A Quick SF Preview

Promise to write more about the trip as soon as I can, but here are some highlights to tide you over.

You can BET there was plenty of shoe shopping. Those patent leather combat boots I’m wearing? I took those bad boys home with me from the Fluevog shop in the Haight.

We had us some of this, which led to …

… some of this. Currently in the flaky, ugly, UNBEARABLY ITCHY phase of the healing process.

It was worth a looooong walk through touristy Fisherman’s Wharf to visit the sea lions of Pier 39. Indeed it was.

Husband Mike calls this one, “Two Bloggers on a Hill.”

Big thanks to beautiful, generous, and indescribably fabulous blogger Audi for putting us up, and putting up with us! More on the trip as soon as I have time …

  • futurelint

    OMG the boots and OMG the tattoo! Looks like funn!

  • Audi

    Haha — love the ‘bloggers on a hill’ shot! What a gorgeous day that was. But Sal, where’s the photo of you wearing all your purchases at once?? I’m waiting most anxiously for that one.

  • clareassiral

    this is great, please keep the trip updates coming with details cause i’ll be heading to San Francisco in 3 weeks! What an awesome way to built up the anticipation

  • H. Brown

    i love the hill! not so say i don’t love the bloggers, but man, you picked a great hill!

  • Vee

    great boots, i'm insanely envious!

    and awesome tattoo <3

  • K.Line

    That first photo is fantastic – not only do you look gorgeous, but it is so natural. And husband Mike taking the photo (in the mirror) makes it perfect!

  • Sal

    Audi: Hee hee. That one might be for private viewing only. 😉

  • AsianCajuns

    Oh my gosh, Sal! Love the new tat- and it looks like you guys had so much fun. Is that your husband in the first photo taking your pic? You guys look like fashion photog and model 😉

  • WendyB

    I’m sorry I missed you there!

  • oh lady e

    OMG a neck tattoo! You are bold, woman. BOLD.


    beautiful gorgeous SF city by the bay… enjoy! ding-ding cablecar for us!

  • Shawn

    Love San Fran!

    We went there on our Honeymoon—12 years ago…

    Cool boots—luv them.

  • Nina (femme rationale)

    ms. sally u are so bad ass! dig the new tat. sf is one of my fave cities…hoping trek up there very soon. can’t wait to see more of your photos!

  • i_b_erin

    I love the ease of the bloggers
    on the hill..How awesome you two are!!

  • Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    Sooooo jealous! DH and I spent 3 days in SF last year, and it wasn’t nearly long enough. More, more, more!

  • Shannon (A beautiful Dream)

    ooooh boots!

    ooooooh tattoo! (love the red fading to black – gorgeous)

    and oooooh bloggers on a hill!

    Glad you had an awesome time and I expect you to NEVER takes those boots off. Except for showering and whatnot obviously.

  • Mervat

    I love SF (the city and bay remind me a little of Sydney). I hope to go again one day. For the time being your pictures reminded me of the sea lions on thhe pier. Thank you.

  • Soon to be PhD

    I just started following and had to comment- I LOVE shoe shopping in San Fran, especially the Haight! It’s my “shopping city”, I always find tons of cool shit there. I leave this weekend for a week long SF trip and your post is drumming up even more excitement.

  • Jen Hill

    Patent leather combat boots! Tres chic, and love the tattoo as well…

    A few years back we lived close to SF and looking at these photos bring back fond memories. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Christina Lee

    for some reason your tatoos always disarm me! they give you an edge you don’t otherwise show- except with the combat boots- so appropriate for Haight-Ashbury!

  • lopi

    Black patent loveliness! Amazing boots! Glad to know you’re enjoying the end of your ban.

  • jen fu

    Is that Shoe Biz? Oh man, I miss Shoe Biz. And the Fluevogs store. And I missed you because I don’t live there any more, and that is the saddest.

    Your tattoo is awesome and beautiful, and I can’t wait to hear about it.

  • chic

    whoa, holy tattoo! Will you share with us what inspired that particular symbol? I’m intrigued! You are fierce, lady! S.

  • Sal

    S: I will. This is the second of two recent tattoos, and I should really give them both some air-time. In short, my legal name is Sarah, which means princess in Hebrew. A bit more on that here: http://www.alreadypretty.com/2008/06/this-week-i-love_16.html

  • Tea Lady

    looks like you had fun:) i love those boots! did the tattoo hurt a lot?

  • seenatsave

    I’m so glad you had fun in SF! Next time, let me know — would love to meet for coffee.

    WOW, you got a tatoo!! I wouldn’t have guessed you were the fiery-red-tatoo-on-the-neck kind of gal. I envy your bravery.

  • $ouLphate

    those boots are cooool!

  • ambika

    Love the tattoo!

  • kittyscreations

    Seeing a picture of the Fluevog store + seeing a picture of you and Audi in the same place at the same time = amazing.

  • Heart’s Desire Jewelry

    You should definately let all of us Bay Area readers know the next time you drop in for a visit. It would be great to all meet up for coffee somewhere.

    Glad you had a great time while you were here :)

  • dapper kid

    Those boots are so fantastic!! And I love the new tattoo :) Awwww and the sea lions are so unbelievably cute…well until you get too close, or have to actually work on the pier lol.

  • Missa

    Your new tattoo looks awesome Sal! I really love the placement.

  • daddylikeyblog

    Oh my gosh I so wish I could have joined you guys! You HAVE to come to Oregon soon or I’ll try to find my way to Minneapolis. It’ll happen. Trust me.

    In other news, I’m running a Shabby Apple giveaway on my site this week (sound familiar?), which you are totally allowed to enter because free dresses don’t violate the ban, right?