Random Outfit Roundup: May

I’m experimenting with new settings and poses (FINALLY), so click on any image to enlarge for details. You know, in case you want to check for frizzies or dirt under my nails or anything …

Blazer via Gap, years ago
Purplish tank via Banana Republic Outlet, years ago
Crops via Gap, last year
Necklace pile via various Etsy vendors
Shoes a gift from beautiful Missa!

I couldn’t believe how perfectly the color of this tank matched the purply patch of suede on these fantastical shoes. Who am I to deny such fashion kismet?

Khaki blazer, thrifted
Silvery gray dress, thrifted
Cereza necklace via Etsy vendor Bellina
Red Tsubo Acreas

Gee, seems like May was the month of the blazer. I blame the girls at Academic Chic, who CONSTANTLY sport blazer-based looks that are unbearably sleek and sophisticated. It’s because of them that I began to feel that my two black blazers and weird-shade-of-brown one were woefully inadequate, and because of them that I landed this figure-friendly little beaut at my local Savers. This outfit is all your fault, E., S., and A.!

Red bolero, came with a cream and red floral dress from Macy’s several years ago
Pink dress, thrifted
Purple Melissa Vinils
Silver bangle with rhinestone corners, thrifted

I had wanted to try the pink-red combo for months, but felt the need to chronologically distance my experiment from Valentine’s Day. Late May seemed safe, and I received no teasing comments. The purple shoes may have pushed me into wacky-color-combo territory, but I felt pretty awesome …

Also, check out the inset rhinestones in my bangle. Such fun!

Black bolero, Ann Taylor
Black tank, Target
Flame orange skirt, Banana Republic
Chalk turquoise necklace, a street vendor in San Francisco
Black Tsubo Acreas

OK, so it seems that May is ALSO the month of the bolero. Totally unintentional!

I bought this fab necklace while we were in San Francisco. Decided to wear it the very second the money had changed hands, and, at that time, I had on an outfit very similar to this one. I would never have thought to pair the pale green with black and orange, but it just works. I got scads of compliments from strangers, shopkeepers, baristas … quite the ego boost, and a clear directive to recreate the outfit back home in MN. If you’re jealous enough, you can purchase a very similar necklace right here.

Props to guest photographer Cal on this shot!

Cream button-down, Banana Republic
Black cigarette pants, Banana Republic
Black leather tie-belt, thrifted
Scarf from some gifty store in central California
Madden Girl Lusterus

Here’s the story. I went on an epic thrifting trip to Value Thrift in St. Paul a few weeks ago. Value Thrift is one of the slightly scary thrift stores that doesn’t have dressing rooms, so I wore my cropped leggings, a tank, and a jersey dress. This enabled me to get slightly naked and try stuff on in the aisles with some measure of modesty. And as I was getting slightly naked over and over, I noticed that my leggings were REALLY flattering. And I mean as pants. Now I’d never wear them as pants in real life, so I decided I should just track down some tighter-fitting cropped pants.

These BR jobbers are NOT cropped. They are ankle pants. And I generally find this style to be stumpifying and unflattering, and was exceedingly skeptical. But I tried them on, and looked in the mirror, and was forced to invoke one of my cardinal rules of shopping: Since I wanted to have sex with myself immediately, I was required to buy them. I’m totally enamored as they make me feel like a saucy, curvy pin-up girl. I even went back and purchased the white pair, on supersale, at my local BR.

Jean jacket, Gap
Purple jersey dress/tunic, Gap
Leggings, Heartbreaker
Camper Minies

And here are the very leggings that caused the purchase of the above-pictured pants! This little jersey thing was an actual dress when I bought it last August, but an encounter with Hot Dryer has transformed it into a tunic. I’m not fussed, though. I’ve been on the lookout for more summery tunics, so it’s like I purchased one without having to spend any cashes. Or that’s what I’m telling myself.

Oh hey, notice anything different … about MY HEAD???

I kinda love it. I used to obsess over mess and frizz and the imperfection of my curls. Now? The messier the better! Hurrah! (Who made those fantastic earrings, you ask? Why Karin Jacobson, of course.)

