body flaws

I feel fairly certain that a marketing professional was the first person to refer to socially undesirable physical traits as “flaws.” And I’m totally certain that those “flaws” were on a woman’s body. When the concept of generating previously non-existent insecurities about beauty and bodies first arose in the marketing world, it arose as a means of selling stuff to women. But eventually, the idea of flawed bodies seeped out beyond cosmetics and girdles and hair removal systems and into the world of fashion. Now, every style expert spouts off about “hiding figure flaws” and “downplaying your flaws.” Every fashion mag claims it can reveal the secrets of “flawless skin” and “a flawless figure.” The language of body flaws is ubiquitous and unavoidable.


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Weekly Kitty:

Box Inspector Harriet approves of this multi-entry, perforated pillow box.

Locals! Fashion Revolution MN is upon us! There are tons of amazing events to attend, including an ethical wardrobe workshop and a chance to screenprint your own old tees. Hope to see you there!

Grace shows us how to add feather trim to a skirt without sewing.

Sheer tights are a great way to make your spring-y dresses wear-able during the cold, transitional weeks of the season. So are tall boots and long layers!


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The Benefits and Pitfalls of Brand Loyalty

As I’ve mentioned before, I am brand loyal. I love Fryes, I love Clarks, I love Prairie Underground long cloak hoodies, I love Karen Kane jeans and Desigual everything. As someone who knows firsthand how frustrating it can be to search for a perfect item, and how marvelous it can feel to find it, I am more than happy to trust certain manufacturers based on past experiences. Good experiences. It makes shopping easier when you rely on brand loyalty: Doing so narrows the field and increases your chances of quick success.


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