This week I love …

… leopard print. RAWR!

Busy prints provoke panic in so many women, which is a shame because they can be extremely flattering. Leopard is a classic, and mitigates some of its busy-ness by remaining rooted in the black, brown, and tan realm. (At least, the only leopard I will ever don does … not a huge fan of animal prints done in pinks and blues.) The small, all-over print can disguise minor figure flaws, and is great for days when you’re feeling sassy … but maybe a little bloated.

Speaking of sassy, I had to share a few outtakes from this particular lunchtime-in-the-work-bathroom photoshoot because they’re just classic.

I reeeeeeeeally want to look sultry and glam with a non-smiling face, but I mostly just end up looking cranky. BEHOLD:

Make that cranky and haughty. Then I thought it would be fun to try winking, since leopard makes me think of a cheeky retro gal flirting her way into a free lunch, a la Joan on Mad Men.

Yeah. Not the best plan, photographically speaking. If you need a laugh today, I am almost certain these will deliver:

Whoa, Nellie. Remind me never to wink at anyone again. Unless I WANT to up my Crazy Old Broad quotient.

  • echidna girl

    Were there spectators at the photoshoot? Game keepers?

    That last one looks a little bit like a “rawwwr” and then you had to sneeze. That’s really hard to achieve :-).

    I love the bracelets.

  • Sharon Rose

    Hi Sal-love the leopardprint on you!! You’re looking very regal in this 3rd picture!!

  • Pamcasso

    I don’t wear it myself but I like the leopard on you!

  • Cal

    AH I love it. Were those pictures taken in the “locker room” here? My favorite is the second to last…I can’t tell if you are trying to see something at a distance or holding back a sneeze. Oh dear…you’re great! The top rocks and I love the glitz on your wrist, too. Good combo :)

  • fleur_delicious

    hahahah, that last is great. But seriously, my friend, you look SMOKIN’ in that leopard top. The crew neck + cropped sleeves DOES make you look very classic bombshell and va-va-va-voomy. You may need to resign your small-busted-club membership if you keep stalking around in things like this.

  • Iheartfashion

    You look great Sal! (I don’t do “sultry” well either. I fear neither of us has a shot on America’s Next Top Model!)

  • K.Line

    Leopard suits you tremendously! And the cut of that top is perfect on you. Great shots.

  • Audi

    Add me to the list of women who can’t pull off a sultry look — I generally end up looking downright murderous. Thanks for posting the outtakes; they made me giggle. By the way, I love the leopard on you!

  • E

    Dang girl, you just made my day :)

    You definitely look Sassy! And I’m requesting a Daily Outfit spread.

  • Kelly

    Your winking face cracks me up! You definitely look pretty in your “glam” pictures, but you always look and sound so cheerful that it was weird for me to see you NOT smiling!

  • Hammie

    I think you nailed it in portrait number 3, I like that uppity look, very “I got it, you aint” And in that top beautiful; you got it!

  • Make Do and Mend

    Looks utterly divine – a fab top and love the varying looks you can work with face to go with it!!

  • Michael McGraw Photography

    I like all the things that you do with your face!

  • Skye

    You look so feminine and bombshell-y in your leopard print – I always look like some kind of rocknroll street urchin in mine. Which just goes to show what a versatile classic it is!

    I love your haughty photo, although the bottom winking one has a touch of the Popeye’s about it!

  • enc

    You’re adorable.

    A little more cranky and you’ll have “Utter Disdain!” ;)

  • kpriss

    You’re just perfectly funny trying to pull a sultry photo without smiling! But you’re so pretty when you smile, you shouldn’t try not to!

    too funny! I’ll make this part of the blogaround!

  • Lady Smaggle

    I totally wish I could wear leopard because I love it but I also feel like mutton dressed as lamb. And I’m only 24. Looks gorgeous on you though. I think it suits the colour of your hair perfectly.

  • groovacious

    Rawr! Cheetahlicious…sorry if you hate Disney movies. Anyways, I guess not I gotta find me a cheetah top. Fierceness, girl!

  • Sister Wolf

    I need a leopard item too! You nailed it with your top.

  • Miss Woo

    I always have a thing for leopard print, its HOT!

  • Songy

    good to see you having fun with leopard print. i can never do self portraits but you did it so well!

  • WendyB

    I love leopard and big smiles. Your wink is priceless!

  • gilda

    haha! everytime i try to act posh, i usually end up looking retarded, so when i pose for photos i just act my retarded self and they come up looking like my regular retarded self. i LOVE your cute pictures. hee hee!

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