Daily Outfit: 7/26/10

Embellished top, August Silk
Red scarf as belt, thrifted
Skirt, Boden
Turquoise pumps, DV Skye

Ahhh, such a Monday. This ensemble would’ve worked better with a bracelet. Almost ANY bracelet. But I was in a total haze when I woke up, and so my wrists are naked. Luckily there’s plenty of other stuff going on in the outfit, so I evaded arrest by the Accessorization Police.

  • WendyB

    I think the scarf-belt is plenty, no need for a bracelet!

  • Vanessa

    Love it, Sal! I was a little torn at first as to whether I liked the red with all the pinks, but the more I look, the cuter it gets!

  • Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Great colour mixing here and loving that skirt. Flowers are the way to go.

  • LK

    I love those shoes! I just bought a pair in that color and was wondering what on earth I was going to wear them with,…now I have some ideas :)

  • Diana

    I love the color combos in this outfit! Gorgeous!

  • Melissa

    I am in complete, utter, and TOTAL love with this color palette. This is gorgeous!

    I adore those shoes and the print on the skirt and just everything.

    I should stop gushing.

  • Elle Sees

    always love your smile!

  • Sheila

    Ooh, I like all these colours together, very pretty. Eh, sometimes a bracelet is just not on hand (get it, "on hand"? Ha! I kill me!).

  • Marie

    I think it's great with or without a bracelet! Even though I always wear a watch, I feel like bracelets and watches can visually cut my arm off at the wrist sometimes. But then I'm a bit of a minimalist…

    I generally hate purple and red together, but somehow those shades actually work, and it's growing on me!


    the turquoise makes the red and purple very user friendly! I really like this, especially the scarf as a belt. Your smile is the best accessory!

  • Amber Rose

    You are too adorable!

  • Annie Spandex

    I love the blouse and your blue shoes!

  • Kaija

    Great scarf-as-belt and I adore the flower pattern on the skirt in bold colors, esp turquoise! :)

  • Amy Davis

    Awesome hair day!

  • orchidsinbuttonholes

    I love the color mix, Sal! Brilliant idea to wear the blue shoes – they really help to make that wonderful print in your skirt pop. And I agree – fantastic hair day!

  • Rebecca

    I think that the prints, belt and pretty colors are enough. This looks great without a bracelet.