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Sunbeams are always better shared.

Reader Ellie asked me if I knew of any centralized resources that list American-made brands. As a matter of fact, fellow Minneapolitan Rita Mehta’s blog, The American Edit, does just that! She includes home and decor resources, too, but plenty of fashion brands are highlighted.

An interesting take on both subtle and overt gender bias in the workplace. The intro reminds me of a Talking Heads lyric that I love to pieces: “Here come the doctor in charge, oh uh oh, she’s got some wild, wild life.” See that? SHE. Doctor in charge = she.

Joi expertly mixes buffalo plaid, polka dots, and animal print into one fun outfit.

“In this framework, gold’s beauty is evidence of its goodness. Its face evinces and is identical to its monetary value; its worth is incontrovertible and fixed. This is the same fantasy we have about the conventional American beauty standard, which shares many qualities with the gold bar: an ‘all-American beauty’ is sleek, blonde, expensive-looking, devoid of complicating layers. We have a fantasy of literal face value, which is why pageants keep trying to force an organic connection between beauty and goodness, why you can pick up a magazine in a checkout line and immediately find before-and-after noses, accusatory arrows, the falseness in every beauty ferreted out.” (Via Rookie)

A snippet of truth from Amy Poehler’s lovely new memoir.

This post articulates the dangerous link between pursuing a minimalist wardrobe and getting caught in the cycle of chasing perfection. (Via YLF)

My NYDJ cargo pants are incredibly comfy, but man do they ever stretch out after a couple of hours of wear. I ordered these Loft moleskin cargo “leggings,” and they’re a great alternative. Nice and high-waisted, comfy, true to size, and don’t grow several inches over the course of the day. And they’re much thicker than actual leggings, in my opinion. Available in 4 – 18, and petite sizes!

You adventurous makers might want to take a peek at this DIY for a simple tulle skirt. Or tackle this version for a circle skirt with tulle overlay.

My own cystic acne has been in check for quite a while (and I am unspeakably grateful), but I still get the occasional deep pimple. Belle recommends this old home remedy for deep acne. I’m intrigued. Anyone else tried it?

On I rounded up eight gorgeous, gift-able scarves for $50 or less.

Lisa pairs a lovely lace dress and warm opaque tights for a holiday party outfit that’s both stylish and practical.

A great reminder that “flattering” doesn’t have to be the only goal. If something makes you dance with joy in the dressing room, that is reason enough to buy, wear, and love it.

Gendered clothing teaches boys that they’re supposed to be tough, strong and smart like their dads, while girls are reduced to glitter-loving princesses who are pretty like their moms. Compare those two sets of traits, and you can see why boys might conclude that girls are lesser, Orenstein said. That’s why doing something ‘like a girl’ is the classic insult that little boys hurl at each other.”

I have steered myself in a decidedly flat-centric direction, but holy moly these d’Orsay-esque heels are equal parts cool and sexy.

Unexpected jewelry trend: Lockets.

Not terribly surprising, but disappointing nonetheless: Out of 611 total fashion magazine covers printed in 2014, only 119 featured women of color.

In my Star Tribune column, I talked about tucking shirts, matching hem lengths, and signatures vs. ruts.

I always love reading semester-end thoughts from Rosie’s body image students. Putting “I celebrate the vessel that I have been given” in my back pocket.

20+ places to shop for plus-size hosiery and tights. Lots of great resources in there.

“I was filled with shame—but this time it wasn’t because of my body’s mere existence. It was because I wasn’t feeling great about myself every second of every day. Now that I knew what it meant to not hate my body, did it mean I was being a phony, or betraying my fat sisters, when I had negative feelings about it or wished I could look like someone other than me?”

Psyche’s two-tone midi skirt is so fun and unusual.

Reader Theresa wrote to ask me a great question: What is “resort,” and should she care about this made-up, mini season? Along the same lines is pre-fall, which is happening now. (Via The Fashion Law) You can also read some top designers’ thoughts on pre-fall.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I shared ideas for holiday party outfits using items you might already have in your closet.

Producer Soojin Chung pitched her film idea – a story about two people who meet in New York and fall in love over food – and got some appalling pushback because she wanted to cast full-figured actors as the leads.

40+ Style pointed me to Accidental Icon this week. Blogger Lyn has impeccable minimalist style and is a fantastic writer.

I got in touch with CureDiva this week, and am so impressed. It’s a resource and community for women living with breast cancer that provides style solutions including wigs, breast forms and bras, non-toxic makeup and more.

Love the mix of neutrals and shades of burgundy in this outfit. Or is it “marsala” now?

And from the Department of Random: Neil Gaiman reads “Jabberwocky.” In a tulgey wood.

Also: A linguist explains the syntax of f*ck. Obviously, not safe for work reading. Also not recommended for those who blush at curse words. But FASCINATING. And Lyndon Johnson is involved!


