Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of July 25

Khaki tunic, eBay

Brown tank dress, via Amazon
Brown cropped leggings, Kohls
Wedges, Charles David Tinker
Coral necklace, self-made

This tunic hits me at the widest part of my hips when buttoned, so I tried wearing it open. I felt a bit like a doctor/anthropologist … but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A little hit of Temperance Brennan for a Friday at work.

Calling this necklace “self-made” is cheating. I bought the strand of coral exactly like this, strung it, and added a clasp. The strand was purchased at Art ‘n’ Soul in Stillwater and was such a baaaahgain.

Dang, check out those freckles. It is high freckle season, my friends!

Gingham dress, thrifted
Red belt, thrifted
Brown platforms, John Fluevog Haights
Turquoise necklace, polishedtwo

You can just barely see that turquoise necklace peeking out at my collar, which is perfect for this slightly cowgirl-y ensemble.

Olive tank, via Amazon
Paperbag-waist shorts, Phillip Lim 3.1
Burgundy wedges, Kork-Ease Donna
Carved agate necklace, hookeddesign

I have no idea why but I always seem to pair these high-waisted paperbag-style shorts with this necklace. Maybe the ruffly waist makes me think of the ruffly flower … or maybe I bought them around the same time. Do you have any pieces that you always inexplicably pair?

  • eek

    Great looks! I especially love the first one – you could be working with Indiana Jones (from Raiders of course!) :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh Sal, I have a baseball game to go to tomorrow…WHAT DO I WEAR?!???!!

  • Jadekitty

    I love Dr.Brennan's style :)

  • Caroline

    Sally, do you find you have to wear a slip when you wear a tank dress over leggings? What's your solution to keep the tank dress from riding up?

  • Sal

    Anonymous: Don't know, doll – good luck!

    Caroline: With cotton leggings and a cotton tunic, definitely. If either has high lycra or polyester content, I can usually go slip-free.

  • Ekatherina

    Oh you are just so adorable, Sal.

  • Deja Pseu

    I love the proportions on your tunic outfit. Dr. Brennan or not, it looks really good!

  • The Waves

    Love the Dr Brennan necklace! :)

  • La Historiadora de Moda

    You just need a whip and you could be Indy in that first ensemble! I lurve it!

  • A-Dubs

    Ha! They're all getting Indy, but I'm getting that princess on vacay feel, again, from that gorgeous first ensemble.

    Also, god I love every pair of shoes you own. Especially all of the ones in this round-up!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sal, I love your coral necklace, but I still want to make this one point: Corals are an endangered species and I don't think they can be "harvested" in a sustainable way. Since they grow veeery slowly, harvesting them destroys the stock for a long time. And usually they are just ripped off and not harvested carefully with as little damage to the remaining corals as possible. If you and your lovely readers love coral jewelry as much as I do, try to limit yourself to the items you already have or thrift – buying new coral items is ultimately destroying their chance of survival so future generations can also enjoy them both in and out of the water… Thanks

  • Rosie Unknown

    I love the first outfit, any outfit with a hint of Bones style in it is pure win in my books.

  • Megan Mae

    Fabulous outfits. The first is my favorite! You've even got the "Dr. Brennan" tight bun going on. (I'm totally watching Bones right now!)

  • lyrebirdgully

    Hi Sal, the coat outfit is so sophisticated on all levels:- colour palette (hooray for dark brown – and the coral so highlights your brown eyes!); proportions (the verticality introduced by the coat worn open, the stepped tier of coat, frock hem and leggings); interest(some detail to catch the eye at every level from top to bottom);- and shoe-to-outfit colour matching that I doubt could be improved on, including perhaps the most awesome shoe/legging colour balance I have ever come across. I don't think most people work their leggings successfully, but to me this is a real 10/10 how-to-wear-leggings outfit. I am definitely stealing this look!…just need to find shoes with two tones top-and-bottom…

  • myedit

    I would raid all those shoes. Size 10?

  • iampanda

    I have that same exact red belt, also thrifted. Awesome!

  • Andie

    That is an awesome necklace! Now I want to make myself one or find one just like it!

    well done!

  • Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    You're really pulling it together this week, Sal. I love the hint of Temperance Brennan – very cool.

  • Kate

    The close up of your face is amazing. And I find myself wanting all of your outfits.

  • Audi

    I see a little hint of Dian Fossey in that first outfit, too — a very, very stylish Dian Fossey, that is. Those shoes wouldn't be very practical in the mountains of Rwanda.