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Clothing Care Tips

clothing care tips
I’m no domestic goddess, friends. I can manage the basics of cleaning, cooking, and chores but will admit to paying others to do said services on occasion. (Well, not chores. I can’t seem to find anyone who’ll take out the garbage for me … even when offered a reasonable fee.)

But, over time, I’ve slowly gathered a small pool of Heloise-esque hints – all of which, unsurprisingly, relate to clothing and shoes – that I’d like to share. Because I use them on a regular basis myself and am certain that they could change your life as they’ve changed mine. Unless, of course, you’ve been using them for ages yourself already. READ MORE

About Me

I give a lot of advice in this blog. I issue commands and get preachy and trumpet my opinions about behavior and thought processes and self-image and kindness and lots of other important stuff. And because that puts me in a position of assumed authority, I want to make a few things clear.

I am human, just like you. And that means that just because I command you to love yourself doesn’t mean that I love MYSELF every moment of every day. Practicing what you preach is extremely important … but practicing what you preach about positive self-image is also extremely difficult. READ MORE

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