Style Icon: Stevie Nicks

I didn’t really give a crap about fashion until fairly recently; I’d say within the past 6 years I finally tuned in to the wide world of personal style. Growing up, I was all about comfort, ease, and masking what I perceived to be my body’s flaws. I didn’t read fashion mags, didn’t follow trends to the letter, and didn’t give a hoot how stylish adult women were dressed. I simply mimicked what I saw my peer group do – which, luckily, lurked right around my comfort zone.

But there was one notable exception: When I was VERY young, I registered an adult woman’s style for the first time. At the tender age of 8, I saw my first Stevie Nicks music video and was completely mesmerized. I immediately adored and worshiped everything about her: The sultry-raspy voice, hypnotic stare, and powerful presence … but also the untamed hair, sextastic boots, glam-gypsy dresses, and twinkling jewelry.

Although I went through a boho period in high school – which involved some dresses and vaguely witchy jewelry and lots of bushy hair – I never actually emulated Stevie’s look. However I still consider her to be my first real style icon, and have seen her influence manifest through many longstanding predilections:

Boots: My absolute favorite type of shoe. I love my summer shoe wardrobe, but am pleased to live in a clime that requires boot wearage for nine out of twelve months. And hardly a girl alive can rock a boot like Stevie.

Jewelry: I’m drawn to anything vintage, lots of chains, and rhinestones galore. Chunky, funky, and bold all appeal to me. Always have, always will.

Flow: Although I value structure as an important figure-defining mechanism, I adore fabrics that drape and ripple. Anything that looks like one of Stevie’s lush gowns, cascading cloth and folds of fabric, attracts my eager eye.

Layers: I remember looking at Stevie dancing her way up and down those stairs in the “I Can’t Wait” video, and trying to decipher how many garments she was wearing. All that lush, shredded fabric was so appealing in its tangled complexity. Although my layering is generally less romantic and more preppy, I occasionally let mye crinkled black silk slip peek out from underneath a loose sweater dress.

Sparkle and shine: Sequins, lamé, rhinestones, lurex, and patent … in small doses, but as often as possible. Learned to love them while learning to love Ms. Nicks.

Platforms: I can’t resist them. Ever. Sandals, boots, shoes, all of the above, please.

Leather: Belts, bags, coats, skirts … I look a fool in leather pants, but if I could pull them off, I totally would. Can’t get enough leather. Although she mainly stuck to more feminine fabrics, Stevie worked leather into her look with great panache.

I am more susceptible to trends now than ever before, but still feel like I am mainly interested in looking like myself. And that’s also partially due to Stevie’s influence. Her strong, wild, fiercely individual style has morphed a little over the years, but it’s never shifted an inch due to pressure from the fashion industry. She’s a woman who wore what she wanted for the entirety of her career, and rocked it.

And, ya know, just plain rocked.

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  • K.Line

    Ah, Stevie! Lover her or hate her, she really is an icon. And such an awesome musician.

  • Sarah Von

    Ahhhh! Stevie Nicks! I love her *almost* as much as Dolly Parton. (cough. shameless link. cough

    I find that almost all of my style icons also happen to be gay icons. Hmmmm.


    growing up, I have never appreciated her style… lately I’ve realised how influencial she is in the fashion world… Hah! I think I prefer La Toya Jackson ;)

  • fashion herald

    I love the icons that stay true to their style through the years!

  • Missa

    Stevie is a wonderful icon, I love her gypsy style!

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi there-I’m so with you on the leather, sequins, and especially the boots-my fave too!

  • Q’s Daydream

    Boots are wonderful! I drive my hubby crazy because even if I just got a new pair of boots my eyes are on the next pair…lol! It doesn’t help that I favor Frye boots! :o)

  • Budget Babe

    stevie nicks ranks really high on my list of fashion icons, too. that girl was just plain gorgeous. her voice made her that much sexier.

  • Casey

    I have been wondering when you’d get a Stevie Nicks style post up! (Since you’d mentioned her as an inspiration a couple times… ;) Love her fantastic style–a little more bohemian than I usually go for, but inspiring nonetheless!

  • Make Do Style

    She is a col icon – much underrated.

  • Kyla

    I love the last pic with the bird! soo beautiful.

  • The Seeker

    Indeed, def an icon.

    Great pictures.


  • enc

    She is so unique and true to herself. I don’t dig her style personally, but I admire her way of doing things. She’s a strong, smart woman.

  • Mrs. Makeover

    I couldn’t give a flying frog about fashion — until extremely recently. Like, within the last week.

    I’ve decided I’m really frumpy and I need a change. It’s nice to know that I can go from where I am now to where you are in a decade or less! :)

  • Miss Karen

    Oh my goodness you know Stevie Nicks was definitely one of my earliest style icons too. I remember my sister had her greatest hits record and on the back of the CD she had on this really cool lipstick shade and when I was about 8 too I searched EVERYWHERE for that shade cos I wanted to look just like her. Suffice to say, an 8-year-old wearing lipstick is an odd look but I thought I was the coolest.

  • Songy

    there’s a culture difference here.. :) I don’t even know this woman. I’d better think about my own icon. I don’t even know if I had any when I was growing up.

  • Nadine

    I never knew her but she’s really wonderful!

  • lopi

    Being from Greece and born in 1983, I have no idea who Stevie Nicks is, but from what I see here she must have been a quite fun person!
    Guilty confession: I laughed a bit on my own thinking about you as a frizzy-haired teen boho queen. Forgive me?

  • Darcie

    this probably isn’t a good thing, but when i consider my style icons, the only person that comes to mind is kurt cobain…yikes! hahah i’m going to have to reconsider.

  • WendyB

    The “Stand Back” dancers crack me up.

  • Annie

    Oh yes! I’m a Stevie fan! She is amazing…

  • Material Girl

    oh, great post! Reading about being inspired is so, well, inspiring!

    When I started blogging, I did a bunch of “style icon” posts about past and current style crushes (Debbie Harry, certain girls in current bands…). This makes me want start that up again! It’s great to be excited by people’s style.