Daily Outfit: 11/22/10

Black button-down, Old Navy, no longer available – similar

Black cigarette pants, Banana Republic, no longer available – similar
Red suede pumps, Tsubo Amset courtesy Tsubo, no longer available – similar
Red glass necklace, thrifted – similar

Lest you believe that a style blogger loves all of her own outfits and looks unbearably chic every day, we have this. I tried a cardigan, a scarf, and several belts but, in the end, decided I liked the nice clean, retro lines of the shirt and pants uninterrupted.

Then I got to work and it somehow looked less “clean” and more “uninspired.” At least, it did to me.

Also experienced total hair failure today. I’m trying the MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream, on various reader recommendations, and it smells so amazing I want to eat my own hair … but thus far it’s proving too thick and heavy for my curls. If I apply too little, I frizz. But if I apply too much, I look like a rock covered in seaweed. Today was already shaping up to be a seaweed day, but a morning trip to the chiropractor that involved squishing my head against a pillow while my hair was still wet sealed the deal. Hence the samurai ponytail.

Ah well. Tomorrow is another day, am I right?

Additionally, I just used “lest” and “hence” in an outfit post. What’s up with that?

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  • Rebecca

    I think that the black and red looks simple and chic. I know you've mentioned that you don't wear pants very often, but those slim pants look great on you.

  • Chalkdust and Boots

    I LOVE this outfit! I'm such a huge fan of red and black together and I think that you look perfectly streamlined – not at all "uninspired" (and I must've channeled you when I got dressed today, since I wore red and black too!)!

  • Fashion Flirt

    I think good thoughts about this outfit, but totally understand what you mean. I often will put together an outfit I love, and then take pictures of it after having worn it for a few hours. Sometimes those pictures are just so… NOT what I envision when pulling the look together.

    Regardless, the red necklace and red shoes, with the column of unbroken black between – unbearably chic.

  • maryeb

    Moroccan Oil by itself doesn't work for me either. I get better results if I put Mod Di Phy Glaze by Philip Pelusi on after the Oil.

    But the best combo for me has been to use Alterna Life Solutions Curls Shape Activator and then the Mod Di Phy Glaze. Nice shiny curls, not too crunchy, not too slimy, just about right.

    Hope this bit of unsolicited advice helps.

    BTW, I think your outfit looks very polished and the red pop of color is perfect.

  • rubybastille

    Actually that color combo is one of my favorites. Back in high school a girl wore a black button-down, black slacks, and bright red pointy-toed heels. She looked fabulous and it's a look I want to try myself (as soon as I find red heels and a black button-down).

    You look fabulous too! The cigarette pants are fantastic.

  • Kristen

    That silhouette is VERY flattering on you, and keeping it simple helped highlight that. I think this may be one of my most favorite of all of your outfits!

  • Erin

    Hm, I don't think it's uninspired at all. I saw it and thought "love. this. now I know how to wear red." I am kind of a redhead and am just terrible at wearing red. Burgundy, pink, all the time, but true red, I stink at. So thanks!

  • Megan Mae

    Ohh I think you look lovely! The ankle pants are so cute.

    I hate when an outfit can photograph awesomely, but make you not feel your best. For what it's worth, I really like the outfit.

  • Sal

    You gals are just too sweet! I hope you know I wasn't fishing … just one of those days, outfit-wise, ya know?

  • Marie

    I think it looks great! But then, I love black and red and sleek silhouettes like this, plus we all know you're not someone who just throws on black every day to be lazy.

    I do wish black didn't get such a bad rap – it's so chic when done right (like this).

  • Amy

    I think it's tres chic!

  • Kylara7

    I like the outfit quite a lot…very classic, chic, and cool :) I think maybe your first thought (clean) was spot on but later on you may have doubted yourself (uninspired) because this outfit was a bit of a departure from your usual. I usually go the other direction…my style is very plain/neutral and when I go for something a little more colorful and/or uncharacteristically whimsical, I initially am excited about and then I start second-guessing. So the hooray for mixing up "the usual" and to heck with 2nd-guessing!

  • Angeline

    I love it! It does look really sleek and chic. Red and black are such a classic combo. Bummer that it didn't feel as great later in the day :(

  • Lisa Z

    I love this outfit, too! Simple is beautiful, some times.

  • lawdiva

    Sal, you look beautiful! I actually think this is one of my favorite outfits on you, very simple yet chic. You look great in pants, as I usually always see you in skirts.

    Can I ask what you consider your body shape to be (hourglass)? I think we have similar measurements. I think I'm a pear because I have a small bust, but my top and bottom are generally in proportion.

  • RubyAlison

    I actually think this looks very metropolitan sophisticated and really like it. I was surprised when I scrolled down further and read your comments about it. Just another example of how different our own opinions of ourselves can be from what other people see.

  • Sal

    lawdiva: Thanks, my dear!

    I'm an hourglass-pear hybrid, in my mind. Like so many women, I can't abide one set of rules or the other … gotta pick and choose.

  • Anonymous

    Love this retro look on you, really great!

  • Laura

    Do you not get bothered wearing blacks of different shades? I cannot stand it if I'm wearing blacks that don't match.

  • Sal

    Laura: Used to, but I got over it. I'm perfectly content to wear different shades of red in the same outfit, so why not black?

  • Red

    Fantastic outfit. I loooove cigarette pants, but with my very short legs I can't wear them without looking like I'm waiting for a flood, so I have to admire them on other people. The combo with red shoes is divine!!

    As for the hair, I have a huge pile of red curly hair; there is lots of it, but it is fine in texture. The Moroccan Oil curl cream works well for defining my curls, but ONLY if I mix it with a squirt of DevaCurl Angel gel by rubbing both together in my hands before I put it in my hair. ( DC Angel is the only gel I have ever found that will not make my hair hard/tacky/wet-look.) Maybe try mixing it with a little gel or even just a splash of water to thin it out? I'm always mixing my hair products together, because nothing seems to work for my particular curls otherwise.

  • Audi

    Maybe 'rock covered in seaweed' could be the new look for 2011! 😉

  • orchidsinbuttonholes

    I love how this outfit looks – I'm such a fan of black and red (and I love love love those shoes) – but I know that feeling of not entirely feeling an outfit once the day gets going, and it's not a fun one. Tomorrow is another day, even though I think you look great today!

  • Maria

    You look super chic Sal!

  • Kelly

    For what it's worth I think your outfit (and your!) look very nice. I think the clean, retro feeling really shines through.

    Also I have been doing hair experiments the past couple weeks that almost ALWAYS end up in ponytails. It's driving me crazy – I just hope there is beautiful hair at the other end of this ponytail tunnel!

  • tinyjunco

    i think this is one of your best looks – but it is a change. your usual look is very finished, everything 'taken care of', no blank space that the viewer might have to 'deal with' on their own.

    this look is highly edited and the focus is really on the woman wearing the clothes, rather than the clothes. it's a more grown up, sophisticated approach – nothing fussy. you look beautiful and timeless.

  • Anonymous

    I have thick, wavy/frizzy hair, and I find that la Coupe Perfect Curls Frizz Free Smoothing Mousse works a charm. I use it on my wet hair right after a shower. I'm sure it's available in the States?
    Rebecca in TO