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Halloween Regrets

I’m guessing this photo was taken in 2001. My mom helped with the crown and wristbands, but I did everything else. Cut out the eagle from a piece of gold lame, thrifted the skirt and bought the stars from a craft store, glued ’em on, bought the gold rope and strung it on my belt loop.

WHY oh WHY did I get rid of this costume? When I was about 5, Mom made me a Wonder Woman costume. I wore it to nursery school. Like I wore it to nursery school every single day she’d let me until it fell apart. Clearly, there should be a homemade Wonder Woman costume in my life at all times, just in case.


Lovely Links 10/29/10

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the marvelous folks at Minnesota Monthly for their November issue!

Also got a really lovely write-up on METRO Magazine’s website. Hot cha!

Thanks to Margarita for introducing me to Faces of Beauty, a blog that posts a new reader-submitted photo each day with a reader-submitted blurb about journeys toward self-love and acceptance. Marvelous. Simply marvelous.

I actually swore with jealousy on seeing Jentine’s bubble-hem trench. And get this: She thrifted it!


Wardrobe Tips for Seasonal Weight Fluctuators

This is me in the dead of winter. This is me over the summer.

Still the same overall shape, but I’m bigger in January, smaller in June. I don’t diet once the weather warms up, I’m just naturally more active when it’s warmer than -30 degrees. And by the end of the summer, I have inevitably lost 5 or 10 pounds. Which I then proceed to gain back through the course of the long Minnesota winter, no matter how hard I work out.

And I’ve made my peace with this cycle. It’s natural and normal. It’s part of my physical self, just like my curly hair and pale skin and strong legs. But it does pose some wardrobe challenges. And since I know I’m not the only one who deals with seasonal weight fluctuations, I thought I’d share my techniques for building a chic, versatile wardrobe that works for my changing body year-round.