Feline Interlude: RECOVERED

Just a quick note to say that Mrs. Ro is all betta. She got her staples out last week, and has a pretty astonishing scar along her belly, but is back to her regular self: Lots of yammering, kneading, purring, big-eye-staring, and desk-sitting.

Oh, and she has decided that ginger snaps are tasty. Which I already knew.

Now that it’s cold outside, she has also returned to sitting in what we refer to as “the spot.”

Why would a kitty opt to camp out in the middle of a hardwood floor when there are couches and pillows abounding? Because that spot, friends, is directly above the furnace in our basement. TOASTY floorspot.

She and Simon are also buds once more. Cuddling in heart-meltingly cute ways, such as this:


I am SO glad to have her padding around the house in a fully recovered state. Thanks for all your inquiries and supportive words. You guys are awesome.

  • La Belette Rouge

    This is purrrrrfect news!!! So happy to hear about her full recovery. Thanks, lovely Sal, for sharing the great news.:-D

  • Songy

    oh Mrs. Ro is so adorable. My guy loves cats but he is allergic to most of them. :P Glad to hear that she is ALL betta!

  • Sarah Von

    Awwwww! You know a kitteh is all better once they return to their adventures in non-catfood, right? :)

  • Casey

    Aw… Cute kitty pictures! :) So glad to hear that things are doing better in Kittyville. :)

  • mond

    aw kitty (:

  • enc

    What a good girl! I’m so happy to read this!

  • momo

    This makes me very happy! I’m so glad your kitties are cuddling again.

  • fashion herald

    yay for Mrs. Ro!

  • golla

    You good woman! Lovely to see those sweet cats being well cared for.

  • a cat of impossible colour

    Oh yay, I’m so glad! This is great news! :D

  • The Seeker

    Oh, how great that she’s really well.
    So cuteeeeeee.


  • Katie

    Haha, awww… Kitty wants ginger snaps :-) That’s so cute!

  • Iheartfashion

    Great news!
    So happy for you Sal.

  • Darcie

    YAY! :D three cheers for kitty health!!!

  • lagatta à montréal

    Sal, I'm looking at this a year later, after petting my own beloved Renzo (A black tomcat with a bit of white, very darkest end of "tuxedo" colouring – just his whiskers, toe-tips and front V are white – definitely a smartly dressed tom about town). Renzo went missing last Halloween (2008) and only returned 5 weeks later, on the 6th of December. Needless to say by that time I thought he was dead and had been running nightmare scenarios in my head about cat-torturers.

    He came back utterly starved – a day or two later and he'd have died. After some very expensive high-calorie cat food that smells like pâté de foie and a vet exam, he was on the road to recovery and seems fine now – he is 13 and a half years old. I love him so very much – and he is certainly elegant enough for a style blog.

    Verification word: "frate" – Renzo certainly is that.