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A few years ago, a dear friend came home to visit from where she was living in Boston, and we cooked up a big, messy, Mexican casserole and ate ourselves silly whilst gabbing and laughing and catching up. After a couple of hours of letting Husband Mike in on the fun, we kicked him out of the room so we could jaw about girly stuff.

This blog came up, as did another style-related project I was working on at the time, and my friend said, “I never realized you thought about clothes so much!” She quickly amended this so it was clear she didn’t mean, “I never realized you thought about clothes so much, you vacuous bimbo!” It literally hadn’t occurred to her that matters of the wardrobe took up so much real estate in my brain.


Kill the Monster Syndrome


I recently had a conversation with a transgender individual where they asked me how they could help their wife to become comfortable with them shaving their body hair.  My response was to tell them that it is their body and they are free to do with it as they pleased.  This straightforward response was not well received.  They indicated that their wife was afraid that by shaving their body hair that the cat would be out of the bag.  Then everybody around them would know for certain that they were transgender.


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Weekly Kitty:


Harriet is extra cute when she’s sleepy. (First seen on Instagram.)

Bo Ningen’s Taigen Kawabe On Wearing His Mother’s Dress (via Accidental Icon)

Leah talks about her experience being objectified on Tinder as a fat woman. She’s also Muslim, and points out that she is more covered-up in her profile photos than many fellow Tinder users, but that didn’t stop people from being wildly inappropriate in their responses.