A Big Wad of Random

Oh, I’ve been inexcusably lame at following up on all my tags and awards, my peeps. If you’ve tagged or awarded me and I failed to even say thanks, please stop by and scold my ass. I will apologize profusely, and do my utmost to get caught up!

In the meantime, two of my favorite blogs laid tags on me last week and, in the spirit of that it’s-a-new-year-turn-over-a-better-bloggy-leaf dealybob, I thought I’d do ‘em quick like.

Cath of Asian Cajuns tagged me to unearth six random things about myself.

  1. Take a basketball and cut it in half with a chainsaw. Fill it with salad. I can eat that much salad in a single sitting.
  2. I know every word to Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika, the joint national anthem of South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia. It makes me cry to sing it.
  3. I have a tattoo of a tribalized badger on my lower back. The North American badger is my totem animal. No, I am not from Wisconsin.
  4. The first album I ever purchased was “A Different Light” by the Bangles. On vinyl. Shut up, I am NOT old.
  5. My most serious high school boyfriend was named Mike Magee. I married Mike McGraw. COINCIDENCE?!?!?????
  6. If I could have a superpower, I’d want to be able to transform into any animal, at will.

For this bad boy, I’ma tag the following six bloggers:
Pretty Little Pictures
Simple Elegance
Sharon Rose
Please Sir
A Pretty Face
(Optional, of course – just in case you gals want a fun little diversion.)

And THEN, dreamecho tagged me to reveal seven details about myself.

  1. I have teensy wrists and ankles.

  2. I crave salt over sugar.
  3. I have never snored. Several lovers will confirm.
  4. I love dogs AND cats.
  5. I have eaten two Subway sandwiches in my life. Both times, I barfed. So when the doctor asks if I have any allergies, I always wonder if I should say, “Subway.”
  6. My legal name is Sarah.
  7. I am a horrific cook, but make some of the best guacamole and quesadillas in the known universe.

And for THIS ‘un, I tag these seven gals:
A Beautiful Dream
Being Red
Diamond Canopy
Fashionably Later
Even Cleveland
Hot Robot
(Ditto the above disclaimer – if it ain’t fun, or you’ve already done it, move along, move along.)

And, of course, if either of these memes appeals to ANY of you, feel free! Everyone loves revealing random facts, and everyone loves reading random facts about their fellow bloggers. Sometimes we style-focused femmes fail to reveal fun personal tidbits … memes like this are a perfect remedy to that tendency, no?

Salad image by Anushruti RK.
Salt image by parl.

  • K.Line

    Sal – Thnank you for the tag. I too have been remiss in responding to these and it’s not because I don’t appreciate them tremendously! (When I read other people’s quirks they sound so much more exciting than mine!)

    And I love that your name is Sarah. Because, though I’ve never told you this, you look so similar to an old friend of mine named Sarah. The hair is exactly the same! The bone structure too. How bizarre that you have the same given name!! That can be one of my quirks!

  • Winnie

    Haha the subway allergy made me smile! I will try my best and put this little tag on my to-do list!

  • Make Do Style

    Oh yes to salt and a big no to subway, theya re so disgusting!

  • a cat of impossible colour

    Nkosi Sikelele used to be Zimbabwe’s national anthem too.

  • pretty face

    Thanks for the tag! I’m always grateful for a post idea ;) xx

  • Christina Lee

    ok we just ate subway last night-I thought it was a better pick than mickey d’s or BK and a nod to Jared ;)lol!
    I was so surprised by the tattoo and the second language-very cool!

  • Skye

    Subway is gross, I think I’m allergic to it too – if by allergic you mean, “totally grossed out by.” That icky baking smell they waft out the doors to try and lure us in, bleurgh!

    I always thought you were a Sarah, Sals usually are!

  • The Seeker

    Oh it’s so nice to know more things about you!
    Thanks for sharing.
    And Sarah is such a beautiful name to a gorgeous lady like you.


  • Hot Bot

    Holy smokes, out of all the zillions of blogs you read; you thought of me! Coooool Miss Lady.

    And my basketball half would have rice, runny eggs, and soy sauce.

  • lisa

    I’m a salt freak too, and like you, I’m not such a big fan of Subway. There’s one on the next block from my office, and every time I walk past I catch this whiff of baking bread that doesn’t ever smell as appetizing as homemade bread.

  • Imelda Matt

    I ate Subway once and while it was in Beijing circa ’97 the resulting ‘upset’ has put me of da Sub ever since. The only thing that surprised me was that you don’t snore – but that will change…trust me.

    BTW – Happy belated New Year xxx

  • levanah

    Ha! The Badger is my totem animal, too! I knew there was something I liked about you. ;)

  • enc

    That’s a funny bit about the badger. I’m sorry to say “Wisconsin” is the first thing I thought of after reading that.