This Week I Love …

… floor-length skirts.

I love showing some leg, as you all know, but I also have a long-standing love affair with superlong skirts. I finally realized that ankle-length straight skirts make me look a mess, and am limiting myself to floor-length flared ones. Clingy tubes can work – like the navy blue jobber I paired with my deep-v white tunic – but flared A-lines are even better. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for them as I thrift my way through the fall.

Just see how happy these skirts make me?

How do you feel about long skirts? Do you wear them? Like them on others? Stick to shorter hemlines?

  • Knitosaurus

    I love long skirts but can't always find a way to make them work in my wardrobe. I do find that a tailored waist, for me, is a must, because a gathered/elastic waist, just blouses out over my hips and makes them look HUGE compared to my waist in a "why are you wearing paniers" type huge.

    I love that black flared wrap-around one you are wearing–looks divine!

  • Vanessa

    I'm 4'11". I don't think I could ever pull off a floor-length skirt. I generally don't love them anyway, aside from in ball gowns and wedding dresses, but I'm a fan of many of these outfits. Still, probably not for me.

  • Meli22

    not a fan of floor-length anything for me, except for a bridal gown ;). I used to wear long hippie skirts in high school, but have since learned the wonders of knee-length skirts. I have short legs, so I try to make them look longer.

    However, I LOVE outfit #1!! That is gorgeous!

  • EnglundLit

    Thanks for posting this, Sal. I was feeling decidedly frumpy after yesterday's exchange about shorter skirts at You Look Fab.

    I like variety in my wardrobe. Whatever the fashion, I will never completely abandon longer skirts–they are swishy, retro, and fun! I have three in pretty regular rotation this winter. I think the key to making them look modern is pairing them with quite fitted tops/jackets.

    You look marvelous in your swingy skirts!

  • Fell 4 Fashion

    I'm wearing one today! Love them and you look great in each one! :)

  • CompassRose

    Love them. Like you, I'm hourglassy, so a tailored A-line is a must. Last year, I was in a show set in 1919, and (as shows do) it bled into my wardrobe and I started wearing a lot of long, belted tunic-like things over long skirts – I really like that effect.

    My skirts need to be either LONG (below mid-calf) (and preferably flowy) or SHORT (above the knee). Anything else, and I feel drab.

  • Anonymous

    I love long skirts no matter what the fashion gurus say about their style quotient. At 5'4" i find that it is the middle length skirts that are hard to pull off. Just below the knee and right to the ankle YEAH!


  • rb

    I don't love them. I think they're best for formal occasions, and even then, I don't think they're the most flattering options.

  • MP

    I used to rock the long skirt A LOT. Then I looked in the mirror and realized with my super short legs it made me look even shorter. Although they can be super comfortable and flattering I haven't found one in awhile that I would wear in public. However, yours all look great!

  • Middle Aged Woman

    When I was teaching, I loved this look. I have four ankle length skits, three of them in different shades and shapes of denim. Especially loved it with boots.

  • Qair

    Long, tailored a-lines absolutely rock. Last year I made one out of the thickest linen I could find. I call it my battle skirt. The (supposed) durability of jeans in a tough skirt! I should wear skirts more — knee-length or long — as they flatter me way more than jeans. Still, I'm a jeansy gal.

  • Sheila

    I love a long straight skirt IF it has a slit in it, so that I don't look like a big box. I adore flared long skirts, especially with boots.

  • lopi

    I used to own a couple of them (a tartan and a dark denim one)when I was a teenager, and I remember I loved them, but I haven't wore them for the past 8 years or so. Don't know why that is, actually…

  • K.Line

    The long skirt is complicated for me. Since my legs are arguably my best feature, I like to show them off. But I"m also short in the waist with large boobs and looking like a tube from hip to ankle isn't usually flattering. I do have a corset boned pencil skirt that goes mid calf (quite long) but it doesn't get a lot of action. It's hard to walk fast in, which is what I'm usually doing.

  • Charlotte

    For about ten years I wore ankle-length skirts exclusively but about a year ago I discovered above-the-knee skirts and am amazed at how much sharper and slimmer they make me look. Plus, it turns out that I have "good legs," and it's hard to resist those compliments. I've converted to tights and shorter skirts and feel a lot lighter. Hey….could this be political?

  • Sal

    Charlotte: Political? Whatcha mean, kitten?

  • GLC

    I have not found the right long skirt. Anytime I've tried one on, I end up looking like a hippie. A washed and clean cut hippie but a hippie nonetheless. I really like the structured skirts you have, like the last one. You look fantastic, especially in that last one. Maybe that's what I need.