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Insomniac Sale Picks: Mid-rise Slim Pants

*In this late-night feature – which will run on Tuesday and Thursday of each week – I’ll gather up three fun items that are currently on sale online and share them with you! I would LOVE suggestions: Stylish wide-width pumps? Classic v-necked sweaters? Chandelier earrings? Petite dress slacks? What would you like to see featured?*

Sue requested a few picks for slim or skinny office appropriate pants with a mid-rise, so here we go:

jcrew wool pants

J.Crew Maddie Pant in Bi-stretch Wool – was $120, now $84
with code JINGLE

J.Crew tends to do low rise almost exclusively, but this style hits above the hip for a mid-rise fit. The leg is slim and tapered but not skinny. Not a fan of this bright red? This style is also available in purple, navy, black, brown, or heather gray. In sizes 00 -16, including petite and tall sizes.Size availability varies by color. These navy wool pants are a slimmer fit, but also ankle length and available in 14W – 22W. Want a full-length option instead? Banana Republic’s Martin straight-leg is available in black wool.

kut from the kloth diana

Kut from the Kloth Diana – was $69.50, now $45.90

Cords won’t work for all office environments, but dressed up with heels and a cashmere sweater they’ll definitely pass muster in creative and business casual workplaces. Kut from the Kloth does mid-rise almost exclusively, and although this style is listed as a skinny reviewers have pointed out that the leg isn’t skin-tight. Also this style will stretch with wear, so consider ordering down. Available in this olive as well as charcoal, brown, khaki, black, navy, pink, teal, or magenta in sizes 0 – 14 including petite sizes. Size availability varies by color. Also love this style in crosshatch print. This mid-rise cord is available in five fun colors in sizes 14W – 26W.

anne klein slim pant

Anne Klein Slim Pant – was $89, now $54.22

These poly-blend pants will be a great year-round option if wool and corduroy feel too seasonal to you, and relatively wrinkle-free. If you prefer to tuck your shirts and that little gold logo will drive you bananas (as it would me), I’m betting it can be clipped off with wire cutters. Just sayin’. Available in sizes 6 – 16 in black and 2 – 16 in brown. Available in black in sizes 16W – 24W, and petite 4P – 14P. Use code 30CLOTHING to get an additional 30% off the brown versions.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for slim or skinny office appropriate trousers with a mid-rise:

  1. Jones New York – Classic office-friendly brand does mainly mid-rise and high-rise styles. Petite and plus sizes available, too.
  2. Macy’s – Unfortunately, the site’s search function is useless, but mainline brands like Style & Co, Alfani, and INC do mid-rise almost exclusively. Petite and plus sizes available, too.
  3. Banana Republic – Mentioned this above, but the Martin fit is a mid-rise and generally available in slim and trouser styles.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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You Will Only Ever Be You


FOMO perplexes me. Maybe it’s because I’m a pretty crappy Facebook user and frequently have no idea what my friends are up to until I see them in person. Maybe it’s because I’m so absorbed in my own work and life that I don’t give much thought to the things I’m not-doing. Maybe it’s because I’m extremely lucky and privileged and blessed. And I can say for certain that my total lack of FOMO is due in part to my introversion. I have absolutely no desire to do the things that many people want to do. I’d much rather watch Gilmore Girls for five hours and then take a walk.

However, I am just as susceptible to other forms of comparison as everyone else. I get jealous when others reach goals that I can’t seem to tackle myself. I feel like a homemaking slacker when I visit friends’ perfectly decorated homes. And I get insecure about how my body measures up. Fairly frequently.

And that’s natural. We are hard-wired to compare ourselves, our achievements, our belongings. We compare ourselves to others because we believe it will help us understand the world and where we fit into it. We compare ourselves to others because we watched our parents doing it when we were young, and mimicked the behavior until it was ingrained. We compare ourselves to others because we don’t know how NOT to.

But the fact is that no two non-cloned organisms are alike, and no two people are capable of exactly the same things. No two bodies are alike, and some bodies will never be tall or toned or curvy or balanced no matter what extremes are taken. When you compare yourself to another person, it’s not an apples to apples situation. It’s apples to unicorns. You cannot be someone else, you can only be you. You cannot look like someone else, you can only look like you. Everything about you is singular and unique and deserves to be accepted wholly and celebrated when possible. Settling into the home of your essential self can be a huge relief because it allows you to let go of some comparative tendencies. When you know that you will only ever be you, you stop trying so hard to be other people.

Just because she’s successful doesn’t mean that there’s less success available to you. Similarly, just because she’s beautiful, it doesn’t mean you aren’t, too. Other people will have different experiences, different relationships, different life paths. And some of what they have and get and are may tweak your jealousy. Everyone you meet will have a body that’s different from your own. Your body may be different, but that doesn’t make it wrong. It is yours. It is you. And it is marvelous.

Print available here.

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