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Reader Request: Haircolor as an Accessory

how to dress with bright hair color
Michelle sent me this query:

I love dyeing my hair unnatural colors and won’t have natural colored hair for a LONG time if I can help it. I was curious if you had any creative thoughts on treating hair color as an accessory with outfits.

I loved this question. You all know that I am the self-proclaimed Czarina of Accessorization, but I had never even THOUGHT about this one before. Here’s the advice I gave Michelle.


Wear it up, braid it, stick a million barrettes in it, learn to beehive it, curl it, straighten it … DO it. I think the most important thing you can do to best utilize pink, blue, or purple hair is draw lots of attention to it. If you’re a gal who is interested enough in her ‘do to dye it Skittle colors, you may be varying your style already, but most women wear their hair the same way every day. You change your entire look when you change your hairstyle, so have some fun with that. READ MORE

Ways to Reconnect with Your Body

how to reconnect with your body

Did you look at yourself in the mirror today and think, “Damn, I am GORGEOUS!”? Or did you think something more like, “My ass is the size of Cuba,” or, “Wasn’t acne supposed to let up after puberty?” or maybe just, “Bleargh!”?

Or did you even look at yourself in the mirror at all? I mean really look. More than just a passing glance to make sure your shirt wasn’t embarrassingly wrinkled or pants encrusted with dog hair. Did you see your own body today? Did you acknowledge it? Or did you take its miraculous workings for granted? READ MORE