How to Create Balance Within an Outfit

how to create balance in outfits

Sometimes you want to wear something that’s intentionally off-kilter. Sometimes it can be tough to create visual balance in a figure that has extremes. Sometimes balance just isn’t a priority. But for many women, balance is a key concept in dressing, and there are many ways to approach it so I’d like to examine a few common practices!

Balancing clothing volume

Already Pretty outfit featuring Yigal Azrouel leather jacket, asymmetric tunic, skinny gray jeans, Clarks Fernwood ankle boots, Alexis Bittar necklace

When I first became truly interested in style and dressing theory, one of the first things I learned was to balance voluminous clothing with fitted clothing. Wanna wear a loose, drapey, voluminous top? You might consider balancing that volume with a close-fitting bottom garment. This also works in reverse: A voluminous bottom can be balanced by a fitted top. If you do volume all over, the observing eye fills in body fullness where there is none. By wearing a voluminous top with voluminous bottoms, you mask the curves and contours of your figure and may make yourself look big all over. By pairing loose with fitted, more of your true figure shape is revealed. READ MORE

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Loving Your Inner Self

Reader Parsley P left a comment a while back that seemed a bit too broad in scope for a comment-back response. So I asked her to drop me an e-mail, which she kindly did. Here’s what she wrote:

A lot of times when people talk about self-love, they mean bodily self-love. I agree that’s important, but it’s also important to like yourself in a more intangible sense. The best word I could come up with to describe that was “personality.” I think I overstated myself in my comment this morning (too little sleep) because I don’t mean to say I hate my personality or who I am. That isn’t true on a day-to-day basis. But sometimes I am overwhelmed by these moments where I feel like everyone is kinder, braver, more confident, and more socially adept than I am. I’m sure this isn’t true and I know logically that it can’t be. I’m also sure this isn’t a problem unique to me. Since I think of personality as easier to change than body image, sometimes I feel pressure to become perfect in a non-physical way. I really want to become secure in myself, but wanting that so badly makes me MORE insecure on the outside. Does that make sense? READ MORE

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Fluffing Your Closet

closet space saving

Sometimes I realize things and I want to share them. And I think, “This is really simple and it’s highly possible that 99% of humans already know it.” But then I think, “If I just realized it, there could be others out there who haven’t yet!” And THEN I think, “I need to get out more.”

So here’s today’s possibly-overly-obvious closet organization tip of the day:

When you hang clothing and replace it in your closet, it is likely to get a little bunched-up. At a certain point, you will have washed, hung, and replaced just about everything in there, and all that bunching will add up. If you haven’t bought anything new but your closet is suddenly packed to the gills, take everything out and put it back in a few pieces at a time. Fluff out sleeves and smooth garment bodies flat. The simple act of undoing the natural re-hanging-related bunching will free up LOADS of closet space. You’ll see. READ MORE

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