Layered Looks, Part 5

Is layering season drawing to a close? Not for us Minnesotans it’s not!

Black skirt via Banana Republic
Black cashmere cowl neck via Optiz
Magenta long-sleeved tee via Gap
Insane tights from a street market in Melbourne, Australia
Frye Engineer 8Rs … crap, I can’t remember where I got these. Online somewheres.

LOOK AT ME, POSING OUTSIDE! Yes, I’m standing in a pile of snow. But still! Progress, people!

So in April of 2005, Husband Mike and I took a three week journey to Australia. Our long-belated honeymoon, as we married in 2002 but wanted to save up the dough to pay cash for the trip. It was amazing, and also the most bizarre trip of my life. Maybe someday I’ll tell you all about it … but for now, you can peruse these.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I bought these outlandish hand-painted tights at some weird street market in Melbourne. I remember the experience vividly, and was sooooo pleased with my purchase. And yet, this outfit marks the debut of this pair of tights. That’s right, they’ve been languishing in my drawer since 2005 … tragic, no?

Gray flannel dress and flame orange cardigan via Banana Republic
White tights via … er, Target I think
Shell pearl necklace via eBay
Pearl bracelets made by me
Camper Minies via Zappos (ages ago)

Like many bloggers, I was smitten with the gray/white/flame orange color combo suggested in the March issue of Lucky. This was my take on it. I loved the long lines of this look but MAN it’s too early for half-sleeves. I froze my gazongas off.

Mrs. Ro couldn’t resist sticking her whiskers into this shot. She’s a big fan of flame orange, what with being a tortie cat.

Pink bolero via eBay
Navy sheath via Savers
Purple tee (not visible) from a shop in a skanky mall somewhere in Sydney, Australia
Gray herringbone tights via Marshalls
Gray knee-high pull-on Flosand boots via Aldo

Last time this dress made it onto the blog, I mentioned that it rode up a little. I attributed it to the accompanying sweater at the time … but it turns out that this is just a SHORTY SHORT DRESS that wants the world to view my ladyparts. Too bad, since it’s super flattering.

Get a load of that enboobening bolero, too!

Dark red cowl a gift
Purple Tulle brand sweater via Local Motion
Teal long-sleeved tee via Target
Brown tights via J.Crew
Brown skirt via The Mexican Shop
Giulia booties via John Fluevog

A friend knitted me this cowl for my birthday. It’s alpaca and silk – yum! I wanted to pair it with some jewel tones and then felt like donning a pair of black pants would suck all the life out of them, so I tried brown. I think it worked.

Long black hoody via Savers
Coral cashmere tunic via Eileen Fisher Outlet
Leggings via Target
Polka dot socks from a store in Portland, Maine
Frye Engineer 8Rs, see above

In September, my mom and I visited the Eileen Fisher Outlet and swooooooned over the gorgeous duds. I picked up a few pieces with my own dough, but mom sprung for this tunic. I remember pulling it on in the dressing room and thinking, “This is a coral dropwaist – my worst color AND worst cut. But it’s so cute on!” Mom agreed. So much so that she was willing to pay for it.

And yet, once I got it home, it had reverted to unflatteringness.

It just about works with this smock-like hoody and leggings, and this outfit is seriously the most comfortable I’ve ever assembled. But I worry that the gorgeous tunic won’t get much use outside this single successful ensemble. Sigh.

  • dapper kid

    That second outfit is superb, loving the colour combination and the pearls :) Annnd those tights in your first outfit are SO fantastic!!

  • Christina Lee

    Ok my FAVORITE is the grey and orange-FAB.U.LOUS.!!!!!

  • chic

    Your honeymoon in Sydney looks superb! So wonderful, I’m sure it was worth the wait! My fiance and I want to go to Ireland but we’re also saving up and probably won’t go until a while past the actual wedding date.

    As for outfits – I love the bolero and I also think those tights are something crazy, but in a really good way! I can see how they’d be difficult to incorporate into an outfit, but you should try more often, because they’re such a statement item! I also love the color of your long red-orange cardi, so pretty!

    I had fun reading your post and perusing all the pictures over coffee this morning! :)

  • Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    Love, love, love those Australian tights!

  • E

    Yay!! My favorite Beautiful Sal Feature!!!!
    Lady, I LOVE the navy sheath and bolero outfit in so many ways I can’t even begin to describe. It doesn’t look too short from the computer screen!

    Oh, and PS I’ve been trying to send you an email for over a week now, but my gmail’s been cracked or something and it keeps saying I’ve been denied permission. Whatever that means… Anyway. I have a little blurb in my post from yesterday that I think you need to look at.

    AND. You’re amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you times a billion and seven.

  • Kimberly

    Seriously, those tights are amazing! Yay for thinks surfacing and getting use (eve if it is years later!). Also, love the flame orange and gray color combo. I totally ripped that page from Lucky – now I just need to buy something in that orange color!

