Ban Week 2: $10 Spent on …

Just before the ban came into effect, I bought these beauts:

And let me tell you, I LOVE THEM WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. They are Frye Engineer 8Rs, and I’ve probably worn them six days of the past fourteen. I don’t do that, even with new shoes.

I’ve found that these short motorcycle boots are considerably more versatile than I’d imagined … but also that having them in my wardrobe takes me in different stylistic directions than I’d have gone without them. I find myself constructing imaginary outfits around the boots, some of which require items not yet in the wardrobe. Which can lead to trouble, considering the ban …

Thrifting two weeks ago for my week 1 purchases, I came across what would become this week’s purchase. It was $13 all by itself, and I’d already spent $7.50 of my allotted $10 for that week. Panicked, I called Husband Mike from ARC’s Value Village and asked him to talk me down from cheating on my ban during the very first week.

“Put it back. Tomorrow’s Monday. It’s a new week. If it’s there tomorrow, buy it and take $3 from another pot. That’s not cheating.”

BRILLIANT! And, luckily, it was still there when I returned the following day. I snatched it from the racks, and marched right up to the checkout without even looking at another item. And I am sooooooo pleased that I did.

Ankle-length tartan wrap skirt, fully lined
Ralph Lauren
$13 at ARC’s Value Village
Fulfills: Well, nothing, really. But I was able to quickly and easily assemble 3 awesome outfits around the skirt and the Fryes, so it definitely qualifies as a good buy. Behold:

All tops were already in my wardrobe. Yay! And I will regret saying this in March when all I want is a smidgen of sunshine, but I cannot WAIT until it gets cold enough for me to wear this skirt! Totally worth foregoing a Starbuck’s hot choc to cover the extra $3, don’t you agree?

  • Middle Aged Woman

    That is one gorgeous skirt!

  • La Belette Rouge

    I had a taffeta skirt very much like the Ralph Lauren one you found. Mine was from Brooks Brothers and was not the great deal you had. Sadly, in a closet clean I donated it to good will. That sound you hear is me kicking myself. Ouch, that hurts.

    Wish you were here, I would happily take you out for hot chocolate to celebrate your great finds!:-)

    Kitty update?

  • Songy

    I loved them when I saw them in flickr. You smile so beautifully, Sal.

  • Sal

    La Belette Rouge: Ro is doing really well. I’ll give a full update tomorrow, but she’s definitely on the mend. You are so sweet to ask!

  • enc

    Agreed. Who needs hot chocolate when you can have this skirt?

    It’s incredible, Sal! What a great look for you. I love it.

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi there-the skirt is a fantastic buy my dear and soo glad you got the boots before the shopping ban, they’re delicious!!

  • The Seeker

    Oh Sal what a gorgeous skirt!!!!
    (I’m green of envy ;))
    I want a plaid skirt!!!!!
    You look gorgeous my dear, and you can combine it with so many colours….
    And I agree with Songy, you’ve such a beautiful smile.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend

  • Hammie

    I don’t know how you left that skirt on the rack all night. Will of iron you have girl.
    When it gets warm again, you could send it to Skylark who will make it into a tartan mini.
    Unless you find a tartan mini thrifting next time.
    I have just the brooch for this look. It is on its way hon!
    And by the way we are loving the cds in the car.

  • Kelly

    That skirt is freakin’ awesome!!

    (p.s. the word verification thing for me this time is “butgutt”. That is hysterical to me. It would be even better if the double t was moved to make it buttgut, but pretty funny nontheless)

  • Sal

    Kelly: HAHAHAHA. I’ve noticed that Google’s word verifications have gotten more … wordlike lately. But I haven’t gotten anything so fantastic as butgutt yet. HA!

  • lopi

    Good thing about the boots! I haven’t seen Frye shoes being sold in Greece yet, but I hear they’re one of the most resilient and comfy boots you can buy.
    I too have a maxi tartan skirt, only mine is dark green and brown. And sadly I haven’t worn it since 2000. Seeing yours makes me want to find new ways of making it work for me now!

  • K.Line

    Unbelievable. You and Skye have to do an op-shop-off. I can’t figure out which one of you has more good fortune (or a better eye for the great bargain). You’re doing better on 10 bucks a week than most people do with 200!

  • Yet Another Heather

    Oh I’ve been lusting after those Frye Engineer boots for, oh, forever. Very chic skirt- gives such a nice long lean line. Well done!

  • miss cavendish

    Great skirt! I love the idea of a long skirt with a simple top (remember Isaac Miz’s taffeta ballgown skirts with white tees?).

  • a cat of impossible colour

    That skirt is lovely! And yay for you, sticking to your guns like that. I admire you greatly.

  • jules

    OMG! you are so lovely! :)

  • salve

    what a great skirt!

  • jules

    let me add u in my blog. thanks! :)

  • Miss Karen

    Your frye boots are awesome and what an amazing tartan skirt! Great bargains :)

  • Casey

    Those are an awesome find!!!! :D Totally worth forgoing the Starbucks for a week. ;) Your outfits are so great too–love that long skirt, slightly punkish look. ;) Yay for bargain finds!!!

  • kpriss

    I’m searching for a similar pair of boots myself. For a tartan dress too! Because there’s something there telling me that tartan goes swell with biker boots! and your pictures are just the proof I needed!

  • Angie

    Love the skirt but feel bad about you losing out on a hot choc @ starbucks so try this – 1/3 c water, 2 tbsp sugar, 2tbsp cocoa – nuke for 30 seconds and stir well. Add 1 1/2 c milk and heat to taste. Stir in a splash of vanilla and voila!! You have Starbucks Hot Chocolate. I make it everyday istead of the $3 I used to spend there everyday. It tastes just the same!! Enjoy the skirt & the homemade hot chocolate!!