This week I love …

… my alpaca-blend ruana.

I’ve had an Eileen Fisher shawl at work for a couple of years now – a gift from my dear friend Jan – and that little love has saved me from Office AC-induced Hypothermia more times than I can count. But it’s red. A lovely shade of deep, purply red, but still red. And while red goes with nearly everything … it looks a little weird with my pale pinks and neon yellows. What I’m saying is that wrap can be a bit of an unintentional outfit-ruiner, ya feel me?

So I nabbed this superfab black ruana, and it has kept me from freezing daily since its arrival. It is soft, warm, stylish, NEUTRAL, and fends off the office breezes just as well as the trusty red shawl.

Which has been demoted to lap blanket. Poor thing.

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    It is so classy and charming!
    I do love it too!!

    Have a great weekend Sal!

  • Kathryn

    So funny! My mother had a oatmeal wool Ruana when I was a kid… I don't think I've ever heard anyone but her use that word!


    this is secretly a cape trying to be all chic and stuff!!! 🙂

  • Flora

    Hi Miss, just wanted to say that I love the direction and message of your blog! It really does important work in reminding people to be resourceful, and indivindualistic, in their approach to true style. Good to see you previous post on vintage, I just wrote an article on buying vintage, and am about to do a follow-up on styling ideas, though with a very different twist to yours…

  • Kristin

    That would be so perfect for plane travel!

  • issa

    ooh i need a cape-y wrap for the winter… looks so good!

  • lisa

    I second Kristin–ideal for the plane!

  • WendyB

    I know lots of people whom I'd like to demote to "lap blanket."

  • metscan

    I´m sure that I´d like your ruana too. I have a wonderfully grey Italian wool+silk broad and long pashmina doing the same work for me. Wonderful, I´m always choosing greys.

  • Heather

    Oh Sal I LOOOOOVE that! Now I am telling myself I am on a ban, I am on a ban, I am on a ban, SIGH, I do not need to purchase gorgeous wrap type garments in August. Except that my office is freeeeeezing like the arctic tundra. Beautiful- thank you for sharing!

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi there-what a classy and chic piece-so versatile and ideal for those chillier moments!

  • Miss Woo

    I tried to pronounce 'ruana', but failed, miserably. It looks so nice and cosy though!

  • chic

    Now THIS is what I mean when I think of lovely drapey garments! I have total shawl envy! I need to follow that link you included and see how much this would set me back. S.

  • Hanako66

    so pretty…what a versatile piece!

  • Laura.

    this is gorgeous! i want one, i want one!

  • Spandexpony

    He he! Don't let Jan read this!

  • Missa

    Oh yeah, the black is so chic, wonderful choice!

    Ugh, I hate office AC, it's the worst, but what a perfect solution and I bet it looks gorgeous on you!

  • AsianCajuns

    Ooooo I love it! That looks perfect for AC-thermia in the summer (I hate how cold it is indoors).

    Hope you have a marvelous weekend!

  • Aya Smith

    It is definitely elegant! Inspiring look!

  • jess

    ruanas are SO underrated! They're so perfect in the late summer and fall and amazing around the house in the winter (o:


    I want one too…looks so cozzzy!
    Wonderful weekend Sal!


  • Patty Ann

    adorable! cute find. i love when things are chic, but still appropriate for wearing to the office! xx