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How do you style ankle boots? Which style of pant works best with flats? What are the trendiest shoe styles of the season? Join me and Carly Gatzlaff of A La Mode Wardrobe Consulting for all the answers on Sunday, August 24. Details and ticketing information right here.

August 24
2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Mall of America Executive Center, Boundary Waters Suite, Level 4

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Local blogger Rita Mehta struggled to find stylish goods made domestically, so she created The American Edit, a blog and agency dedicated to finding and promoting quality goods made here in the U.S.

Another Isabel Toledo/Lane Bryant collaborative collection is now available. YES!

“Maybe she’d craved the beauty of long bones the way I’d craved a delicate turn of wrist. Or maybe she’d coveted the fuller lips or brighter laughs of certain other girls. It’s even possible that other girls, in turn, once wished for my client’s wit or for my own sturdy height. No one escapes those early bruisings where we fail to make a fit.”

An important message about love and self-love.

Hard to believe, but the half-tucked top styling trend is going on three years now.

“It’s so important to have role models like Julia Child that are perfectly imperfect and proud of it. We have to remember that with every single success story comes dozens of stories of failure.”

Over at Rewire, I suggested local shopping resources for the items on travel expert Rick Steves’ packing list.

What’s the best foundation formula for mature skin? Makeup artist Kelly Bilimoria rounds up 11 recommendations.

More options than you might think for retailers who carry small size shoes. This roundup also includes a few picks for small size/wide footbed shoes, too.

This trench, scarf, skinnies, and ankle boots outfit is chic from head to toe.

LOVE this: How to clean thrift store handbags.

“But being a healthier and happier version of myself doesn’t mean I’m not susceptible to feeling low about my body. I’m human. I have lumps and rolls and stretch marks galore. I lose weight and gain weight on a pretty regular basis. And I know very well that other people have similar ‘issues’ with their bodies. Sometimes, though, I can’t shake the lingering feeling that I am not good enough. That people will stop liking me if I gain back some of the weight I lost.”

Anna was thrilled to see an article titled, “Love Your Curves” in Yoga Journal … until she read it and discovered that it contained tips for disguising curves instead of celebrating them.

A few weeks ago, a series of signs were posted in Crown Heights, home to one of the largest chassidic (sect of Orthodox Judaism) communities in New York City, urging non-residents passing through to dress modestly. And then another sign was posted in response.

Love the clean lines and stark contrast in Kellie’s crop top ensemble.

Why should you treat yourself to a head massage? Because it feels amazing AND is great for your lovely locks.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t want skinny jeans to go away. I could’ve sworn they’d entered “classic” status by now …

Darlene sings the praises of Miss Mandalay brand bikinis for women with larger busts. Anyone tried the brand?

Related: Corporette offers some options for blazers that work with larger busts.

This post and the amazing infographic show at the top outline wardrobe maintenance throughout the year, including when to purge and when to hit the sales.

“But even though it was a precursor to the likes of Jezebel and Rookie as a pioneer of youthful pop-feminism, [gURL] is now somewhat forgotten. While Sassy has inspired countless odes (even a book!), golden-age gURL seems to fall into the weird limbo of internet history.”

Allie offers great tips for styling leggings and dresses with maturity and sophistication.

A succinct lesson in gamine style.

Cassandra gives a big thumbs up to SmartGlamour, a company that does made-to-order women’s clothing all made here in the U.S. And SmartGlamour owner Mallorie has started a campaign to encourage women to know their measurements.

Need some ideas for making your conservative workplace outfits sparkle? Here you go.

An interesting take on how to handle your inner critic, and where that voice comes from.

“And clothes. The things we wrap our bodies in naturally affect how we arrange and move them.”

The closet clean-out continues: A few more items over on eBay.

And from the Department of Random: Here are some dogs enjoying popsicles.

Additionally: A Grounded Goth Teen Angrily Renames Household Items

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Insomniac Sale Picks: 2″ or Lower Heels

*In this late-night feature – which will run on Tuesday and Thursday of each week – I’ll gather up three fun items that are currently on sale online and share them with you! I would LOVE suggestions: Stylish wide-width pumps? Classic v-necked sweaters? Chandelier earrings? Petite dress slacks? What would you like to see featured?*

Kerstin requested a few picks for 2″ or lower heels, so here we go:


Rieker Mariah – was $110, now $44.99

Wow. Bargain, right? Rieker gets high marks for quality and comfort and this round-toe pump looks like a winner. With a 1.5″ stacked heel and padded footbed this is definitely a walkable shoe. Available in this cognac as well as black or navy in Euro sizes 37 – 42. Size availability varies by color.


Walking Cradles Craft - was $105, now $41.99

Very similar to the Rieker pump, but minus the stacked heel. These guys clock in at 1.75″ and if you look at them from the side have an almost talon-shaped heel. And they’re real leather, so another amazing bargain. Available in this navy (looks black, but don’t be fooled!) as well as dark brown in U.S. sizes 5.5 – 13, including some D and EE widths. Size availability varies by color.


Softspots Sarah – was $84.95, now $46.99

LOVE that subtle metallic finish. Another round-toed beauty, this one with a chunky buckle detail. 1.75″ heel and cushioned footbed for a comfortable fit. Available in this metallic as well as navy, black, or burgundy in U.S. sizes 6 – 11, including some AA and D widths. Size availability varies by color.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for 2″ or lower heels:

  1. Soft Style - Great selection of classically styled low heels. This 2″ pump comes in an on-trend hunter green.
  2. Sofft - All about the soft brands, I guess. More basic heels including these gorgeous snake print ones.
  3. Walking Cradles / Rose Petals - A customer favorite for comfort, and features lots of lovely designs.
  4. Nordstrom – More than 300 options with 2″ or lower heels. These Trotters come in seven gorgeous colors.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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Already Prettypoll: Seasonal Dressing Challenges

Considering the brutal winter we endured, I am more grateful than usual for summer’s warm temperatures and am doing my best to soak up the sunshine as often as I can. But I still find warm-weather dressing to be more challenging than cool-weather dressing. I LOVE to layer and feel like jackets and scarves and cardigans and boots add so much depth and interest to my outfits. When I’m forced to pare down to just a dress and sandals, I know to lean more heavily on prints and accessories for interest … but I just don’t feel as creative.

Other women I’ve spoken to absolutely LOATHE dressing for cooler weather because they feel bulked up in all those layers and can’t seem to create outfits that are comfy, warm, and stylish. They’re so much happier doing simple, easy summer and spring outfits that hang together easily – no tights, no bulky sweaters, just lightweight, breezy layers.

How about you? Do you struggle more with making your warm-weather outfits look interesting or making your cold-weather outfits feel chic? Or do you enjoy both? Find both to be challenging? Any tips or tricks to share?

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