On Sisterhood

There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.
~Madeleine K. Albright

Image courtesy nathancolquhoun.

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  • K.Line

    And a special place in heaven for those that do!

  • Charlotte

    Right on, Sister Madeline.

  • Emily

    I'm certainly on board with this one — I find a lot of media discourse about female friendships to be incredibly disheartening! My lady-friends aren't catty, competitive, back-stabbing or any of the other horrible things we're often led to believe. They're there to help and support me, and I just hope I can do the same for them.

  • Luinae

    Yeah! We've got to stand together.

  • Nina (Femme Rationale)

    i love this quote! it's so true.

  • Jane W.

    SO true!!! I've seen several instances of women backstabbing other females because they really believe that will help them gain acceptance into the old boy's club. Instead, they're viewed by the OBC as reinforcing catty stereotypes, and they alienate other women. It's sad.

  • Sheila


    I was out shopping today and a woman came out from the dressing room in a purple dress. I could see from her face that she wasn't sold on it, but she looked gorgeous and I wished I'd spotted the dress myself!

    Instead of saying nothing (and knowing she'd put the dress back on the rack), I pointed out all the great features of the dress, praised the colour on her, and suggested about 5 ways to wear it. She bought it.

    I tell ya, my heart grew 10 times – I felt so good for helping her. Nothing that I bought all day made me feel as happy.

  • Almost 40

    Sweet Sal…


    I think this is TOTALLY what you do here.


    Shelia…GREAT story! I just started enjoying your blog too!

  • Zuzuli

    This is an amazing quotation! It should be placed in every workplace around the world!

  • ambika

    This quote made me grin.

  • Annie

    I must say that I needed this reminder today after a tough confrontation at work. Thank you!

  • AsianCajuns (Lar)

    Absolutely love M.A. and love this quote. I so believe this. I hate, hate, hate when women pull each other down- especially around a guy. It really is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves.

  • kate

    thanks for this, Sal. It really spoke to me today – and I've emailed it to a colleague who is in great need of sisterhood right now.