Dressed for: Replacement

Already Pretty outfit featuring leather sleeve jacket, leopard scarf, slouchy pants, black ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff Logan

Scarf – Nordstrom
Jacket – Vince Camuto
Tee – Alternative Apparel (mine via Ragstock)
Pants – Gap (no longer available online but I’ve seen them in stores) – similar look
Booties – Steve Madden (mine from last year, but these are exactly the same)
Earring – The Wellington Boot
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Logan (no longer available) – similar shape

I lost my leopard scarf. I think I’ve had that thing for six or seven years and I can’t believe I was so careless. When I arrive at my destination and remove my coat, I typically shove my scarf in my coat sleeve and drape the coat over my chair. It must’ve slipped out and gotten left behind. I missed it almost immediately, and hunted around for a replacement. This Nordstrom one is a bit more washed out than my old one, but I might actually like it BETTER. Soft, thin, huge, goes with everything. Maybe not so much of a loss after all.

Already Pretty outfit featuring leather sleeve jacket, leopard scarf, slouchy pants, black ankle boots, Rebecca Minkoff Logan

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Lovely Links: 1/23/15

Weekly Kitty:

The Wall Street Journal investigates the glut of sleeveless dresses in the dead of winter, and finds out why designers shy away from sleeved versions.

Joi’s colorful, fun look was thrifted for $15. Including everything.

The Budget Babe shares some chic and affordable storage solutions for your wardrobe and home.

“Like everyone else, lesbians grow up with impossible airbrushed/Photoshopped standards of beauty created by the media, and these images work themselves deep into our minds long before we know we shouldn’t buy into them.”

Two simple steps to prevent wardrobe orphans? Yes, please!

Shainna explains why she believes plus-sized women should shop the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line, even if the pieces are only available online. And it sounds like they’re moving toward more inclusive sizing in stores wit the Ava & Viv line.

Five reasons why gendered products are a problem.

A great reminder that it’s more valuable to comment on the things people do as opposed to the things people are. Along with this great advice: “… when you find yourself thinking something negative about your body, just say to yourself, ‘I’m thinking a negative thought about my body.’ After your 14th time of doing that in one day, it begins to get boring, and you realize that you’re just harping on a theme.”

I love the look of moto detailing, especially on comfy pieces like these Sun & Shadow moto leggings. And I finally found the replacements for my dying glitter leggings: These subtly sparkly leggings, also by Hue.

Melanie’s thrifted-and-drawn-upon items always amaze me, and these white platform boots embellished with her amazing drawings are no exception.

What could be more fun than finding a new garment that reminds you of a beloved one from childhood?

Over on About.com, I offered some tips for avoiding buyer’s remorse.

Leopard print, burgundy, and lime green look smashing together, as Megan proves.

Such a fantastic, in-depth post on the tension between wanting to accept your body as it is and feeling a desire to change it. Melanie also highlights some ad campaigns that offer antagonistic, cooperative, and agonistic approaches to body image, including the amazing Sport England campaign This Girl Can.

I adore the phrase Old Lady Revolution. Count me in.

Blazer cape. Pretty cool hybrid, if you ask me.

“We get it. Long, dark, thick lashes look fab. But we gotta talk about the reasons so many women feel so compelled to spend their money and time on those potions and procedures. And why zero men do. And why ads like this target us at every turn. And how much money these companies are making off of our desire to look like these unreal images. (Hint: it’s in the billions.)”

How often should you REALLY wash your bra? Not as often as you might think.

Chivalry: A subtle form of “benevolent sexism.”

Although this post focuses on wearing black if you have low or medium contrast, Imogen has also tackled wearing black if you have light coloring and adding color to black.

On the Mad Mimi blog, I wrote about the importance of tone in newsletter communications.

Proof that neutrals needn’t be boring: This fabulous outfit of black and white prints and varied textures.

Here’s what happens when a male Buzzfeed writer wears makeup for a week.

Stylebook, an app that lets you easily catalog and view everything in your closet, sounds pretty brilliant. Not Cher’s closet in “Clueless” brilliant, but close.

“We’re told that selfies are narcissistic, frivolous cries for help. But it doesn’t feel frivolous to bear witness to my body on a particular day of a transitory existence. It feels good!”

I got these Dolce Vita ankle boots on deep discount but um … these Trouvé ones look almost identical and are going for far, far less.

Apparently, there’s a fast fashion/teen retailer cage match going on.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I talked about the obi belt resurgence and tricks for styling them.

Since they mystify me, I’m delighted that the Politesse tackled dress code definitions.

Cassandra is taking part in the Unconditional Body Beautiful project, along with 20 other bloggers. Her first post about her body image history is honest and inspiring.

Clothing is only the book jacket to your life novel. Choosing clothing that fits and flatters not just your figure but your lifestyle and personality help better represent your novel and may attract more interested readers, but they don’t affect the plot or the outcome.”

And from the Department of Random: 10 Words You Might Not Know Are Portmanteaux

Also: Parents Talk to Their Kids About the Birds and the Bees for the First Time. Vangina, vagina, how do you say it? (Via Making Mighteor. Prolly don’t want to watch this one at work, either.)

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Insomniac Sale Picks: Low-heeled Round-toe Dress Shoes

*In this late-night feature – which will run on Tuesday and Thursday of each week – I’ll gather up three fun items that are currently on sale online and share them with you! I would LOVE suggestions: Stylish wide-width pumps? Classic v-necked sweaters? Chandelier earrings? Petite dress slacks? What would you like to see featured?*

Kerstin requested a few picks for low-heeled, round-toe dress shoes, so here we go:

softspots salude

Softspots Salude – was $84.95, now $34.99

For some, these may be pushing the high end of low with a 2.5″ heel, but Softspots is a fantastic comfort brand and the chunky heel design should help makes these stable and walkable. Available in this tortoise print as well as two snakeskin prints, and burgundy patent in US sizes 6.5 – 11, including some narrow and wide widths. Size availability varies by color.

aerosoles red hot

Aerosoles Red Hot – was $79.95, now $35.54 – $68.95

These look a little square-toed here, but the top view shows a very rounded toebox. This style has a 2.25″ heel and gets high marks from reviewers. Available in this gray patent as well as black leather, navy leather, taupe leather, black patent, tan patent, and dark red patent in US sizes 5 -12, including some wide widths. Size availability varies by color.

walking cradles

Walking Cradles Craft – was $105, now $67.64 – $84.99

These are a pretty chunky shoe, but a great option if you want just a hint of heel and a cute round toe. This style clocks in at 1.75″ and is available in this navy leather as well as brown leather in US sizes 6 – 11, including some wide and extra wide widths. Size availability varies by color.

miz mooz athens

Miz Mooz Athens – was $109.95, now $44.99

These won’t be as versatile as the others, but they’ve sure got more pizzaz! That little heel is 1.5″ high and this style has a soft, padded footbed. Available in this red as well as gray/blue or black/brown in European sizes 36 – 39. Size availability varies by color.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for low-heeled, round-toe dress shoes:

  1. Nordstrom – Lots of options from dressy to casual.
  2. Pikolinos – Great for gorgeous round-toe boots and booties. These burgundy ankle boots are amazing.
  3. Camper – Low heels and round toes are this brand’s trademarks. Love these sleek Mary Janes.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for alreadypretty.com. See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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