Red Pant Haiku

Black may beckon now
But scarlet slacks, goofy vest
Bring me wintry joy

See how that’s a real haiku, cuz of the seasonal reference? Oh yeah. I’m a creative writing major, all right.

  • Middle Aged Woman

    Beautiful colors
    From Sal’s closet door pictures
    Insulate my heart!

    I’m also thinking of: Road Salt on My Boots – A Bitchy Ode to Winter, but that would take a while to compose.

  • Make Do Style

    I will never get Haiku – it is lost on me but the red is fab!

  • Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    White button down blouse
    Mimics snow on wintry day
    ‘Midst warm crimson flames.

    No creative writing major here, but I like your use of another button-down blouse.

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi there-I’m no haiku expert, but you look lovely!!

  • Sarah Von

    Awesome and awesome. You have just inspired me to bring out my lime green pants. Because nothing says winter like citrus prints, right?

  • pretty face

    Congrats! x

  • WendyB

    Way to go with the seasonal reference! That college education paid off :-)

  • Sal

    MAW: I will TOTALLY contribute to that ode, if you remind me the rules of ode structure. Flippin’ road salt …

    Jody: Damn, girl, could’ve fooled me! That was a killer haiku!

    Sarah Von: Darn tootin’ – let’s see the citrus.

    WendyB: I know, right? Makes me feel so good when I write my monthly loan check. STILL.

  • fashion herald

    that is truly an inspiring vest!

  • lisa

    The vest looks great on you. :-)

  • ambika

    What a perfect winter outfit. I'm *always* pining for vests (sweater & otherwise) but can't handle any more bulk around my bust…

  • Nadine

    I saw a similar vest today. It’s really cute and suits you so well!

  • AsianCajuns

    Love the haiku! I wish I had some scarlet trousers – I can never get out of my black slack rut for work!

  • kpriss

    Oh, so great! When your page opened, I got such a treat with you, smiling from the center page! Beautiful! Couldn’t have asked for more!

    And I love this outfit! It also works with gray pants, long, large and straight, like men pants… Actually, it could go with anything as long as you wear that smile of yours!

  • miss cavendish

    V. winter-in-Nantucket!

  • Skye

    Goofy vest is very cute and very Sal!

  • fleur_delicious

    LOVE the vest!so cute so cute so cute!

    and I did not know that haiku required a seasonal reference. I learned something new today! =)

  • Songy

    What’s so goofy about the vest? Was it something to do with Haiku? lol

  • Budget Babe

    what i can’t get over is how many ways you’ve figured out how to wear those amazing gray ankle boots. i’m lovin’ the gray and red and white combo.

  • La Belette Rouge

    I love your hair like that as you get to see more of your beautiful face.

  • Hot Bot

    Looking good Sally!
    Your holiday outfit rocks.
    But red slacks scare me.

    Hahaha, my sad haiku.

  • The Seeker

    Oh that vest is so nice, and you’ve paired it so well. Beautiful as always dear.
    Sorry I don’t know how to do haiku :(

    Happy New Year