Layered Looks, Part 3

Cream cashmere v-neck via Land’s End, a gift
Gold long-sleeved tee via Target
Paisley scarf stolen from my mom
Fleece skirt Express … gosh, via Opitz Outlet I think
Charcoal tights via Gap
Nine West Earnest boots via Zappos

On your advice, I took my entire collection of frumpdiddlyumptious ankle-length skirts over to Trinknitty‘s, lopped ‘em off, and hemmed the lot using her adorable little sewing machine. This skirt was victim number one, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It’s a grey-brown fleecy number that’s been languishing in my closet for ages, and will definitely get worn more now that it’s a flattering length!

Teal cotton sweater via Gap
White tank top via Target
Grass green pants via LL Bean
Blue and green rayon scarf via ARC’s Value Village
Dansko ankle boots via Zappos
Bracelets were gifts

I bought three fine gauge cotton sweaters at the Gap three years ago, and even though they’ve shrunk to unflattering body and sleeve lengths, I can’t help but keep them in rotation. With careful layering and bracelet deployment, you can barely tell. And winter is high dry cleaning season for me, so any garment that I can toss in the washer after a day’s stinky use is positively precious.

Hot pink open-weave sweater via Eileen Fisher
Black rayon tank I’ve had since high school and honestly don’t remember where it came from
Black skirt via Banana Republic
Gray herringbone tights via Marshalls
Diesel Go-go boots via Zappos
Diesel pyramid stud bracelet a gift

This was not my beloved Diesel boots‘ debut, but since that outfit was a repeat in all but footwear, it went unphotographed. I have been wearing these boots as often as I can without appearing obsessed, and gleefully build outfits around them as I’m drifting off to sleep. Yes, I know I’m a weirdo. But I’m a indescribably happy, boot-wearing weirdo.

  • Kira Fashion

    cool boots and awsome cozy style!
    a kiss friend!

  • ohthatgirl

    Lurve the boots, the “new” skirt, and the way you rock your scarves.

  • dapper kid

    The teal and green look is wonderful and I adore that paisley scarf!!!

  • Alison

    Very cute and great ideas on how to use your shrunken sweaters. I like the bracelets to hide the slightly short sleeves. I wouldn’t have noticed that they were short. I need to wear my scarves more.

  • Christina Lee

    I love waht you did with that skirt! Green looks great on you!

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi there-lovely outfits, I love the green trousers!!

  • pretty face

    Oooh I want to see the boots in the flesh! Well, in the photo flesh…

    Very impressed by your layering skillz over here. It’s sort of borne of necessity but you definitely manage to make it stylish too :)

    I was surprised to read that you dry-clean stuff, I really only dry-clean a couple of jackets I own about once a year, and I would dry clean my posh frocks if I wore them enough to soil them. What do you dry clean?!?

  • Sal

    pretty face: I’ve got some silk blouses and sweaters, several pairs of pants and a few dresses that just demand “dry clean only” through their tags. I fear disobedience, so I dry clean them … much as it pains my wallet.

  • please sir

    Yay for layers and those fab boots!

  • a cat of impossible colour

    Hey, I’m totally just as weird. My new shoes are living on my bedside table at the moment so I can look at them as I’m falling asleep. :D

    Shortening is so addictive, isn’t it? I’m on a spree at the moment, too! That skirt in the first photo looks great.

  • AsianCajuns

    That’s so smart to lop off your skirts- I should do the same.
    Oh- and I completely understand the boot thing- be not ashamed, Sal! It’s perfectly normal- at least to this fellow boot-obsessed- wearer.

  • Miss Woo

    very much digging the pink sweater!

  • Make Do Style

    Skirt length is fab! Well done!

  • Imogen Lamport

    Sal – do a google search on fabric care – you may find that silk (being a natural fibre) can easily be handwashed.

    Love the mix of greens in the middle outfit – lovely use of analogous colours.

  • WendyB

    You have a jaunty way of tying a scarf.

  • lisa

    Ooh hemming the skirt was a good call–it looks so cute with the tall boots! And I know where you’re coming from re. building outfits around one coveted wardrobe item…I’ve been doing that a lot lately with my boots and my WendyB squirrel necklace.

  • Nadine

    The second one is my favourite: so colorful!

  • enc

    A happy and snappy weirdo.

    You look brilliant in all those layered looks, Sal.

  • Miss Karen

    I love the colours of each outfit! And hey, if I had boots as hot as the Diesels, I’d be filling my mind up with outfit companions too!

  • Erin

    Sal,you are a minx. I think hemming your skirts was a good move. The fleecy guy is cute. Thanks for a good post on how to fashion when it’s cold. I am trying to stay chic while Madison is in a deep freeze this week.

    Also: I wrote you a while back about having boots resoled. I had them repaired for a mere $26! Yay! And the shop polished them all up for me. Super bonus. Thanks for the advice.

    Stay snuggled. evh :D

  • La Belette Rouge

    I love how you are rocking the scarf in photo #1.


    It’s always nice to find things in your closet that get you all excited again! I need to do that more often!

  • K.Line

    Great job with the hemming!

  • tokyostargirl

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my scarf. I love how it’s so different from the norm. Speaking of scarves – I love the one you stole from your mom – she has good taste! =)

  • The Seeker

    I can’t really say what my favorite is, you look so amazing comfy and stylish in all, beautiful.
    Also love the way you wear the scarf.


  • Budget Babe

    i like you in that shade of pink, not sure if i’ve seen you in that color before (?). your diesel boots are to die for, i need to show you my diesel full length puffer coat, you’d appreciate the warmth factor :)

  • Shannon (A beautiful Dream)

    ‘New’ skirt looks fantastic – much more flattering than the long version!