Reader Request: Offering Constructive Criticism, Part 1

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Laurel popped this question into the suggestion box:

I was debating commenting on [a recent] outfit post because I didn’t think the outfit was working for me but I didn’t want to seem critical. And I wasn’t sure how to suggest the topic to you! So here goes.

My reluctance to post something critical made me think about how we as women are often reluctant to be critical of others. Oh sure, we’re critical of ourselves, and of others behind their backs in a catty way. But we’re often afraid to speak our minds lest we be seen of being critical of others. How often, in a business meeting, are we afraid to say what we feel when we don’t agree with others, or don’t want to be the only one in the room to say we don’t like something? So, how about a post on how women should hone our skills to be critical in a supportive, constructive way? I am often reluctant to post criticism of outfits on personal style blogs and I suspect others are, too. I don’t have a blog and I’m not putting pictures of myself on the Internet for all to see and comment, and have enormous respect for those who do, so I don’t want to be critical. READ MORE

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Reader Request: How Much Should You Invest in Your Wardrobe?

How much should you spend on your wardrobe?

Readers Lynn and Ruby asked:

Lynn: How much spending on clothes is appropriate? I think it certainly depends on one’s budget and income, but what about conscience? I spend somewhere between $150 and $200 a month, I feel guilty as my son and husband spend close to nothing on their clothes. My income is high, I can easily afford $150 a month, but I still feel that this is almost too much.

Ruby: I agree – I’d love to know your thoughts on an appropriate clothing budget as a percentage of your income, for example. If you make $25K, how much should you reserve for clothes/shoes/accessories? $50K? $100K? How should that change if you’re in a professional job and need to wear suits (as I am), or if you wear scrubs, etc. to work every day? I know I’m spending far too little on my wardrobe, but I have no idea how much I should be spending. READ MORE

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Reader Requests: Why Are SO Many Dresses Sleeveless?

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Gerri popped this one into the suggestion box:

I would love a post about why they don’t make dresses with sleeves anymore? Why can’t I find dresses with flattering sleeve lengths for summer (about midway to elbow)? I’m so tired of having to buy shrugs and jackets then coordinate them over all my dresses. I have a few dresses that fit great and are flattering but need different lengths/cuts/colors of shrugs and jackets. It’s discouraging. Do designers do this so we have to buy more clothes? We have hot humid summers so wearing my regular jackets doesn’t work. Any insights/advice about this would make me so happy! READ MORE

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