This week I love …

… experiments that work.

This outfit is really all about my mom. A couple of months back, I mentioned to her that I’d developed an obsession with scarves. Within two weeks, she’d sent me a generous care package containing 10 gorgeous scarves she wasn’t wearing and this luxuriously soft black wrap.

But that’s not all! When I was visiting the ‘rents in September, we went to an “antique” fair down on Randolph Street. There were relatively few actual antiques to be found at this fair: It was mainly vintage furs, jewelry, clothes, and shoes. A few booths were hawking architectural artifacts and housewares, but the majority were brimming with clothing and accessories … much to my delight, mom’s excitement, and dad’s dismay. Mom and I spotted a booth with a 75% off bin, and spent at least 45 minutes rummaging in it. She bought me that fantastic loopy sterling brooch. (Click to enlarge.)

I mean really, isn’t she just the awesomeEST?

Oh wait, the experiment part.

Yeah, so I’d planned out an outfit in my head, like ya do. It centered around the booties and tights, but also involved a white tee and a pink bolero. When I threw on all of the pre-selected elements, the ensemble looked downright heinous. Ever had that happen? And doesn’t it just make you want to spit tacks?

Defeated by my own plan, I grabbed desperately for the wrap, and began burrowing through my long-sleeved tees looking for a match or a contrast. This nearly-fluorescent yellow jobber was bought last winter in a layering-tee-purchasing-frenzy at Target, but it was yet to be worn. So on it went, wrap ’round the shoulders, secured with the pin. I had no idea what I was doing: It was pure experimentation. And it just WORKED. Or, at least, I feel like it does.

I love that this outfit mixes some seriously old-broad elements (giant brooch, big-ass shawl) and some seriously trendy ones (booties, tights, yellow-with-gray) and that they dovetail flawlessly. What luck!

Many of my experiments fail. And in my early morning grog, I give up and revert to tried-and-boring. It’s always a thrill when my experiments work because they work so infrequently.

Here is a photo of the back of this outfit. Why? Because Husband Mike said, “You never show the backs of your outfits.” Good point, Hubs.

  • La Belette Rouge

    10 scarves! Wow, you do have an awesome mother. And, the outfit you created around this gorgeous shawl is inspiring. Love it!:-)

  • Songy

    I got ideas looking at your outfit today..

    Hubs are greatn they do give us good ideas. Is that why we have them around (along with all other fab reasons?) :P

  • Darcie

    that is so elegant…screams out for a happy hour of Manhattans!

  • Casey

    I’d say it’s a smashing success!!! :D That shawl is sooo dramatic! I have a similar one in bright, bubble-gum pink (gifted to me when I was going through a Barbie pink phase a few years back; I’ve since moved on… lol!). I need to pull it out and actually wear it.

  • Work With What You’ve Got

    I love it!~

    And boy do I EVER. I have that happen at LEAST twice a week because I am noy too lazy to plan the outfits the night before, but I AM too lazy to try them on the night before. ;)

  • lopi

    Ha, it’s the exact opposite with my mother: I give her my old scarves and various other accessories, as she is just like my sister, no time whatsoever to shop.
    And may I say, you look ravishing here, my dear! These colors really suit you. I have also just developed a serious case of bootie envy!

  • Missa

    So nicely put together, experiments that work are the best and this one definitely does! You look so chic in your big-ass shawl and the brooch is just perfect with it, I LOVE a good rummage session :D

    P.S. what an AWESOME mom!

  • ambika

    You look fabulous!

  • Iheartfashion

    Great outfit!
    The boots are fantastic.

  • Kelly

    I LOVE this look. I saw it in your capessa page and I was planning on bullying you soon about showing it on this blog because it is so awesome!!

  • a cat of impossible colour

    I love the yellow and black together, and the big brooch looks amazing! What a great Mum. :)

  • enc

    HM is right, you *should* show your back, because you have fantastic legs, Sal!

    Beautiful experiment. I love this look, especially the yellow.

  • The Seeker

    Oh, love it. You look amazing.
    And 10 scarves and that great wrap… lucky girl ;) (I need a wrap)


  • esme and the lane way

    Wow, this looks amazing!! I love it!

  • K.Line

    Eeeeek. I haven’t even read this post yet, so I have no idea what the upshot is. I just couldn’t wait to tell you that you look FANTASTIC in this outfit. Chic sophistication bar none. The grey with the yellow, the booties with the skirt. So modern and classic at the same time. LOVE!

  • Miss Karen

    Awesome outfit! And how cool is your Mum? Those scarves must be gorgeous :D

    PS. The back view is wonderful!

  • camille0528

    You look fantastic…polished and confident, too. How cool is that!!

  • Anne (in Reno)

    Love it. For some reason my brain wants to see it with a kilt though. That wrap setup screams “Scottish” for some reason. Maybe I need more sleep.

  • workthatwardrobe

    Just discovered your blog and already you have given me ideas for today.

  • Imelda Matt

    Gotta give props to Husband Mike…of all the style related blogs I don’t think I’ve ever seen the back of someone’s outfits.

  • Imelda Matt

    btw I’ve taken you up on your suggestion and we’ll be watching Burn after Reading tonight.

  • Annie

    I still love those boots.

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi there-the outfit does most definitely work, you look great!! Your mom is so kind and generous, love the brooch she got for you too!

  • Nadine

    I really like this! You wear the scarf so well!

  • WendyB

    Nice back view!

  • Spandexpony

    Damn girl what is UP??? Those booties look fantastic! Everything looks fantastic! Hooray for scarves and yellow! PS— I just went on one of those Target-tee stock up orgies myself! PS— I foresee some boots in your future!

  • kpriss

    Lovely lady, as always! I missed your articles while I was down with the flu! :* Missed your warm smile! Now I see why yellow is so suiting you! Because of your shining smile! It just matches perfectly! Well done! And… love the booties!