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Reader Request: Fashion as Crutch


My girl The Budget Babe sent along this truly puzzling question:

can clothing give you a false sense of security? and if so, should we be relying on that “it” bag or those high heels or that red lipstick to make us feel secure? or should we work up to the point where we’re completely confident looking like crap and then start adding the layers?

I had to think about this for a damn long time before I could formulate any kind of response, and I’m still a little wobbly about it. But here are my initial thoughts:


Compare and Contrast


Talking about bodies, and self-image, and how we feel about how we look is EXTREMELY important. Learning to love ourselves is a lot harder when we just let those insidious internal monologues run rampant. So we bounce our ideas and emotions off of trusted friends and admired mentors, and we gain strength and wisdom through their caring input. We do this instinctively, and our instincts serve us well.

Yet sometimes these body image discussions can backfire.