  • Michael McGraw Photography

    I agree about the tights. I’ve been waiting years for them to be put into use.

  • futurelint

    Ok, #1 I love the way you wore those bright tights, that outfit is PERFECT!

    #2 “Enboobening”?!?! “SHORTY SHORT DRESS that wants the world to view my ladyparts”?!?! You are too funny today!

    #3 You have always reminded me of someone… not totally, just a vague nagging in my mind. While looking at your honeymoon pics (love the one of you staring down the kangaroo), I figured it out! I was tipped off by the ones of you in the salon – Mary Louise Parker, my favorite drug dealing mom on Weeds!

    So congrats on wearing cool tights, being hilarious, and looking like MLP (who is pretty damn hot herself)! Oh, and thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog, they really make my day!

  • Sheila

    Love seeing your Style in Action!
    – want those funky tights
    – love the flame orange
    – not so hot on the white tights (sorry, ugh, ugh)
    – boobalicious bolero, yowza! (and love that outfit overall)
    – you look great in coral, shut up about it already.

    Some awesome outfits, Sal! And dontcha just love when Mom buys you stuff, even when you’re not a kid anymore?

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi there-You prove here you are the Queen of layers-those tights are just awesome too!

  • GreatCanadianBeagle

    Those tights make me yern for some fabric paint and some white tights for some experimenting! So perfect!!!

  • chic

    It is so rare that we get to see your fantastic ensembles. Don’t get me wrong, I love your posts of advice but it is so fun to see how you put together various outfits!

    I love the orange and grey – color and silhouette wise. I also adore the brown with jewel tones – gorgeous color palette and layering!


  • please sir

    I’m all about layering – esp. in my office that can get hot or cold in a matter of minutes!

  • Sal

    Sheila: I love you for being honest. Seriously. Yeah, the white tights can be a bit weird. And with those MJs, a tad Alice in Wonderland. Gotta experiment, though!

  • Magatha-May

    The black dress with the pink bolero looks unbelievable on you. you should definitely wear it more often.

  • WendyB

    The layered look comes in on little cat feet.

  • lisa

    I LOVE the insane tights. They deserve to see the light of day more often!

  • kittyscreations

    I really love the second and third outfits. The purple bolero rocks, and I love that flame orange cardi. I’m considering trying the flame orange/gray/white look. It would give me an excuse to buy the new Fluevog Fiorenzas :)

  • Audi

    Love those insane tights! And the red/purple/teal outfit is just lovely. I feel like the coral tunic needs something long hanging down the middle — a colorful scarf, perhaps. But also, you are far too young and too stylish to be shopping at Eileen Fisher. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • issa

    love all your mixes!! tights and boots.. always a winner!

  • pretty face

    Just for those awesome tights, you deserve an award.

    Just for taking a photo in the snow, you deserve an award.

    Just for remembering where you bought almost every single item of clothing in your wardrobe, you deserve an award.

    Just for creating the verb ‘to embooben’ you deserve an award.

    By the way, if you come on my blog in a couple of hours, you’ll find a reward ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  • lopi

    You’re a real vixen in that pink bolero outfit, dear Sal. But, dare I say, you look even more enboobened in that coral tunic. For reals. I would just add a nicely draped scarf on the neck and that’s it. Cute, comfortable and enboobening!

  • Kate Coveny Hood

    I was actually going to say something about the white tights too. It’s a very difficult look to pull off. If you don’t have slim legs – or even if you legs are on the muscular side – I wouldn’t suggest it. My legs aren’t awful – but white tights make them look like they’re ten times as bulky. Not the look I’m going for.

    Although I was a big fan of them in high school (to go with my mini jeans skirt and flats of course). One of my good friends likes to tease me about that – but I just retalliate with “people who wore Debbie Gibson hats, shouldn’t throw stones.”

  • Katie @ Trรจs Lola

    Hot hot hot stockings lovey!! I havent commented on this already have I? I think I read your post earlier on my reader & thought about commenting but didnt /dork!

  • The Seeker

    Oh my favs are #2 and #4 you look so great, beautiful you.


  • Summer

    Oh love your outfit friend..
    I like most the #3 picture,you look great on it.Great smile,nice post friend.Have a nice day.

  • oh lady e

    Yay for a belated honeymoon! I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who did that! :) My husband and I are taking a “sort of” honeymoon next month.

  • emmag

    Okay, I’m not sure if I am more of a dork if I am right or if I am wrong but I seem to remember (for some inexpliciable reason) that you got the Frye’s from Sierra Trading Post? This is why there is no room in my head for stuff like, “kids get out of school at 2:25. EVERY DAY.”

  • Imogen Lamport

    How about wearing the coral tunic with a big belt over a pair of skinny jeans with boots?

  • Tea Lady

    I love your Australia pics:) Melbourne is fantastic for shopping!

  • toomanytights

    Australian tights are the best! You wear them well.