Video Tutorial: The Zipper Flower

How did that crazy zipper neckpiece get made? Well, I’ll tell ya. Or, at least, I’ll tell ya how to assemble the basic zipper-y unit.

And I will do so WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF A HEAD. Heads are so last season anyway …

  • K.Line

    OK, I"m at a course so I can't watch this now but I want to say that, for a woman who doesn't sew, you sure have some fancy equipment!! I love it. Can't wait to see this later.

  • Deja Pseu

    This is SO COOL!!!

  • Kate Bagley

    I'm going to try this soon!

  • futurelint

    HOW DID I MISS THAT OUTFIT ROUNDUP? Stupid vacation! I LOOOOOOVE this!!!! I'm all over it… I already own like 100 zippers thanks to a trip to SR Harris!

  • Erin

    I LA-LA-LA-LA LOVE this, Sal, you crafty beast! I'm sharing this tutorial with some crafty girlfriends. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lorena

    how neat… thanks for sharing !

  • bekster

    Very cool.

  • Benson

    Thanks for sharing! YOU make it look easy–I think I can, I think I can.

  • ed hardy

    I really like this article and have enjoyed reading. Nice article, love the post.

  • WendyB

    Here's my tutorial. Have someone else (like Sal) make a great zipper flower. Buy it.

  • Amy

    Oh I LOVE this!! I am going to have to try this for my next DIY project! Thank you so much for teaching us.


  • Camelia Crinoline

    I love your necklace. I've been meaning to try making a zipper brooch for ages but watching your video tutorial finally made me get around to it. There's a picture of it here Zipper Rosette

  • M

    beautiful neckie! easy & cheap great job

  • Lise F

    Hey, now I know what to do with all those spare zippers I have in my sewing room!

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