Sunday Shoes: Black Satin Espadrilles

I am making it a goal to wear these shoes at least twice this summer. They only set me back $17, but I’ve worn them once in two years. Once! What could be more summery than espadrilles, I ask you? You WILL see these again. Count on it.

  • Rachel

    Uh, aren't they forbidden due to blackness?

  • enc

    Black satin with espadrille, how fascinating! I'm sure you can find myriad ways to wear these. I set you the challenge: six outfits with these shoes! Can you do it?

  • Rosie Unknown

    Those are so cute! Satin espadrilles aren't seen very often, but I quite like the look.

  • MarieBayArea

    these lovelies are so sweet. what a steal!

  • Frances Joy

    Oh! They're GORGEOUS! I love espadrilles.

  • Sal

    Rachel: Nope! Except for this week, I can do black shoes and accessories.

    HOWEVER. I'm thinking of consigning these. I went through my shoes today and these stuck out as a potential sellable. I think I've avoided them because I prefer espadrilles in lighter, summery-er tones. Anyway I may totally go back on my promise to show you these in action and sell 'em off instead. Hah!

  • The Curvy Life

    I have been looking for espadrilles… these are great!

    I bought a pair of brown cool sexy boots that I can wear with a sun dress this summer because of you! LOL I can't wait wear them!


  • La Historiadora de Moda

    What size are they, Sal? If they'd fit me, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. :)

  • LyddieGal

    Those are so cute, definitely give them some love!

    Chic on the Cheap

  • Rubiatonta

    I'm writing from Spain, where espadrilles (we call them alpargatas) were invented, and I've got to tell you that the satin ones are all over the place.

    I've got my eye on a pair of champagne-taupey ones, but I can't decide if I'd rather have leather. Leather and esparto (rope) soles? I might not be able to resist!

  • Maggiethecat

    Another Spain-based, new commenter here :) I think I may have seen and lusted after the very same champagne espadrilles Rubia speaks of – the econ held me back though. Still, I plan eventually to get my hands (feet) on a pair – I love them because they feel dressy, because of the satin and the heel height, but still not too trying too hard / OTT for everyday.