  • Michael McGraw Photography

    Beautiful Wife!

  • Sarah

    Sally–that haircut is PERFECTION on you. Keep.

  • Laura

    I love your blog and your new pose is great! Your outfits made me smile, thanks for posting them! Tres Chic!

  • eednic

    i’m having a hard time determining which of these outfits is my favorite! they are all quite flattering. and i concur with you about the chic blazer looks happening over at academichic. i love that blog! they make it look so easy, and yet…i struggle and practically arm wrestle (?) with my closet on a daily basis to try and come up with similar chicness and cuteness!!

    methinks i overuse exclamation points.

  • Christina Lee

    first, what a sweet husband 😉 second you look FABULOUS dear in all your jackets and your leggings- LOVE!!

  • Talk Pretty To Me

    love all the outfits and many boleros! Way cute hoops too.



  • K.Line

    There are so many good looks here, I don’t know where to start.

    1. Love husband mike!
    2. Love your hair!
    3. The red and pink is fantastic!
    4. Really love the spanish lady look with the red circle skirt!

  • coutureallure

    I noticed your hair right away. Those BR black ankle pants look great and prompt the comment, “Have you lost weight, my dear?”

  • Clare

    So beautiful!! I love all of these, but my faves would have to be the one with the flame-orange skirt (any surprise, with my current and inexplicable orange obsession?) and the leggings/tunic one. Your hair looks oh-so-fab, btw. Love it.

  • Anna

    “Since I wanted to have sex with myself immediately, I was required to buy them.” Hilarious! I am definitely using this rule from now on.

  • bekster

    The hair was the first thing I noticed; it is really nice. Your outfits are very nice too, of course, but I especially love how you smile. You could wear a paper sack and still light up the room.

  • Sheila

    Great hair, Sal!

    I really like the ciggy pants – wow, *I* almost want to have sex with you (okay, no, just being silly).

    I love your ring (the rounded one with the stone) – is that your engagement ring? That is a gorgeous piece.

  • Sal

    Sheila: It IS my engagement ring, reset fantastically by Karin Jacobson of the giant-earrings-in-the-last-photo fame!

  • futurelint

    Great outfits Sal! I really loved the one with the brown blazer and the pops of red, and the one with your new gorgeous green necklace, and those cigarette pants! Hot stuff! Loving the hair!

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi there-your outfit posts are great, but the last picture is just adorable, your hair is just fabulous!

  • spacegeek

    Wow love the ankle pants! You look amazing! More pants in this post than I think I’ve seen you in since I started following your blog. LOL didn’t know you own that many! :-)

  • AsianCajuns

    Sal! I love that bolero and red skirt combo- yowza, lady! You look gorgeous!

    And your hairs always look beeyootiful. I’m trying to embrace my own frizz, wave thing my hair does.

  • elena-lu

    you look wonderfully exceptional in the red skirt black top combo!!

  • pretty face

    Notice anything different about your hair?

    Why, I was pretty much rushing through the whole post so I could comment saying how FABULOUS it looks 😀 xx

  • Q’s Daydream

    hehe…you are SOOO cute! I love that red skirt on you! :o)

  • ambika

    Love the red/pink combo. Totally cute. & the pencil pants too.

  • lisa

    You look gorgeous as always Sal! I love how you rocked the bolero and blazer in these looks.

  • Sal

    coutureallure: Don’t think so. Those pants just do me right!

    bekster: You are TOO SWEET, doll!

    spacegeek: I know, right? I generally hate pants, but I’ve been feeling pantsy lately. Is that even a word? Anyhoo, I still prefer skirts, but I’ve been having fun with a couple of pants-based looks for sure.

  • Heather

    Love love love love LOVE your hair like that. It looks great! Your outfits look great too- love the really cute leggings/tunic look- but your HAIR! Now cursing my stick straight boring hair. Okay, I’m done.

  • Ruthiey

    Ah, yay for the lilacs in the first picture! Also, good going with the hair. It looks great.

