Wardrobe Tips for Seasonal Weight Fluctuators

This is me in the dead of winter.

Already Pretty outfit featuring marl sweater, cargo joggers, McQ Puma sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff Logan

This is me during the summer.

Already Pretty outfit featuring Karen Kane tie dye dress, strappy sandals, fringe bag

Still the same overall shape, but I’m bigger in January, smaller in June. I don’t diet once the weather warms up, I’m just naturally more active when it’s warmer than -30 degrees. And by the end of the summer, I have inevitably lost 5 or 10 pounds. Which I then proceed to gain back through the course of the long Minnesota winter, no matter how hard I work out. READ MORE

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The Spectrum


Most messages that pertain to beauty describe a fixed point. Beautiful is a goal, a set of characteristics that must be held up and striven for, a way of being that is reserved for a select few. Beautiful is something that can be achieved with ferocious dedication to exercise, generous investment in cosmetics, and meticulous attention to grooming. Beautiful is precious, difficult, and extremely narrow. In these messages, beauty is distant, foreign, tantalizing, and other. It is a destination at which we may never arrive, but which we must always be scrambling toward. READ MORE

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Change Your Style, Change Your Life

change your style change your life

Most people are unhappy. Have you noticed that? I’m beginning to believe that it’s just part of the human condition to feel constantly restless, dissatisfied, and envious of others. We hang so much of our self-worth on comparisons: How do we measure up to other people in our income tax brackets? Neighborhoods? Social circles? And, when we’re feeling particularly vulnerable, how do we compare to the fabulously wealthy, tremendously successful, and impossibly beautiful? And that paradigm sets us all up to feel slighted and dumped-upon and unlucky. READ MORE

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