Daily Outfit: 2/14/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 2/14/11 featuring Sorel bootsFair Isle cardigan, thrifted – more Fair Isle cardigans
Gray jersey dress, thrifted – similar
Magenta leggings, Opitz Outletsimilar

HM and I don’t do much for Valentine’s Day, but it still feels strange to be wandering around New York while he’s back in MN. We’ll have to schedule a make-up make-out for when I get back!

I spent the day in Brooklyn with high school and college friends, and met up with Rad for drinks and laughs at the end of the day. I’ll have so many new friends to miss after this trip!

Oh, and due to extremely warm and springlike temps here in NYC, those darling Sorels got ditched for the day. They seemed like such a good packing bet, but I’m more than happy to sideline them in favor of less clonky footwear!

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  • love the outfit!! Hope you are having a great time in NY

  • I’m LOVING the coloured rights with that grey dress.

    Spring-like temps?! DAMN! Send some my way please 😉

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  • Am I going to see you again on this visit?

  • I love this outfit, looks super cute and most importantly, comfortable!! I’m all about the comfort!

  • HM

    Hurray for make-up make-out!

  • reading “make-up make-out” in a post about valentine’s day just made my day. on a holiday that’s all about “making beautiful love with twinkling stars and double rainbows and scented candles and barry white” it’s nice to hear about some good old-fashioned making out : )

    also, nice color choices! while you pulled it off a bit more classily than i ever will, shamelessly abusing shades of pink is my favorite v-day activity.

  • Oooh, now that is cute! I love the cute pink-and-orange palette with those boots!

  • I dig those leggings! What an amazing color! It looks great with the gray of the dress.

  • Beautiful and comfortable – it’s just perfect. And I love, love, love the color of your leggings. Perfect.

  • Van

    Adorable! Love the mix of colors and textures 🙂 And pretty blog, too!

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