  • Joanna Goddard

    love the bangle! (awwwww, mike’s comment is SO sweet:)

  • Audi

    Holy smokes Sal, you’ve managed to wear ankle pants AND gladiator sandals, two of the most leg-stumpifying items ever, and make your legs look longer! I think it’s precisely because you wore them together; the mind boggles. All your outfits are amazing, but you really got me with that one. Oh, and the new hairdo is gorgeous! Gotta love a style that looks even better when it’s messed up.

  • emily

    my fav outfit is the last one, very cute!! also, i love your hair all “messy-curly,” i think it makes you look younger.

  • WendyB

    I just love those days when one wants to have sex with oneself!

  • Allie

    Spring looks amazing on you Sal! I was pleasantly surprised when I scrolled down to the Banana Republic skirt outfit. Really :)

  • miamichaela

    Sal! YOU. LOOK. AWESOME! And your curls are really beautiful so PLEASE never again obsess about frizz because it looks GREAT on you :)

  • Sher

    Love those cigarette pants on you! The bright outfit is a close second :) so many great looks!

  • Fell4fashion

    Great looks!! I love the blazer with the dress, and the hair is fab!

  • Imogen Lamport

    Your hair is looking great – love the earrings in the bottom pic.

  • Nadine

    Your hair was the first thing I noticed, too. No idea what’s going on (since mine is the polar opposite of yours) but I LIKE IT! V. jealous. Great outfits, too, and lovin’ the glories-of-nature backdrops.

  • hedavis13

    I wouldn’t call it frizz at all. I often wear my hair a bit wild and fun (it’s at least as curly as yours but above the shoulders), and I love it. That’s the first thing I noticed actually. It looks great!

    The outfits are lovely too. I’ve discovered the wonderful benefits of wearing a blazer to work too: it really pulls an outfit together!

    You look lovely as always. Definitely one of my favorite blogs.

  • rb

    You know the shape of that black top/orange skirt combo? You should wear that shape all the time. Gorgeous.

  • Kari

    Wow, your hair is amazing! I love it. I’ve always wished my hair would do the big, thick curl thing, but it’s not meant to be.

    I especially love the green necklace, and I have to say that I am not really a fan of ankle pants, but I think you look fantastic the way that you wore them. (Maybe it’s because they are a very slim quasi-skinny cut paired with heels?)

  • i_b_erin

    You have got to love that your man loves you!
    And pants…I totally get it! I always like myself better in skirts, and girl, you got it going on…
    And sex with yourself…woohoooo..girl has got to love how that makes you feel.
    Thanks for sharing..You are STUNNING!!


  • Annie

    Messy curls are awesome! And that turquoise necklace is wowing me :)

  • ~B~

    I love that you like your curls now, being a curly haired gal is great. It is less damaging for us to get straight hair.=) I love those black shoes you are wearing with the tunic, probally cause you said they are Madden Girls.=) Great combo with the red and pink. Never would have thought to do that.

  • esme and the lane way

    I love these new poses – and so many ncie outfits! I especially like the on with the red shoes :)

  • budget chic

    Sal, I want to see you rocking those heels more. I love the gladiator sandals on you, sexy! Fabulous outfit!

  • Darcie

    psst: if you mean the Valu Thrift @ Sunray…they have a single dressing room in the front corner of the store, opposite from the entrance! love that place :)

  • The Raisin Girl

    Often are the times I have wanted to wear my leggings like pants. Somehow, they transform my legs into sleek, muscular things that look like they belong on a StairMaster commercial.

    I LOVE that shopping rule.

  • Rickelle

    I really really love the red skirt with the bolero. Really really love it! And you pull off the pin-up girl look very well with the cig pants!

  • Dana

    OOoh, your outfits are really lovely!

  • chic

    You look FANTASTIC in all of these, I adore the hair, and, as soon as I saw the outfit with the khaki blazer I thought, “She got one!” And it fits flawlessly.

    Basically, lots of love all around!

    – e.

  • Skye

    How I love the “do I want to have sex with myself wearing this” test!

    I haven’t implemented it for myself yet – but it’s definitely working for you. Love all of these, maybe the red and pink the best?

  • Diana

    I love all the outfits, but I especially like the flame orange/black/pale green combo. And those cigarette pants are hot! That outfit makes you look very French.

  • Kathleen

    Your hair is adorable!