  • LPC

    The longest I can do is calf length, and that with boots. Short legs = try not to look like I'm rooted to the ground…

  • pretty face

    You look great, but floor length skirts make me look as if I am dressing up as a witch for Halloween! x

  • Andrea

    I have chunky legs and think a long skirt is better, but I'm also very short. I struggle with finding a good length for me. I love the look of a long skirt on a taller woman. Your outfits are fabulous.

  • futurelint

    I've got about five of them and don't wear them super often, but after seeing these, I kinda want to dig one out!

  • Audi

    I fear the floor length skirts, though these outfits you've put together look amazing.

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere

    i had never thought to pair a long top with a long skirt, but i'm LOVING the proportions!

  • SR@MyStyle

    Hi there-you have a lovely selection, I like the first one very much!!

  • Jilliebeanie

    Really not a fan of long skirts on me. On others, I think they can look really great. I feel that my legs are one of my best assets so I prefer to keep my skirts short.

  • Hanako66

    they are all so pretty!!!! that last photo is so cute!

  • Casey

    You look gorgeous, Sal! :) I do love a good, long skirt every once in a blue moon myself (says she who wears knee length skirts nearly every day…). I used to have a couple, made from 70s patterns that I dubbed my "hippie" skirts. I think I gave them away though–in one of my "purge the closet" phases. Gah! I still have a lovely antique petticoat (albeit somewhat worn–I call it "character") that is floor length and I wear as a skirt–when the spirit moves me! 😉 I always feel so elegant and artsy when I do wear a super long skirt…

  • lisa

    I've always been afraid that long skirts will dwarf me, but you wear yours so well!

  • AsianCajuns (Lauren)

    After seeing these on you and Luxirare (have you been to her blog?)- I'm going shopping this weekend for one. I think these can be hard to pull off- but you look awesome in all of them, Sally! I will probably have to hide some major platform/heel goodness under my skirt to look as good as you do in them.

  • Leia

    …And you look so great in them!

    Thank you again for your e-mail :)

    Your ever-adoring reader,


  • Allie

    The first and only time I've worn a maxi skirt was in 1999. I got so much crap for it, and haven't worn one since. Not purposefully I think.

  • Frances Joy

    I'm not a fan of long skirts on myself. I feel that they look better on taller folks (I'm not quite 5'3") but they're not my favorite look. Maybe it's that it's hard to find the balance between hippie and formal, I don't know. Besides, I love, love, love my strong, curvy legs, and long skirts don't show them off.

  • Clare

    I actually really dislike long skirts on me. I may even go so far as to say I hate them on myself. However, I really enjoy them on others. Most people, at least. You are one of those people that look outSTANDing in long skirts, though. I adore that last one (and the picture ain't bad, either!)!

  • Eyeliah

    That first black one is gorgeous, I really enjoy them too – they create instant drama!

  • Miss Outlier

    I love long skirts and used to wear them all the time when I was younger. Then I hit a rebellious stage and went the miniskirt route. I've settled at a professional knee length, and I get my long skirt fix through sweeping dresses. I adore the long, clean look a well-fitted maxi dress gives me.

    I'll keep an eye out for a long one as I thrift, though! Fall is a good time to bring in this look…

  • myedit

    Me too!!!! Love the long hemline (well, really nay hemline, I don't judge…). My biggest problem is finding skirts that are actually long enough for this tallness but you better believe I will be thrifting like a mad woman…once the ban is done.
    ps. love the outfit in the first picture= very hot.

  • Career Changer

    Like a lot of these commenters I'm on the short side so I've generally avoided floor length skirts. However maybe with a little imagination I can make it work. I would say keep my eyes peeled but that phrase gives me the creeps. Too graphics especially round Halloween.

  • GeekGirl

    I definitely think they look great on you, and I think they work well in the fall/winter, at least for me. (Not that I have many of them, but still…)

  • Chymecindy Blog

    Wow! I love those long skirts. So perfect for you!

  • Sadie

    I mostly wear skirts that end just below the knee, but I like long skirts too. Especially in summer – here in the UK it's often too warm for tights but a bit chilly for bare legs, and I don't really like having that much bare skin on show, so long skirts are definitely the way to go!

  • Christina Lee

    Oh that last one did it for me–LOVE!!!

  • Rosie Unknown

    Hmm, I've never tried long skirts, but I will have to keep an eye out for one!

  • Anonymous

    dont think i ever owned a long skirt before…not even in my childhood..they are not really my taste…but they look great on you!


  • Missa

    Yes! It really is an exceptionally pretty silhouette on. I am especially loving the first and fourth looks :)

    You know, now that you mention it, my wardrobe is lacking in the floor length department, may need to remedy that, thanks for the inspiration!