. For the dresses well… that’s another story – I’m always sad to find out that the dresses I loved so much two or three years ago aren’t fashionable any more so it’s tricky there, but generally, since I’m a jeans and tees person, I get to wear most of my wardrobe.)

  • sue

    I wonder how many of those items that we loved when we bought them just didn’t hold up quite right after laundering. I just washed an Ann Taylor top that I loved and fit me perfectly. After hand washing and laying flat to dry, it is a little shorter, a little tighter, and not nearly as flattering on. I can look at my closet and pull countless other items with the same issues. One just can’t tell how clothes are going to hold up.

  • I’d love you to comment on that 80/20 rule — the one that says (applied to clothes) that 80% of the time you’re wearing only 20% of the clothes you own. Does that apply to most of your readers?

    It would make sense if women hate 2/3rds of what’s in their closets!

  • So true! If I am in a good mood, no matter what I buy, it is great. Get home, try it on, it might not be what I thought. I let new clothes hang out for a while, try them again. Sometimes they go back. A girl has the option to change her mind.)

  • I wouldn’t say that I hate 2/3 of my closet, but there are definitely times I look in and think “gosh, I don’t want to wear anything in here today!”

  • Jen

    I rarely love what I buy. I tend to just settle for whatever crap fits. But then I never seem to live anywhere that has decent shopping.

  • rb

    sort of true for me…. I almost always love what I just bought, but then it makes me not like the things I bought a few months ago, and that’s the 2/3 of my closet I hate. Then it takes me another year to get rid of the “old” things. I’m telling you, Goodwill loves me!

  • Raj

    This is so true. I’ve been purging my closet lately and having a really hard time trying to figure out why I have so many items in there that I don’t like or haven’t worn for years. It’s my new goal to be more purposeful when shopping and make sure the clothes I buy really fit in with my wardrobe, and lifestyle.

  • Why. Is. That? I’m serious, Why. Is. That?!?

  • Too true! And no matter how much you try to edit the wardrobe, the 2/3 rule still applies to whatever clothes remain. That’s the part I can’t figure out.

  • emm

    As I think about what’s in my closet, it hit me that I’ve felt this way about clothing at times, but never about my shoes. I love each pair of shoes in there. Anyone else find this true?

  • Lea

    He is so right, but I hate that I hate most of my things!


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