It’s a Trade-off

Flame orange silk scarf stolen from my mom
Black rayon tank that I’ve had since high school
Black cardi and flame orange pleated skirt via Banana Republic
Black fishnets via Target
Black Guilia booties via John Fluevog

Although I certainly know how to tie scarves in several creative ways, my favorite way to style this staple accessory is to take a giant silk square, roll it up into a snake, and tie it in a giant bow up near my face. This is one of the few things I do that makes me feel like a chic French lady. Which is just plain fun.

Of course, it also makes me feel like I am presenting the world with the gift … OF MY HEAD.

“Here, world, I got you this head! See the pretty bow I tied around it? No, I don’t have a gift receipt, ya big jerk.”

P.S. If this outfit looks familiar, that’s because it’s a mutant version of this one.

P.P.S. I listened to this song about 90 times while composing this post. It came up in conversation over dinner, and immediately became a mandatory iTunes purchase. Seriously, how can you NOT love the Pointer Sisters?

  • mysterycreature

    I lvoe the colourful outfit, and think the scarf set’s it off perfectly. I wish I owned that skirt!

  • Casey

    I love the scarf tied as a bow! I think it’s definitely a cute look… and it looks fantastic on you! :) Love the whole outfit too…

  • zm

    My favorite outfit post in a while! Definitely better than the “non-mutant” version.

  • Christina Lee

    You look lovely!!!!!!!

  • A "cheery" disposition

    I love that outfit. The red skirt is great!

  • Cari

    LOL. I love the skirt. I don’t think I have the balls to wear the scarf tho.

  • futurelint

    You look positively wee in this outfit – I think it’s all the volume in the skirt. What a lovely gift head – it’s just like in Return to Oz, where the queen switched out her heads at the neck choker!

  • kittyscreations

    The outfit looks great! Such a fun way to tie a scarf. I’ve seriously been craving to get something in that shade of flame orange lately.

  • chic

    You look wonderful and the colors are gorgeous! Love that skirt! S.

  • Laura.

    oh my gosh, i’m dying! tears are welling up because i am trying not to burst out laughing in my cube. this is hilarious, and the whole “gift of my head” thing is really topped off perfectly with the giant grin on your face.

  • Audi

    Holy smokes Sal, what a fantastic look! The flame orange is gorgeous on you.

    Oh, and on behalf of the world, I’d like to thank you for your lovely and generous gift. 😉

  • K.Line

    This is totally chic! Love it.

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere

    would be a lovely outfit alone, but that scarf really adds the perfect punch!

  • chic

    You look so cute – orange is a great color for you! -A

  • The Seeker

    Looking gorgeous, beautiful you!!!



    love the volumousss skirt!
    get them in all colors if possible!
    ~Fab weekend to you Sal

  • WendyB

    “the gift … OF MY HEAD. ” — BWAH!

  • Kelly

    I am jealous. I just look like I’m wearing a costume when I put on a scarf!

    I love that flame color!

  • pretty face

    Gorgeous outfit! See, black can be so superior!

  • Gladys

    A couple of years ago I bought this great scarf at Gap. I went home and tried to wear it several different ways and then gave up. It wasn’t long enough to wear any way but tied 1950’s style around the neck or pony tail. I would love a tutorial on scarf tying. Short and long ones.

  • dapper kid

    Haha, I love wearing bow ties because I feel like my head is a present too lol. And I absolutely love the colour of the scarf and that skirt!! Ahh and how I love my scarves.

  • K @ Blog Goggles

    Haha, my fave part of this entry is “if this outfit looks familiar, it’s because it’s a mutant version of another one”

    I have a lot of mutant outfits :)

  • lisa

    You look fantastic! I love the proportions in this outfit, the big bow scarf, and the colour combo.

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi there-a lovely outfit, you wear these colours beautifully!

  • golla

    I lift weights twice a week when I work out, and can’t say I see any results on my jiggly upper arms. Maybe five minutes every night would do the trick. Do you use heavy weights? You look great in all the sleeve styles above!

  • Katie @ Très Lola

    I love this outfit – you look fantastic – great use of colour.

  • Hot Bot

    You’re ‘effin adorable in this outfit Sal!

  • Imelda Matt – The Despotic Queen of Shoes

    “Of course, it also makes me feel like I am presenting the world with the gift … OF MY HEAD”

    I reckon you’re the only blogger who smiles in the personal style pics and I loves it because your smile makes me smile :)

  • saturdayjane

    Imelda Matt mentioned your smile – I agree! So lovely to see a cheerful face in fashion photos.

    I love the combination of the black and the flame-red. It’s so simply chic.

  • Alice X

    cute skirt! :)

  • Shannon (A beautiful Dream)

    I was going to write how much I would like to receive your head as a present, but then I realised that sounds REALLY creepy so I’m just going to smile without my teeth and open my eyes really wide and say “I like your outfit” in a high pitched voice and not be creepy at all…

  • Pretty Little Pictures

    This is totally one of my all time favourite outfits on you!! I LOVE the bow!!

  • Jamie Cattanach

    I loveeee that skirt ridiculously.

    Also, I’m a long-time reader and short-and-far-between-time commenter and I just started a blog, and I’d love it if you’d follow me:

  • metscan

    This must be one of the best outfits I´ve ever seen on you. The proportions and colors are working for your favor.

  • Spandexpony

    So adorable! I love that color too! We were thinking about getting the Kitchenaid Stand Up Mixer in that color (that they call Persimmon).

  • eednic

    ooo!! cute! love the scarf and skirt.

  • Tina { Luphia Loves… }

    the colours is gorgeous! :)

  • budget chic

    I like the color of that skirt. It a nice tomato red, one of my favorite colors. You good great!

  • Budget Babe

    this outfit? perfection. really figure flattering and i love the color choices/placement. well done.

  • Towely

    I absolutely ADORE the Pointer Sisters and got to see them live last year – with the exception of June of course.

    They were fantastic and you shoulda seen the crowd boogey’ing to Neutron Dance!