Video Tutorial: DIY Statement Necklace

I made you this!

A couple of things I forgot to mention (I was surprisingly nervous when I made this bad boy!):

  • I prefer to have three or four layers total. Two can work, but is less statement-y. Five just gets to be overkill.
  • I generally pick pieces that are all roughly the same weight/girth when utilizing this layering technique … but I’m a bit conservative. Mix some chunky and thin chains together and let me know what happens!
  • For that long, swishy look, your shortest piece should be around 25″. Anything shorter makes your necklace pile look less like one cohesive piece.

Hope this is helpful!

Oh, and you are ALL forbidden to make fun of my embarrassingly massive collection of necklaces. So I hoard a little. So sue me.

Double oh: Big ups to Husband Mike for playing cameraman. You’re the rockinest, Hubs.

  • Casey

    I want to raid your fantastic necklace collection! lol!

    Great video! I love layering necklaces, though I haven’t done it in awhile (because clumsy me: I managed to break several of my favorite ones! *sob*). Thanks for the fashion inspiration, Sal! :)

  • Amy

    Totally off subject but you look FANTASTIC in that dress!

  • ohthatgirl

    OMGoodness, Sal! You rock! I was totally pulling out necklaces last night to see which one would look decent layered. This post was right on time. ;O)

  • Shannon (A beautiful Dream)

    totally jealous of your collection!!

    I don’t think i own enough necklaces to layer successfully – it doesn’t work at well with only 2.

  • E

    Can we hang out, please?

  • kittyscreations

    I won’t make fun of your necklace collection, but I must say that I’m jealous :)

  • Christina Lee

    wow, for a second there I thought you were standing in a store by a display 😉 great ideas!!

  • Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    I agree with Amy, you look fab in that dress! Both looks really work, but the black picks up on the buttons in a great way. Thanks for sharing!

  • pretty face

    You look fantastic, Sally! I love the dress :) xx (the video’s cool too)

  • miss cavendish

    In terms of layers, there’s always the rule of nature: always odd numbers, never even . . .

  • dapper kid

    Love it :) I do love the layered necklace look. I have quite a few necklaces, I tend to wear almost daily, but more often than not, they end up underneath my clothes!

  • Tea Lady

    I never knew that about necklaces! There ya go! Great video. You have a nice (and very organised!) collection.

  • ambika

    So cute–and love the way you say ‘down’!

  • lisa

    Nice job with the video! I like the way you store your necklace collection–so smart for preventing tangles.

  • K.Line

    You look gorgeous in that dress. Terrific. And I LOVE your necklace aresenal. Seriously, you have more necklaces than I’ve ever seen! Great tutorial Sal. And excellent camera work!

  • Sal

    You guys are so sweet! The dress is from Talbots – believe it or else – and I ADORE it. 😉

  • Nadine

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • WendyB

    You’re good on camera!

  • Hot Bot

    OK, I will watch this when I’m not at work. But from the thumbnail I have to say…lady, you are bangin’ in that dres!!

  • Liz

    yes, I echo all the comments about how nicely the dress fits and how flattering–not just to your curves but also to your coloring! Good video and the nervousness was endearing, not at all off-putting.

  • Spandexpony

    My very favorite part? “Oo, everything’s tannngled!” Cute!!! Love the silver look. And, I’m glad you liked your birthday thang!!

  • La Belette Rouge

    You are a natural. Discovery Channel? TLC? Come one, you need a show that helps people to shop thrift, shop their closet and feel good about their body. What are you waiting for? I also love the dress. I am going to right now.

  • Anonymous

    i enjoy you so much, and then there’s this little video and i feel like you’re my friend and eee. yes. ok. bye now.

  • Savvy Mode SG

    cool! i love to layer necklaces too!

  • Alison

    I really like your ideas in the video. I need to find more long necklaces at thrift stores. I also like how you have the necklaces organized. I need to get my necklace hanger idea made…

    Love the dress too!

  • Nina (femme rationale)

    omg, this is so cool. and i want your necklace collection! and can i just say how very pretty you are…you look gorgeous in red!

  • Sheila

    How nice to see you moving and speaking (you are real! live!), Sal! I will also chime in: what a fantastic dress on you!

    Some excellent advice. I have done the layered necklaces myself (yesterday, in fact). One thing I’ll add is that with a really long necklace, it can throw off your proportions if you’re short, so don’t be afraid to double it up.

    Well done! You seemed very natural. Wanna team up and do a TV show??

  • Kelly

    #1 – I am in love with your dress
    #2 – your necklace collection is fantastic
    #3 – your hair is awesome
    #4 – your tip about having a couple the same length and one shorter has practically opened a new door for me. I am so clueless when it comes to layering necklaces. I will have to experiment now that I know this handy technique!

  • Make Do Style

    Great tutorial – you are very good on camera and you do have a lot of necklaces!!

  • Imogen Lamport

    Great job! I too have an enormous necklace collection – but I tend to go for the pendant necklace which work better for me as I have a larger bust (the long dangly look doesn’t work on me).

    I hang them on a pinboard off push pins – it’s good to see your collection.

    I love going places like craft markets and school fairs and picking up new pieces for little cost that are often unique as they’re hand made.

    So many people don’t appreciate the power of the accessory – this vid is a great way to show how easy it is to put on something to make your outfit more exciting.

  • enc

    You’re such a star, Sal!

  • The Seeker

    Gorgeous, this video is soooooooo cool!!!!!!
    What a job, great information and tips.
    And love your dress, and love your collection of necklaces, and love the way you’ve them organized (I’m needing something soon, or I’ll start to forget some)

    And Husband Mike did a great job.



    Great TIP…Sal you are so adorable!!! My big thanks to hubby-cameraman for such a great job too!


  • orominuialwen

    I won’t make fun of you at all, since I have at least twice as many necklaces! :p

  • Melissa de la Fuente

    You are just so sweet and adorable Sal! I love it!

  • tis serendipity

    Oh my goshh I know I’m the slowest person on earth for only viewing this video now but WOW you are fantastic! =) Thanks for giving such a wonderful video tutorial! I’ve always kinda wanted to try the layered necklaces effect but I wasn’t sure how to and I currently don’t have that many necklaces… Your collection is seriously incredible haha! =) It’s so nice that your husband helped you with the video… I guess it’s kinda made me hopeful about taking my blog along when I eventually have to enter the next phase of life (long time more hopefully haha)… =) it’s nice to be able to have this outlet when you’re married already I would think…

    Thanks again for the tutorial! Now to get some great long chain necklaces~

  • lorrwill

    Yep, super helpful. I surfed over from Sheila’s blog. I wonder who’s necklace collection is larger :-)
    Thanks for the tips. I really need to hit the thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales, etc. A LOT more.

  • lorrwill

    um bad me, bad grammar! I meant ‘whose’ but you knew that, right?

  • Len

    you are creative, Sal!
    your good ideas are coming in time as i look for accessory to go with this black dress/ivory upper part showing under black lace.
    probably the black one – with several strands, or just one to avoid being too busy. what do you think?
    as i now found your site i'll drop by again!
    thanks for the tutorial!


  • Laura

    This video kind of changed my life. And by ‘changed my life’, I mean… changed my perception of my jewellery collection. Thanks heaps!!

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