Layered Looks, Part 1

So’s you can see that I practice what I preach, here are a couple of layered looks I wore recently!

Grey wool BR cowlneck via TurnStyle
Teal long-sleeved tee via Target
Brown pants via Dockers outlet
Yellow/brown/teal resin necklace via The Mexican Shop
Teal Katia Mary Janes via John Fluevog

This outfit was built around the necklace, which I bought to inject more cheery yellow into my wardrobe. I find that the tiny brown and teal accents in the necklace make it even more fantabulous than I believed upon purchase.

Black scarf a gift
Aubergine sweater dress via Opitz Outlet
Brown silk crinkled slip via Eileen Fisher
Black leggings via Target
Brown scrunch socks via Marshalls
Frye Engineer 8Rs via

I’ve worn this ensemble about 10 times since the weather cooled off. It’s deliciously comfortable, but stylish and feminine – great combo. And in addition to mixing some rich dark colors successfully, this outfit has a great textural array. If it’s really cold, I’ll wear a second, thin pair of socks beneath the scrunchy ones.

Necklace puffluna
Green tunic sweater Tulle via Local Motion
Navy sleeveless shift via Savers
Gray herringbone tights via Marshalls
Gray suede Nine West booties via 6pm

This is actually a sweater worn atop my navy sleeveless shift. When I was seated, this bad boy rode up so far that I had to position my arms in deeply awkward ways to cover my unexpectedly-exposed bits. Also had to pull myself waaaaaay up to/underneath the conference room table in meetings. Yoiks.

I’ll post more layered looks as they come up in rotation, but if you’d like more tips on layering and winter style, check out this recent post.

  • enc

    Ruh roh—your dress riding up!

    I love all these looks. The second one is my favorite. You look good in every color Sal, did you know that?

  • cybill

    The old disappearing dress trick, not a comfortable thing to happen! You sure look good in these outfits though.

  • Sam

    Such lovely looks!

  • a cat of impossible colour

    You have such a beautiful smile :)

  • WendyB

    I particularly love that little slice of teal in the first one.

  • Emily

    well done! it’s not easy to layer and still manage to look stylish and slim! you’ve mastered this perfectly.

  • K.Line

    Sal: It is quite a skill to make the layered look svelte and you have succeeded!

  • Skye

    I like that second one the best – I think those rich colours just say winter to me!

  • the freelancer’s fashionblog

    I really like all of them!
    Good job wityh the layering :)

  • lopi

    You are a master of the layering art, Sal!
    I love the colors and the fact that you have three different kinds of layered outfits: top over top and pants, dress over dress and sweater over dress. It’s eye-opening: So many options already in our wardrobes, all we have to do is combine!

  • April

    I love the last look, even if it was uncomfy to wear! Especially the booties!


    I adore layered look – covering my flaws & being creative at the same time… sweet smiles back 2U Sal!

  • Hammie

    Excellent Winter COLORS! just the thing to stave off the S.A.Ds.
    You look babelicious Sal.

  • Miss Karen

    You are the queen of layering – I’m definitely memorising these looks for when our winter rolls around as I’m positively hopeless at mixing separates!

  • La Belette Rouge

    Love you in green. Best colour for you in my non-professional opinion.

  • Little Audrey.

    Love the outfits!
    If you’re ever in need of a confidence boost, go here:

  • AsianCajuns

    You layer to perfection! I especially love the first one with the gray and the yellow-green necklace- so lovely!

  • Nadine

    Especially like the second look! The dress is so pretty!

  • budget chic

    I like how you layer. You pick three nice pieces and make it work. It not layering gone haywire! None of your sadd bulk to your tiny frame. Love it!

  • The Seeker

    Love layering and you do it perfectly, darling
    Your looks are great, beauty.
    All the best


  • Budget Babe

    Great looks, I especially like the second one for the textures, as you mentioned, and the way you added length to the sweaterdress by wearing a slip (that works like a skirt) underneath :)